Apr 30 2010

pinch me

sometimes i can’t believe i get to live with such a cute creature.  i mean, look at this:

i’ve been trying to teach her how to clap and every time i demonstrate how to smack two hands together, she bangs on her belly like a little drum.  that’s what’s going on in these photos.  clearly she thinks she’s pretty darn clever.

coming soon to a blog near you: sitting and bird-watching.

Apr 26 2010

catching up

i know, i know. i’ve been awful at posting.  to be honest with you, we haven’t been doing many exciting and photo- or blog-worthy things this past week.  just unpacking things we want to have around, repacking things we’re not currently using (and fighting the label of “hoarder”), hanging pictures, discussing the optimum depth of the yet-to-be-acquired bookcase that will be serve as a linen closet, making an ill-advised trip to ikea and otherwise settling in to our new place.  necessary activities, i suppose, but nothing very interesting to document.  also, to whine for just a moment, i’m tired.  and the hour or so i allow myself to stay up after josephine goes to sleep just isn’t enough time to do all the things i want to do.  if i could blog in my sleep, i would.  but enough of my excuses.  you came here for josephine and i’m going to give her to you.

here she is at story time at the library with her friend meera. have there ever been cuter sitting babies?

and here she is in her new high chair.  it’s a fancy euro-style number we thrifted on craigslist and ebay.  all three of us are loving her ability to sit and enjoy the world from her new perch.  she’s mostly outgrown her bouncy seat and i’m glad to have a way to keep her happy hanging out (and doing some gravity testing with her toys) with me in the kitchen.  i also like how it pulls right up to the table so we can all share meals together (in theory–we never have our dinner made when she’s ready to eat hers).

breakfast together. for her: green beans, oatmeal, yogurt and tofu. for me: cereal. yeah, she wasn't a fan of her options, either.

and finally, here she is in her first swing.  we were at a park in my home town with my dear friend anna and her daughters.  for the first few pushes, josephine was so much more interested in anna’s daughter morgan, who was swinging next to her, than her own body’s motion.  then she caught on.

more soon, i promise.

Apr 22 2010

the cross-country grandparent tour of 2010

with three more flights and another state under her belt, josephine enjoyed some quality time with both sets of grandparents over the last few weeks.

first, we went to atlanta to visit ned’s parents, josephine’s gigi and papa.  we enjoyed a beautiful day at the botanic gardens and soaked up some of that warm southern sun.

the rest of the weekend didn’t pan out quite as planned.  josephine went to bed on friday night feeling a little bit warm and had a fever saturday morning.  (hey, universe, i’m ready for a month or two of  a healthy baby!)  more alarming than the fever for this worrywart mom were the spots that appeared all over her stomach.  i was convinced it was chicken pox (or measles!) but the spots weren’t as bad on sunday and i calmed down a bit.  we were grateful for gigi and papa’s comfortable home and the delicious homemade food that sustained a few quiet days of cuddling a warm, lethargic girl.  we took some nice strolls around the neighborhood and by monday, josephine was almost back to her old smiley self.

just in time to get on a plane on tuesday and head to minnesota.

her health much improved, josephine was able to enjoy all the activities at grandma and grandpa’s house.

sitting in grandma’s garlic patch:

reading with auntie and unkey:

smearing teething biscuit goo all over her face:

going for walks with grandma and grandpa/grandy:

and taking baths in the sink:

while on vacation, josephine also swung for the first time, worked on her sitting skills and figured out how effective it is to say “ma ma ma ma ma” when she wanted me.  (or my milk.)  just look at that grin–it’s obvious josephine enjoyed the grandparent tour.

we’re back now and settling into the new apartment.  once we get our new bird feeder hung and the computer moved off the dining room table, perhaps we’ll have a tour.

Apr 7 2010

ok, ok, just one more post

before we finish our last bits of packing, a few pictures of the smiley girl.  hopefully she’ll be as cheery on the plane tomorrow…

Apr 6 2010

in her easter bonnet

josephine enjoyed a pre-brunch nap:

and then we went to brunch and (out of her easter bonnet), she enjoyed, as we all did, the company of ann, jami, dylan, renee and sera.

dylan enjoyed trading a rattle for josephine’s shoe.

and then putting the shoe back on josephine’s foot.

josephine did not, poor thing, get to enjoy delicious homemade cinnamon rolls.  or the egg dyeing.

it’s going to be a little quiet around these parts for a bit.  we’re traveling on thursday to atlanta to visit ned’s parents (gigi and papa) and then next week josephine and i are continuing on to minnesota to visit my parents (grandma and grandpa) and auntie mae and uncle tyler and uncky chuck.  while we are gone, ned was supposed to get to relax and enjoy nights of sleep uninterrupted by baby cries but instead, surprise!, he’s going to be moving us from our current apartment to a 2-bedroom unit in the same building.  and just when i got that crib nook all pretty…   see you soon.

Apr 1 2010


we have left the house two days in a row, josephine and i.  yesterday, we walked to the library to return some movies (total opposites–“you and me and everyone we know” and “miss pettigrew lives for a day”).  it was an amazingly bright and blue spring day and josephine was literally bouncing up and down and giggling as we walked down the stairs to leave.  she had left the apartment a couple times during plague week; ned had taken her out so as to avoid her falling victim to stagnant apartment air syndrome.  apparently adults are not as vulnerable and i hadn’t left in days.  we were both thrilled to breathe the fresh air.  by the time we got back from the library (maybe 10 blocks round-trip), i was ready for a(nother) nap.  josephine, however, had other things in mind.

wearing her onesie made by cousin elizabeth. it says "lizzie" across the front.

today we went to the speech and hearing lab at UW.  josephine was invited to participate in a study on infant hearing and this was our third and final visit.  she sat on my lap in a soundproof booth while a research assistant kept her entertained by waving and flipping various toys.  josephine was supposed to listen to tones playing in her ear and, when a discordant tone played, indicate that she heard a difference.  to train her, the researcher would play the discordant tone and then light up a mechanical toy–a bunny or an elephant in a little glass box (which, i have to say, were sort of creepy).  the research assistant would point her towards the toy and get excited and clap.  josephine was supposed to figure out that when she heard the tone, the toy lit up (and the lady got inordinately excited about it).  after a few rounds, she was supposed to start looking towards the toy when she heard the tone.

notice all the “supposed to”s in that paragraph?  it turns out josephine’s not the best test subject.  she would become so enamored of the research assistant and her bewitching ways with toys that she didn’t really care if the bunny or elephant lit up and started moving in its spooky glass case.  oh well.  we earned a little money (which i had already spent on sleep friend elsie and that cute yet pricey giraffe).