Mar 30 2010

feathering the nest

in an attempt to not talk more about how crappy i feel (josephine’s getting pretty close to feeling normal, i think), i thought i’d show you josephine’s “nursery” (aka the little corner of the bedroom where her crib resides).

our goal was to not hang any glass over the crib due to seattle’s propensity towards earthquakes.  that made the task a little more challenging, but i am very happy with what we came up with (and by we, i mean me.  let’s be honest.).  i don’t know that josephine spends much time enjoying gazing at any of it, but hopefully someday she’ll recognize the decorations as part of her special little place.

let’s take a tour, shall we?

1. three of these photos, taken a few years back at a quaint little cabin on the olympic peninsula. i had them mounted on foam core (ordered through mpix) and like the effect.

2. the bird mobile. i don’t think i’ve ever cursed so much while working on a craft project.  the pattern is here, but you’ll have to curse over the hanging on the sticks yourself.

3. a mini-quilt i made with marimekko scraps i got back in december.  mainly to prove that i wasn’t hoarding them.  inspired by this and made using this tutorial.

4. the fantastic birthing necklace made from beads that friends brought to my baby shower. it was in the room when josephine burst forth into the world.

5. the september page from last year’s calendar.

6. a dream-catcher from grandma.

7. josephine’s new sleep buddy, elsie.

8. the quilt i made josephine while i was pregnant.  right now, it’s serving the very important role of night light blocker but i can’t wait to curl up with josephine under it.

Mar 27 2010


still sick here.  now i’m sick, too.  and, considering the massive amount of goo being produced and the fact that josephine sneezed several times directly in ned’s face today, i have a feeling he will be next.  she’s sicker than she’s been with previous colds and it’s hard to see her so uncomfortable.  she’s cycling through periods of fitful nursing, awful coughing, good-natured playing and sleeping.  guess at what point in that cycle she takes her tylenol?  beloved, wonderful tylenol.

my shirt looks like a team of slugs have been having their annual field day on it. and i’ve spent a total of four hours today sitting on the couch with her sleeping (fairly quietly, all things considered) on me.  i’m reading the devil in the white city, a story about a serial killer at the chicago world’s fair (it feels like an odd thing to be reading about while my baby’s fevery head makes my neck sweaty, but it’s a good book) and, thanks to her sleep, i’m making good progress.  ned lay down on the floor next to the couch and read for a while, too, and after a bit of quiet reading, we both joined josephine in a nap.  if we can’t get out and enjoy a lovely seattle spring day, at least we can enjoy a family nap.

here’s the sick girl during one of her good-natured stretches, droopy eyes and all.

Mar 25 2010

otra vez

the little bug is sick with a cold again.  she’s ok, just congested and coughing and occasionally giving us looks with these big watery sad eyes.  my friend erika’s son is recovering from some sort of infection that they’re still reeling from and trying to figure out.  she and i were emailing last night, discussing the joys of parenting a sick child, and she said she thought nursing was supposed to make our children “part of the A-team or something.”  i agree!  i breastfeed her, it’s not like i let josephine run around licking the handrails on buses or anything, and yet here she is: phlegmy again.  i made the mistake of telling ned that i’d read in a book that most kids have 7 or 8 colds by the time they’re two.  now he’s in count-down mode: four down, three or four to go.   i don’t think the math’s going to work out like that for josephine.

to end on a less germy note, here are a few pictures of josephine watching obama sign the new health care legislation.  it’s been the one bit of TV this daughter of an MPH has been encouraged to watch.  she looks like she’s really taking in the historic moment, doesn’t she?

Mar 22 2010

pictures of someone else for a change

since josephine’s been born, i think i’ve taken about 10 pictures of something or someone other than her.  that all changed on saturday.  ned hung out with josephine while i did a little photo session with jen and peter.  they’re the cutest engaged couple i know (now i’m wracking my brain to make sure i don’t know any other engaged couples who will be insulted… i think i’m safe making that statement…) and wanted some engagement photos.  we had fun traipsing around pike place market and the sculpture park.  even though we were all a little nervous at the start of the afternoon, i think it all went well.

jen and peter are a little shy, but they said i could share pictures that don’t show their faces.  i think their adorableness shines through, even when they’re faceless.

ok, ok.  you can have a picture of josephine, too.  jen took a few family pictures of us which would have been fantastic if the wind hadn’t decided to act as ned’s totally 80s hairstylist and make me look like i just got out of the pool.

