May 28 2010

quiet days

i haven’t been posting much; not because we’ve been so busy but because we’ve been very not busy.   the weekday plans josephine and i have had over the past two weeks wouldn’t fill a small bucket and, rather than being monotonous, the days have been really relaxing and quietly nice.

we’ve been working on sleep (more on that when our bits of progress feel less tenuous) and being home for both of josephine’s naps on most days has been satisfying and resulted in some lovely long slumbers for her.  while she’s napped, i’ve had some time to continue the process of settling in to our new home (or just do dishes and laundry  —  exciting blog material!).  i went through all of josephine’s too-big clothes and pulled out a rather large pile of now-they-fit outfits — things i never thought she’d be big enough to wear.  i also went through her too-small clothes and made a stack of tiny little sleepers and onesies for friends who are due in october.  i already can’t believe how tiny josephine once was.

her legs are growing longer, her arms reach further, and her personality is getting bigger, too.   she is more engaging every day; every second, really.  that’s a big part of what’s made quieter days so nice — she’s becoming good company, fun to be around.  she thinks silly things i do are funny and thinks she’s pretty darn hilarious.  she’s working hard on crawling and can pivot and roll herself pretty much where she wants to go.  and, as of today, she is the proud new owner of an upper tooth that she likes to feel with her tongue.

josephine and i haven’t been totally socially isolated.  we have had several play dates with meera and desmond.  and we had a busy, friend-filled weekend last weekend.  we’re also getting really good at running errands together.  today we: picked up something at my office, drove across town to pick up some documents at a coworker’s office, went to two grocery stores, drove to south seattle and dropped off our dirty diapers because we’ll be gone for pick-up on monday, and picked ned up at work.  all in 2.5 hours. and we even had time for a nursing session and a diaper change.  (this is why i haven’t been blogging.  i mean, aren’t you just dying to know more about which grocery stores we went to and what we got?  and what kinds of documents we picked up?)

tomorrow, ned and i are going on our first date-without-the-baby while our pregnant friends practice their parenting skills on josephine.  we’re also going to our friend anna’s third birthday party.  and on sunday, the three of us are going on a little island getaway.  happy long weekend.

May 25 2010

what we call her


josephine mae


joey mae

joey jo








love bug

snuggle bug

sleepy bug

cuddle bug

stinky bug

little bug








little baby

little girl

little lady

little one

big girl

ms mae

missy lou







sweetie pie




May 20 2010


May 19 2010

we do actually leave the house

i’ve been posting a lot of from-the-apartment photos lately, but we have been getting out and about.  here’s a smattering of what we’ve been up to.

we’ve been to the park a couple times.  josephine likes the swings.  i like sitting in the shade.

back on the first thursday of the month, we met up with anya, desmond, anne and meera and went to the asian art museum (for free!).  that’s josephine’s art appreciation face.

we may have stopped at a bakery after the museum…

there was a reunion of our parenting group (aka kids in sun hats) on one sunny weekend day at one beach.

and a family trip to another beach on another sunny day.

we met up with renee for lunch downtown.

and, finally, we enjoyed a tour of our diaper service facility.  i thought we’d be the only dorks there, but our friends ann and dylan were there, too.  we saw the machines where they wash all of the diapers:

and where they dry them:

and i think what is dealt with here is self-evident.

May 15 2010

bedtime over-stimulation

someone’s got a case of the giggles…

May 12 2010

translation: dangerous

the kid wants to move.  she used to be content with playing on her back, but now when we put her down she quickly flips herself on to her stomach and sees what she can reach from there.  when there’s something she can’t quite get to, she paws the floor with her hand like an eager horse.  she knows there’s something more her little legs could be doing but hasn’t figured that part out yet.  yet.  movement is coming soon.  and i can’t quite visualize my days as a mom of a moving child.

May 9 2010

the two who made me a mom

May 8 2010

security hair

May 5 2010


josephine turned eight months old today.  if she looks a little tired it’s because she celebrated by only sleeping for 30 minutes between 8:30am and 4:30pm.  perhaps she’s trying to match her mother’s dark under-eye circles.

oh, josephine.  you’re the light of our lives.  i wouldn’t trade a moment (well, ok, maybe a few…) of our time together.  i can’t wait to see what the next month holds.

May 4 2010


we met with a lawyer the other day to do some estate planning.  that term makes me giggle, as it sounds like we have a large manor house, servants, a porsche and some horses as opposed to a cheap rental apartment and a toyota.  anyway, after an hour of talking about our assets and saying things like “if we’re not around” and “if something happens to us,” we decided we deserved a treat.

as we were leaving the office, the receptionist waved and said “bye-bye” to josephine.  we paused to see if josephine would do the cute little arm-flap of a wave she sometimes does and instead she looked intently at the bubbly woman saying “bye-bye” to her and said “ba ba ba.”  our jaws dropped.

as we drove to the nearby bakery, i thought about the explosion of language that lies ahead.  i’m already overwhelmed by how much josephine changes every day; i can’t quite imagine what it will be like when she is saying new words  with every conversation we have.

at the bakery, a woman and her young son were pulling up on their bikes as we arrived.  he ran inside and said to the woman working behind the counter, “hi it’s me and i’m here again and things are different than last time you saw me because now i don’t have training wheels on my bike!”  i almost didn’t need a bakery treat; he was that sweet.  as we ate our delicious rhubarb vanilla bean tart and kouign amann (“queen aman”–a flaky, slightly salty, caramelized sugar concoction), i couldn’t help but eavesdrop on the boy and his mom.  a young woman came in the bakery to get coffee and the boy yelled to her, “hey katie you don’t have to worry about paying for your coffee because my mom’s going to buy it for you!”  everything he said was a joyous outburst with very little punctuation.  they left and extracted their bikes from each other.  his had two bells, a pinwheel and a batman rear-view mirror mounted on the handlebar.  he turned to us and gave us a huge grin and wave through the window.  we returned both.

watching him and thinking about josephine talking inspired me to finally post this video.  i took it a month ago when josephine started saying a very special sound.  almost more than the sound she makes, though, i love the beginning of the clip when it looks like she’s trying not to crack a smile.