Jul 27 2009

1 day from 34 weeks

which means there could be a full-term baby in a mere matter of weeks.  or, you know, months.  zipper has strict instructions to stay put until he/she’s fully cooked.  i hope he/she doesn’t get confused about cooking time by the 90+ degree heat in seattle this week…

33 weeks

(please note the amazon-like vein system on the side of my belly.)

Jul 14 2009

visible progress

same shirts, same jeans, a bit larger belly.  19-week-difference

Jul 3 2009


perhaps instead of saying i’m getting to be as big as a house, i’ll start saying i’m as big as a really old cedar tree.  we found this fine specimen in stanley park in vancouver, bc.  it was zipper’s first international trip and he/she didn’t say anything suspicious at the border.  phew.

week 29 in vancouver

week 29 in vancouver

also, ned’s belly is getting tired of my belly getting all the attention.  so, without further ado, here’s how his gut has fared over the past 6.5 months.

fairly un-pregnant