Sep 27 2009


josephine decided it would be fun to be awake for a three hour stretch in the middle of the night last night, so we’re all doing a lot of this today:


sadly, three out of the four of us don’t look nearly as cute when we do it.

Sep 26 2009

it’s grandma

my mom is here visiting for a week and i think it’s safe to say she’s fallen madly in love with josephine.  there was literally a line of people (well, two people) waiting to hold the baby when i finished nursing her the other day.  between me, ned and my mom, this is one lucky, doted-upon baby.  my mom frequently says to josephine, “it’s grandma! you love grandma!”  a little brainwashing at an early age never hurt anyone.  i think if my mom keeps coffee cans full of homemade cookies like her mother did, she will have no problem gaining and keeping josephine’s undying devotion.



sleeping on grandma

sleeping on grandma

Sep 26 2009

bakery tour 2009: second stop

we brought our goodies from honore bakery in ballard to the beach at discovery park (it’s turning into a bakery/beach tour).  we give the bakery two buttery thumbs up.





Sep 26 2009

day trippers

we all needed to get out of the apartment but giving birth sure takes it out of a girl and i wasn’t up for a hike or a long day of activity.  so we decided to take a drive north.  we had lunch at the fantastic coop in mount vernon and then drove east on highway 20.  we didn’t drive quite far enough to hit the most beautiful part of the road that winds along the skagit river, but we did get to enjoy this scene from a bridge.


josephine enjoyed (not) an al fresco change at the cascadian farm farmstand and we adults enjoyed fresh blueberries.


the night before our road trip, our friends dave and wendy had us over for a birthday dinner for ned.  josephine met anna–they’re sure to be good pals.



Sep 21 2009

gigantic monster baby

josephine had her second pediatrician appointment today and weighed in at a whopping 8 pounds, 3 ounces.  babies lose weight after birth and it’s hoped that they regain that weight and get back to their birth weight by two to three weeks of age.  well, our little darling is two weeks and two days old and is already five ounces over birthweight.  it’s gratifying to have hard evidence of exactly where all those hours i’ve spend nursing her have gone.

other than packing on the ounces, josephine’s been doing some stretching:

the kid loves her stretching

bouncing on the ball with dad:


and caught a beautiful sunset from the sling at carkeek park last night:



Sep 19 2009

happy birthday, ned

32 years ago, ned was born.  this photo was taken when he was 1 day old.

ginny and ned

ginny and ned

doesn’t that little face look familiar?  happy birthday to the best dad a 2-week-old could ask for and the best husband this tired wife could imagine.

Sep 17 2009

around the house




Sep 17 2009

bakery tour 2009: first stop

ned had the genius idea of introducing josephine to her french heritage by making a tour of the fine french bakeries of seattle while he’s on leave.    our first stop was bakery nouveau in west seattle.  we brought pastries to the beach and enjoyed some flaky, buttery goodness, sunshine and water while josephine slept in the sling.

in the sling on california ave.

in the sling on california ave.


pastry, alki beach and olympic mountains

pastry, alki beach and olympic mountains

an adorable baby seal was sunning itself nearby

an adorable baby seal was sunning itself nearby

heading home

heading home

Sep 14 2009

did someone leave a baby here?

i don’t think it’s fully sunk in that we have a child.  i keep wondering when the people who left the sweet little baby in our apartment are coming back to claim her.  not that i want her gone–not remotely–i’m just not quite convinced that she’s here to stay.  last night, for the first time, josephine was sleeping soundly in her cradle at dinner time.  so we took full advantage and, wild and crazy kids that we are, ate in front of “60 minutes.”  and for a second i forgot that we had a daughter in the next room.

we’re doing well overall (and sometimes just surviving seems like a very reasonable goal).  here’s what we’ve been up to.

first doctor's visit--this was right after she screamed bloody murder on the scale.

first doctor's visit--this was right after she screamed bloody murder on the scale. (i do not look that well-rested in real life.)

josephine met her great-great-uncle paul and her great-great-aunt marie-louise.  they are two of our favorite people in seattle and are the best story- tellers we know.  uncle paul spoke to her in norwegian.dpp_9509





note the noses


Sep 10 2009

buried under a pile of onesies

how can one tiny little thing that weighs less than eight pounds so derail the normal functionings of a household?  you know i’m immensely distracted when i have dozens of great shots of my new favorite thing on earth and can’t find a moment to share them with family and friends.   finally, here are some shots from our first week with josephine.


baby's first skype

baby's first skype