Dec 28 2009

christopher peter

it’s late and i should be in bed.  josephine now has an hour-and-a-half head start on the night’s sleep.  lucky kid; she’s not able (yet) to be distracted from bedtime by trip photos that need editing.  she’s also not yet able to appreciate how adorable my friend erika’s son christopher is, but i bet everyone else can.  we met this little guy while we were home and i really wish there were fewer states between us and arizona.  (ned thinks christopher is as cute as josephine. that’s as extreme of a compliment as they come these days.)

DPP_3188 b&w

DPP_3197 70s

DPP_3199 B&W



Dec 27 2009

guest photographer

we’re back home in seattle after an uneventful trip home.  the snowstorm never materialized, which i was slightly disappointed about.  it would have been nice to have a foot of snow instead of a few days of cold rain.  we didn’t need to leave seattle for that weather.  we enjoyed a lovely, quiet christmas and i’ll have more tales and photos from our trip once we unearth the camera from our mountain of unpacked clothing and new toys and books.

in the meantime, feast your eyes on these beautiful photos my brother took of josephine.  with him around, i hardly had to pull out my camera. thanks, charley.








Dec 24 2009

christmas is canceled

a few years ago, a nasty stomach virus was wreaking havoc on the citizens of minnesota.  one by one, throughout christmas week, my family members fell victim.  ned and i were spending the holiday with his family in kansas, thank goodness, so we missed out on the fun.  when i called home christmas morning to say hi, i heard the sad news: christmas had been canceled.  or, more accurately (and less melodramatically), the family gathering my parents host each year had been canceled so as to spare healthy folks from the germs.

this year, everyone is healthy.  but the snow!  oh, the snow!  it snowed just a few inches last night but many more are expected this evening, throughout the night, and all day tomorrow.  my parents’ town is forecasted to get between a foot and 22 inches of snow.


one by one, extended family members — most of whom live at least an hour’s drive away — have called to say they won’t be making the trip tomorrow.  and there’s freezing rain at my aunt and uncle’s where we spend christmas eve each year.  so, yet again, christmas is canceled.  we’re still going to do some cooking and baking and eat well.  and enjoy a smaller family gathering.  we switched from a saturday flight to one on sunday so that we will be more likely to make it back to seattle by monday.  and maybe we’ll throw the baby in a snowbank…

stay tuned for photos.

Dec 16 2009

benefits of a small town

the phone rang at my parents’ house the other day and it was the town’s assistant post-master, an old family friend.  she told my dad that a package had arrived at the town post office that looked like this:


hoping to find some clue as to who this package was for, the post office staff opened it up and inside found presents and a card addressed simply to “ned, oma and josephine.”


there was no address and no last name anywhere. the assistant post-master knew my parents had a daughter named oma so she called to find out if this might be for me.  it was. this never could have happened in seattle.

(we’ll let the folks who mailed us a package without any identifying information remain just as unidentified.)

Dec 15 2009

perfecting the grab

thanks to my computer-literate brother, we now have video here on josephine’s blog. welcome to the 21st century, all.

my sister very patiently and lovingly spent an entire morning coaching josephine on her grabbing techniques.  and look at this kid go!

(maeta and i are really not always silent–we just hate the way our recorded voices sound so we clammed up every time i started recording.  we do provide a little feedback and encouragement to the babe… you just won’t hear it here.)

Dec 15 2009

meeting minnesota

we’ve been in minnesota for five days and josephine and i have been outside for about 15 minutes total, including a walk that shrunk from a long wander around town to a quick scurry around the block.  it’s very cold here–sub-zero windchills–and even the locals are acknowledging that they live in a frozen tundra. it’s supposed to warm up in the next few days (you know, into the 20s) and we’ll get our cabin-feverish selves outside. in the meantime, luckily, there’s plenty to do inside.

my smarty-pants sister graduated from college last week; the main reason we came home so early in the month.


josephine is very proud.



after the excitement of graduation, we settled into some more low-key activities.  josephine took her first bath in a sink.


my mom, josephine and i went to a fabric sale at a studio perched on a bluff over the mississippi.  i drooled over the colors and saw my dream sewing machine station.  josephine took a nice nap in the moby.



while waiting for the weather to warm up, josephine has been spending lots of time working on her hand-eye coordination.  my sister’s been teaching her how to grab. she’s getting to be quite the expert.  video to follow.



i’ve been enjoying little snippets of quiet time while my family does an excellent job of entertaining the baby.  today, i looked through stacks of old photos (while eating my billionth christmas cookie), trying to find pictures of myself as a three-month-old in an attempt to determine whether or not josephine looks at all like me.  conclusion: she looks like ned.  shocking.


ned joins us here on saturday and i’m glad our little family will be reunited.  i look forward to enjoying josephine anew through the eyes of a dad who hasn’t seen his baby for over a week.  (and, let’s be honest, i’ll be glad to have yet another person to hand off a poopy-diapered kid to…)

Dec 8 2009

first laughs

we’re in trouble now.  lately it’s been hard to do anything other than try to make josephine smile.  and now we’ve got this little problem on our hands…  cancel christmas and new years.  we’re busy here.

(i’m going to learn how to put videos on this site.  charley? help?)

Dec 8 2009

rosy posy

it’s cold here.  well, not cold compared to other places i have lived (minnesota and iowa) but very cold for seattle.  it’s not supposed to get above freezing for a few days.  the sun is out, though, and it warms the apartment and makes it feel so bright and cozy.  we’ve been trying to get out each day.  putting her arms into sleeves is josephine’s most hated activity, so she’s not loving the layering it takes to get ready to go out.  but she looks so cute with a little red nose and rosy cheeks.

this was actually last week, when it wasn't quite as cold. now she has to suffer through wearing a hat AND a hood.  the injustice.

this was actually last week, when it wasn't quite as cold. now she has to suffer through wearing a hat AND a hood. the injustice.

it’s all good practice for our trip to minnesota.  we leave on thursday (any tips for traveling with a three-month-old?) and will be there for 2.5 weeks.  ned joins us for the last week and christmas.  i have been told that i will only see my child when she needs to nurse.  i’m happy to play wet nurse for a while and am looking forward to watching my family enjoy josephine.

Dec 4 2009

caught it!




Dec 2 2009

to catch a smile

josephine is all smiles these days. my favorite one is the one she gives me first thing in the morning.  she’s much quieter in the morning than in the middle of the night and i usually don’t wake up until she’s already awake, lying there patiently in her cradle.  i pop my head into her line of sight and say good morning and she breaks into the biggest grin.

when i tried to capture some smiles and dimples today, she started chatting with me and made some fantastic faces, but she just wouldn’t smile.







(that fourth expression, where she looks upset, is actually her very impassioned, serious coo. it’s like the baby version of, “i can’t believe he said that to you! you must have felt awful! i feel your pain!”)

she’s modeling some new next-size-up clothes.  we’re so lucky to have anna, lea and kailyn providing her with fantastic hand-me-downs. and it’s good we have plenty of clothes because josephine has just developed the ability to shoot poop out of her diaper and up her back.  good times!  between that and spit-up, she was in her third outfit by noon.