Dec 23 2010

on holiday

by the time you read this, we’ll be visiting ned’s family (or, if checking our blog during christmas weekend is not your top priority, we’ll be visiting mine).  and where are we going, you ask?  i’ll let josephine tell you.

i’ll also give you a little peek into the walking progress.  coming along quite nicely. (also, we did see the ducks at the lake. dozens of them flew over and landed in the water in front of us and it rendered josephine speechless. first time that had happened all day.)

have very merry and bright holidays and a wonderful start to the new year.  we’ll be back in 2011 with more josephine tales to tell.

Dec 22 2010

babies at brunch

six years ago, four friends were finishing up their first quarter of graduate school.  last weekend, we gathered here for brunch and to admire each others’ perfect children.

josephine, izel, sydney and a sleeping colin

sydney snuggling with jason...

...and with colin

our mom superpowers allow us to smile for the camera while deperately trying to wrangle squirmy kids

it was such a joy to have a house full of friends.  while i might not be putting my degree to use at the moment, it was worth it all for these friendships.

Dec 13 2010

a concert and a wobble

josephine and i went to the downtown library last week. it’s a pretty unique place and we did a little touring around (she was more impressed by the number of people wearing backpacks).  but our main purpose for going was a free concert.  there was a woman playing a viola and then some people performing a bit of an opera.  i was curious as to what josephine’s reaction would be, as she loves music class and dancing to music in the privacy of our apartment.  i did not expect that the melancholy viola music would cause her to weep (weep!  sadly! with a quivering lip and a you-just-broke-my-heart expression) which would in turn draw dirty looks from the dour woman organizing the concert which would in turn result in my whisking my weeping baby out of the auditorium (before the opera portion, which was advertised as lighthearted and bound to be a bit more uplifting; i was sorry to miss it).

after she recovered from her grief, josephine realized we were in the children’s room — a library oasis far more expansive and exciting than the little children’s area at our neighborhood branch.  the world of books was her oyster but what did she spot almost immediately?  a book we have at home and read almost daily — a collection of mother goose rhymes.  “goose!” she exclaimed, pointing wildly.  “goose!”

she wasn’t content until i pulled the book down from its display and she looked through it.

yep, just like the one we have at home.


i feel the need to take a moment to appreciate josephine’s adorable crawl.  she’s the cutest crawler. when she’s mission-driven, she bobbles her head back and forth and wiggles her big cloth diaper butt.  you can see the range of head movement in these two shots at the library:

most babies crawl in a pretty cute way, i suppose, but i’m feeling a bit nostalgic this week as i think josephine’s days as a crawler are numbered.  there’s lots of this:

and then there’s this:

Dec 9 2010

there’s no picture because it would have to be of elmo

I have to hand it to the Sesame Street empire. They knew what they were doing when they created Elmo. Up until a few weeks ago, Josephine didn’t know Elmo existed. She knows TV exists (enough to grab the remote, point it at the TV and say “TV”…  so sue me, I sometimes watch a bit of Ellen (and also sometimes a bit of Oprah) while nursing her.)  But she hasn’t watched Sesame Street (or anything else Elmo might appear in. I’m out of touch.)  A few weeks back, the lab tech at the clinic gave her an Elmo sticker after she got a couple shots.  She was enamored of it and could almost instantly say “Elmo.”  And “sticker,” but that’s beside the point here.  The sticker sat propped up on the salt shaker on the table and I told her that Elmo was watching her eat her oatmeal, tofu, peas, cheese, pasta, etc.  She’d smile gleefully and wave and say “Hi! Hi! Hi! Elmo!”

Today we were at a local kids consignment shop on a hunt for shoes (trying to find shoes for her that are neither fluorescent pink, sparkly, ugly or $1,000 is driving me batty).  There was a basket of slippers on the floor near where Josephine was playing with an exersaucer and, on the top of the pile, was a pair of Elmo slippers.  As soon as Josephine spotted them, she yelped. “Elmo!” Mind you, this child has ONLY seen Elmo on a small, flat sticker.   She quickly crawled over while saying, “Hold you! Hold you!” and, once she had the slippers in her arms, she said, “Hug! Hug!”  She then proceeded to hug, for quite a long time, the Elmo slippers.  She was in love with them. I have to admit that it was nice to have her so distracted while I continued to look for shoes, but it wasn’t easy to tear her away from the slippers (and, in case you were wondering whether or not I bought them, they were slippers that would fit a 6-year-old, not a 15-month-old).

I have added conducting research on the creation and branding of Elmo onto my list of things to do.  They are geniuses, I tell you, geniuses. We could all learn something, I’m sure.

(And if anyone reading this blog thinks that this means that I want my child to have anything more than a sticker with Elmo’s likeness on it, they are sorely mistaken. She can go visit the slippers at the consignment store until they sell, but that’s all we need of the little red monster around here, thankyouverymuch.)

