Oct 31 2009

an afternoon walk, in rhyme

or, perhaps mama has lost a few brain cells

autumn scene


in the ravine


braising green


tim eyman’s mean




little bean, josephine


Oct 30 2009

deception pass

it was a cold, wet day, so we got in the car and drove north.  ned had the day off and we didn’t want those precious hours as a family to get sucked up by chores and errands and the tasks of home.  so we left town.  we drove to deception pass, a narrow, churning strait at the top of whidbey island. a bridge spans the channel and ned bravely joined me, despite his fear of heights, in walking across.




we managed to spend an entire day with both the baby and the camera and not take a single picture of josephine.  but it was cold out and she was either sleeping in her carseat or bundled in the moby.  no family photos on the beach for us.

we thought of grandma

we thought of grandma


ned's due in a month!

in other news, josephine had her 2-month check up today and weighed in at 11 pounds, 9 ounces.  hopefully the chunk on her thighs came in handy and cushioned somewhat the pain of the immunizations she got…

Oct 28 2009

oh, hello


Oct 27 2009

robot babysitter

josephine loves her swing.  ned and i were skeptical about it, i have to admit.  so skeptical that we put off getting batteries for it for three weeks and still refer to it as the robot babysitter.  but it is a robot babysitter whose services i very much appreciate when i’m home alone with the little rug rat all day.


i don’t stick her in there for the day and walk away, but when she’s fussy, some swinging calms her down.  and when she’s sleepy, it rocks her to sleep.  we suspect that it has a very strong influence on her.  when she’s been sleeping a while and starts to rouse, robot babysitter lulls her back into sleep;  it takes a lot of effort for her to pull herself out of the robot’s relaxing sway.


if we want to wake her up, we simply stop the swing and she usually pops her eyes open.  and sometimes she does this:




Oct 21 2009

hands and hair


her hands end up in lovely places–tucked under her chin while she sleeps, holding her ear while she nurses, folded over each other while napping in her auntie’s arms…


and then there’s her hair.  she’s had this stock of longer hair swirled at the top of her hair since she was born.  this picture captures nicely its poofy nature and length–so different from the rest of her shorter, more tame hair.

Oct 20 2009

most certainly not

i didn’t have too many vivid pregnancy dreams, which i was a little disappointed about.  the one that i enjoyed most went like this: i was visiting two friends from high school in my home town.  we were watching the baby flip around inside my pregnant belly.  suddenly, the skin of my stomach became see-through and we could see the baby moving around.  only it wasn’t a baby.  it was a fish.  a big, ugly, veiny fish.  my friends were a bit concerned, but i was not worried.  “it’s ok,” i told them, “we’re sure it’ll look like a baby by the time it’s born.”  i woke up laughing.

at my baby shower, friends decorated onesies for the baby.  i love the results–trees and mountain streams and cat faces and flowers and bees and a public health message about washing hands.  this one, though, made by my friend jen, makes me laugh every time i see it in the drawer or on the baby.



Oct 19 2009

fresh air


ned and i were both feeling a bit under the weather this weekend, but the fall colors were so lovely, we couldn’t resist a stop at kubota gardens in south seattle on our way home from dropping maeta off at the airport on sunday.  josephine slept the whole time in the moby, but i am sure she enjoyed the breath of fresh air just as much as her parents did.





Oct 18 2009

mama, papa and baby feet


photo by maeta

Oct 18 2009

auntie mae, baby charmer

my sister maeta was here for a long weekend.  we didn’t do much–i think getting hot chocolate at a cafe was the most excitement we had–so she had plenty of time to figure out exactly how to get josephine to smile.  the kid’s smiles are still a little tricky to coax out and she usually smiles at funny times (middle of the night during a diaper change) and at odd things (where the wall and ceiling meet).  maeta has the magic touch, though, and it was such a joy to see the two of them together.  come back again soon, please, auntie.





Oct 16 2009

double digits

it appears that josephine and i have been sharing something special beyond mother-baby bonding time during breastfeeding sessions.  my network of medical advisors suspect i have a yeast infection in my nipples and that josephine might have thrush.  fun!    so we made a trip to the lactation consultant yesterday to get advice on what to do.  (cream for me and a oral medicine for her.)  the best part of the visit was getting to weigh josephine again.  i was preparing myself for her to be at least nine pounds and was shocked to learn that she’s TEN pounds, seven ounces.  so i guess the yeast isn’t interfering with her ability to gain weight.

she’s getting so big.  it makes me a tad bit nostalgic for my not-even-eight-pound baby.  especially when i’m carrying her in her car seat up four flights of stairs…


one day old, five weeks old

edited to add (after a worried call from josephine’s grandmother): we’re both totally fine.  i’ve got some stinging and burning, but josephine doesn’t seem to have any symptoms.  besides being totally cute, of course.