Mar 20 2010

wherein baby asserts her preference

having heard “one yellow lion” one time through already, josephine decides, using her newly-discovered rolling skills, to let her dad know that she’s ready to move on to the next book.

Mar 19 2010

girls’ day out

josephine and i woke up without any plans for the day.  i’m sure we would have had a perfectly fine day, but we were lucky enough to get a call from wendy and spent the afternoon with two of our favorite girls–wendy and anna–and had a much better time than we could have had on our own.

we went to lunch.  the food wasn’t great, but look at the company:

(josephine prefers giraffe hoof to poor restaurant food.)

then we went to the arboretum, where the sunshine made it a perfect day for running

or sleeping.  (it’s hard work holding those cheeks up all day.)

for sniffing dandelions and getting a yellow nose

and making daisy chain necklaces.

spring was unfurling everywhere.

josephine didn’t sleep for too long; she didn’t want to miss all the loveliness.

Mar 15 2010

the day from start to finish

it’s like you were here, spending the day with us. (i did spare you coverage of the poopy diaper.)

Mar 14 2010


being a baby is a pretty good gig.  you get showered with attention wherever you go, people say you’re cute no matter what you look like, and, if you’re josephine, you have access to an open-all-night milk buffet.

josephine had a good long weekend of getting some well-deserved attention.  on friday, she and i had lunch with renee and sera.

sera’s a musician and josephine enjoyed watching her drum on the table.

on saturday morning, ned and josephine met up with ned’s parents friends who were in town from atlanta.  the gees have honey bees in their backyard and we have enjoyed gee’s bees honey (josephine will have to wait a bit for that pleasure).

and on saturday night, we had dinner at anna’s house.  anna and her friend cora were pretty into keeping tabs on the baby and what she was up to (when they weren’t busy making fruit pies, going to the park, putting their babies to sleep and singing songs on the couch).

tonight we had dinner with an old coworker of mine, her husband and their daughter.  she and i had been out of touch with for years.  we ran into each other about seven months ago when we were both touring the birth center where, a few weeks later, we each delivered our babies.  so tonight josephine rolled around on the floor next to olivia and we swapped new-parent stories with sonya and caleb.  and neglected to take a single picture.

and how was your weekend?

Mar 13 2010


due to a chorus of pleas for a new look from many readers exactly no one, i am proud to introduce the new and improved josephine blog.  this is all thanks to my brother (aka unkey chuck) who, despite not being a blogger himself, knows more about blog platforms (is that what they are? platforms?) than i could ever learn.  so thanks, charley.  i appreciate the change of scenery.

Mar 10 2010

a few quick updates

not too much blog-worthy going on here the past few days.  just fitful nights of sleep and days spent walking at the lake, playing with toys and practicing eating.  when josephine was two months old, a friend said to me, “can you believe that you haven’t gotten more than two or three hours of consecutive sleep for two months?”  i was horrified to realize he was right.  a few weeks later, josephine’s sleep had changed and i was getting more sleep and was relieved to have those days in the past.  or so i thought. here i am again, going on two months of not getting more than two or three hours of sleep at a time.  it’s amazing how the body adjusts.  for the most part.  just don’t ask me to do any math.  or remember what the clock alarm cell phone is called.

as for solid foods, josephine enjoyed three days of squash, squash, squash.  she was really figuring it out–going after the spoon with an open mouth and swallowing.  then last night we tried a little rice cereal.  apparently she likes the silky squash texture a lot more than the very slightly chunky cereal.  she was not a fan, as was evidenced by the gagging and the puking.  poor kid.  i ground up the rice for the cereal in the blender and i learned i need to let the blender run even longer so it’s even smoother cereal.

in other solid food news, josephine, for the first time in her life, went through an entire day without pooping yesterday.  (hello, future josephine!  i’m telling people about your poop habits!)  i shudder to think of the blowout that’s lurking.  maybe she’ll wait until her dad gets home…