Dec 7 2010

our last anna monday

josephine is in love with anna. sometimes she wakes up and the first thing she says is “anna!” all last week she would say, out of the blue and with a sad shake of her head, “anna. no no.” which means “anna’s not here.” but yesterday she was. and we went to the zoo.  dylan and jami met us there and we enjoyed a very quiet zoo with some very active animals.  the lion was roaring, the otters were playing and the komodo dragon couldn’t help but stick its long tongue out at anna.

i think we’re going to have to borrow anna on a regular basis so josephine can get her fix.

Dec 6 2010

peetzee and go!

josephine continues to add words to her vocabulary at such a rapid-fire pace that i can barely keep up.  have you seen this list lately?  it’s not up to date.  last night she wished our friend adam “hanukkah.”  (i’m pretty sure she meant happy hanukkah.)  she’s fearlessly tackling multi-syllable words and two-word phrases.  she just started saying “hold you” which means “hold me [now, dammit].”

in addition to adding new words, she’s refining ones she’s known for a while.  “ergo” used to be a tongue-waggling sound not really translatable into letters.  now it’s “ergo.”  i miss the waggling.  “wawawawawa” has become, properly, “water.”  and “woof-woof” has matured into “doggy.”

ned and i usually use the actual pronunciation of words instead of saying wawawawa or woof-woof to her.  it’s hard to resist referring to my lap as my “yap.”  however, there are a couple things we take her lead on.  like calling diapers “diapies” or saying “yogi” for yogurt.  our favorite is to call pizza “peetzee.”  it’s just too cute to resist.

so we went out for peetzee the other night.  the UW huskies were playing their arch rivals, WSU, in the annual apple cup.  i really could care less about watching football, but i rarely pass up the opportunity to eat pizza, not make dinner and not do dinner dishes.   we taught josephine to say “go! huskies!” she really liked saying “go! go!”  and practicing walking (she’s getting really good) and eating an entire slice of mushroom, artichoke heart, roasted garlic pizza.  er, peetzee.

p.s. in case you were wondering… as i’m typing this, ned is doing dishes and listening, very quietly, to continuous christmas favorites.

p.p.s. how embarrassing!  i just realized josephine wore the same outfit in two out of the last three blog posts.  what can i say — the “bot” shirt is a favorite, as are the striped pants.

Dec 1 2010


now hear this: i love this girl.

Nov 28 2010

at the library

a few weeks ago, before the snow and cold, josephine and i needed to get out of the house and out of the rain. we headed for the library, with a detour to see the ducks at the lake. she’s exploring what’s around her more and more and is so excited to have new things to touch and move and (much to my dismay) sometimes taste.

Nov 22 2010

Oh, the weather outside is frightful

As we’re in the midst of an honest-to-goodness blizzard here in Seattle, I thought it might be an appropriate time to reveal a timely family secret. Ned loves holiday music. I’m not talking about classical music or anything refined. We’re not going to the symphony to hear whatever symphonies play this time of year. Oh, no. I know the holiday season has arrived when Ned tunes the radio dial to a station that refers to itself as “warm” and usually plays soft rock and other “warm music.” During November and December, this station plays “continuous Christmas favorites.” Continuous. There just aren’t that many Christmas songs out there. I tolerate this music up to a point. By the third version of any one song (or the first version of “Little Drummer Boy”), I make him turn it off. But, inevitably, our evenings in late November/early December are “warmed” by schmaltzy “favorites.” (This station is on a preset on the radio in the kitchen. Preset number 25. Get it? Because Christmas is on the 25th of December?) And don’t even get me started on Delilah, the evening host, who reads tear-jerker letters from listeners who request songs for loved ones. Maybe I’ll request a song for Ned this year…

The other night, Ned was waltzing around the apartment with Josephine, humming something that morphed into “Winter Wonderland.” His eyes suddenly lit up and he danced Josephine over to the radio, switched from NPR to preset number 25, and “Winter Wonderland” was playing, almost exactly in sync with what Ned was singing. A Christmas miracle?

We enjoyed our own little winter wonderland today, before the winds picked up and the weather got blustery and blizzardy and frigid. Josephine, Anna and I walked to Anne and Meera’s house for lunch. I’m not sure we’ll be getting out tomorrow, what with roads slick with ice and temperatures in the teens. The winds buffeting the windows now make me appreciate this morning’s quiet snowfall all the more.

little snow bunnies (mummies?)

Nov 19 2010

2 NPR items

1. one of ned’s coworkers has really figured out what makes him tick. a month or so ago, ned was grousing to her about something or another and she said, “i know why you’re cranky. it’s pledge week.” and she was right.

2. when the “all things considered” hosts introduce themselves, josephine responds “block!” when melissa block says her name.