Jan 26 2010

bathing (well, post-bath) beauty











(we’re all feeling much better here, by the way.)

Jan 22 2010

another one bites the dust

apparently ned thought josephine and i were having way too much fun being home sick together, so he decided to catch a cold, too.  i’m sorry he’s not feeling well, but i can’t say i’m too sad he’s home with us.


josephine is equally thrilled.



Jan 21 2010

two sickies go to the beach


the outing probably set my recovery back by a day, but it was 55 degrees, not raining, and the beach is 15 minutes away.  how could i resist?  besides, didn’t they used to send people to the seaside to recoup from long illnesses?  i figured an hour of salt air would be good for the little lungs.


Jan 20 2010

room to grow

the little gummi bear is on the mend, i think.  her cough is less that of a barking seal and more one of a small, annoying, deep-voiced dog.  she slept better last night (we both did) and has been napping for an hour and a half.  yesterday, she slept for 45 minutes, twice.  not enough for a healing body.  she sounds a bit better, too; a little less hoarse.  although i do need to remind her yet again that she really should lay off the pack-a-day habit…

before all the germs took over our lives, ned and i had a very goal-oriented few days the weekend before last: get this baby a crib.  we made a trip to ikea (during a sale weekend.  argh!  we are crazy.  it was crazy.  we walked what felt like a mile from our car to the store and lost each other several times due to sheer volume of people in that ridiculous place.  but we survived), purchased a crib, assembled said crib and rearranged our bedroom to make room for the crib.  those of you who have seen our little one-bedroom apartment know that fitting a crib in the bedroom was no small feat.  we have about three square inches of carpet showing.

now josephine’s sleeping in a big-girl bed!  as you can see, she was definitely ready to move out of her cradle:


i have loved this little cradle.  being able to rock her while still half-asleep in bed was wonderful.  and she looked so sweet in it.  but she is out of room.  she sleeps in a swaddle, so she wasn’t banging her arms on the sides during the night, but i think she had about an inch of clearance length-wise when she stretched her legs out.  so, into the crib she goes:


(i had to pull out the wide-angle lens for this one!  that front rail isn’t really bent.)  a little more room, huh?  she’s made the transition nicely.  now i have to decide if i’m willing to trade sides of the bed with ned or if i’m ok with her sleeping all the way on the other side of the room from me.  i’m very attached to my side of the bed…

Jan 19 2010


we’ve reached a dubious milestone here: josephine’s first cold.  the poor thing is leaking from every facial orifice.  her eyes are teary, she’s drooling and her nose is producing copious amounts of snot.  i told her last night that she was a wet gummi bear (which makes no sense at all) and she smiled at that, so she’s not totally defeated by feeling crappy.  she’s got a bit of a barking cough that i’m keeping a careful eye on.  so careful that i haven’t gotten a lot of sleep the last few nights, which isn’t great because i have a cold, too.  it’s a fun-fest around here, let me tell you.  luckily we have ned who spent his three-day weekend tending to us.  hopefully he avoids the germs because i know i couldn’t do as good of a job at taking care of him as he’s done for us.

the heartbreaking tragedy in haiti puts any discomfort in perspective, though.  when i’m up in the middle of the night listening to josephine and ned breathing steadily and hearing the wind whipping by the windows, i’m so thankful for these two people i love and for warmth and shelter that being tired and worried doesn’t really matter so much.  i hope you and yours are similarly warm, safe and grateful.

ok, back to staring at the sleeping baby and working our way through lots of tissues, saline spray, vaporizer water and parental concern.

pre-snot cuteness

pre-snot cuteness

Jan 14 2010

hangin’ with the boys

josephine and i went on a date this morning with our friend anya and her son desmond and our friend polly and her son brixton and daughter unity.  josephine, dez, and brixton were born within two months of each other and unity is almost three.  anya and i drove together to the coffee shop where we met polly and we laughed at how funny we felt when we got out of the car — a little parade of two.   moms lugging diaper bags and car seats with actual, real live babies inside.  it’s still very surreal sometimes, especially when i’m acting as a mom in public.

we were at a very kid-friendly coffee shop.  we moms sat on a couch, bouncing babies on our knees, and watched unity skip around from train set to kitchen set.  we accepted delicious (plastic) food from her — vanilla ice cream that looked suspiciously like chocolate and that she warmed up in the oven so it would taste better and a slice of cake that i was supposed to take a bite of then share with everyone else.  polly told us that unity is dressing herself now and we praised her bright pink pants, white shirt and light pink summer romper.  later, unity asked us proudly, “do you like my ridiculous outfit?”  it stuns me to imagine josephine like this in a few years — imaginative and chatty, independent and hilarious.

i remembered to bring my camera, but forgot to charge the battery, so no photos of the gathering.  (or of the bagel and egg sandwich i ate, greg.)  here are a few photos of desmond and josephine i took a few weeks ago, though, so you can just imagine the enormous amount of cute on that couch today.



Jan 10 2010

little bear

in case you were curious as to what a four-month-old growling girl sounds like, here’s a sampling.  (i especially like the little paw wave she does at the end.)  she’s quite the expressive little thing, huh?

last night, each time she woke up, she did so with a big, jovial growl.

Jan 6 2010

1, 2, 3, 4

(yes, i also wonder where the newborn and three months photos are.  doh.)

(yes, i also wonder where the newborn and three months photos are. doh.)

the kid’s four months old now.  for the last few days i’ve had “one-third of a year” running through my head over and over again.  how could she be one-third of a year old already?

we had our parent group tonight and even though all the babies are within a month of each other in age, they’re all doing such different things.  the one boy in the group is the oldest, two weeks older than josephine, and he’s chewing on his toes.  it’s so adorable i can hardly stop myself from chewing on him when he does it.  another girl, younger than josephine, is flipping back and forth from side to side at a rapid-fire pace.  we were all rooting for her to roll over.  another baby just watched the rolling and toe-eating peacefully, not really interested in getting on the floor and exploring her body’s abilities this evening.

and then there’s this baby of ours.  she has been growling lately.  instead of her little clear voice, she growls like a little bear cub.  she can growl quite loudly and sometimes she manages to get a dual-toned growl going.  she thinks it’s funny when we growl back and we’ve had long, rumbling conversations about finding berries in the woods and sleeping through winter.




rockin' the bubble soul patch

she has forgotten how to roll over.  she did it consistently for two days and now hasn’t done it for another two.  now when she’s on her tummy, she furrows her brow, sticks out her tongue a few times, drools and then gets mad, having lost the ability to get herself back onto her back where she’s more comfortable.  i can’t say the slight regression bothers me.  i’m in no rush to have a mobile baby.  especially as i look around our small apartment packed with all sorts of baby hazards…




Jan 3 2010

sweet little turnover

ned’s mom was convinced that josephine would roll over before the end of 2009.  josephine missed it by two days.  (and it’s a bit more of a fall-over than a roll-over…)

Jan 3 2010

one year ago today

one year ago, we woke up early to go snowshoeing with friends.  before gathering winter clothes and snowshoes, though, i decided it was time to take a pregnancy test and hopefully confirm what i was starting to suspect.


we turned to each other, our mouths suddenly slack.  slowly, we started laughing in disbelief and hugged each other.  then, still not fully able to wrap our minds around the news, we got ready to go snowshoeing.

we didn’t tell our friends what we had learned that morning in the bathroom.  we kept the secret tucked away and, instead, while we tromped through a beautiful snowy day, we each thought about the tiny bundle of cells moving quietly in my body.

i’m not sure either of us could have imagined what this year would be like.  it is nothing short of a miracle that those cells grew into this perfect baby who sleeps with her hands held together and melts our hearts a million times a day.