Jun 30 2010

dance party

josephine has a new radio and, while i usually am skeptical of battery-operated toys, you can’t argue with her excitement about this.

[note to self: go a little easier when applying your daughter’s blush next time.]

Jun 28 2010

sunny days, continued

the sunshine-filled weekend was made even brighter by a visit from robin and izel.

photo by robin

photo by robin

Jun 25 2010

the end of june-uary

until a few days ago, seattle has been living up to its cold, wet reputation.  the sun finally burst forth from behind a thick bank of clouds and all of seattle is rejoicing.  josephine and i have been celebrating the bright days both inside the apartment and out.

post-breakfast in the morning light:

teeth! and there are more on the way...

after an impromptu tea party at polly’s house, we went to the park with desmond, anya, brixton, polly and unity.  here are the three youngest of the group (des, brixton and jo).  and yes, that’s a (play) knife josephine’s gnawing on.  i guess we’ll need to work on kitchen safety at some point.

can you tell they’re teething?

the park was sunny and warm.

we stopped for cupcakes on the way to the playground and, as i had had a rotten night of sleep the night before and because i couldn’t decide between two flavors, i got two cupcakes (although they were mini ones).  i can find just about any reason to justify sweets these days.

hope you have a sweet, sunny weekend in store.

Jun 22 2010


nine years ago today, ned and i had our first date; our first we’re-not-just-friends-anymore date.  i was housesitting a lovely home in DC and ned came over for dinner and to make carmelita bars — something he referred to in an email exchange while planning our evening as “bars of life.” (i might still happen to have that email.  he might have also said that making the bars might be a “fun, random way to spice up an evening.”)  the evening wasn’t framed as a date but it was pretty clear to both of us that that’s what it was.  (see: “spice up an evening.”)

we went to the store and bought ingredients for a mega-salad and for the carmelitas.  we assembled the salad and ate it on the back porch during a huge thunderstorm.*  we watched “singin’ in the rain,” selected from the household’s movie collection, and ned fell asleep.  i tentatively reached out and rested my hand on his sleeping head.  the makings of a great relationship foundation, no?

every year since, we’ve made a pan of carmelitas on june 22nd to celebrate.  that is, until we realized that the store three blocks from our apartment sells single carmelita bars.  so now we don’t have to binge on an entire pan of sugary, buttery, caramely, chocolately bars…  hm. not sure why the single bar was such a good idea…

ned was home sick today and, while it is crappy he’s sick (and crappier still that i am starting to feel sick, too), it was a nice quiet family day.  we ate our carmelita and watched “singin’ in the rain” while josephine napped.  ned stayed awake for the whole thing.  a small miracle.

and here’s what happens to your arms if you eat a whole pan of carmelitas in one sitting:

no babies were fed carmelitas for purposes of this photo

*most of our major relationship events have happened on a rainy day.  it rained the day we met, on our first date, the day we got engaged, the day josephine was born and, most notoriously and torrentially, on our wedding day.

Jun 21 2010

social butterfly

josephine and i walked up to the mall a couple miles from our house today (to celebrate summer? we walked to target?) and then took the bus back home.  she had been such a patient errand runner but started to get a little feisty on the bus.  to distract her from the fit she was gearing up to throw, i started pointing to things out the window.  look, josephine, there are some cars!  look, josephine, a dog!  look, jo, a bird!

she wasn’t so into the scenery until i pointed out a man walking on the sidewalk with his bike and his daughter.  wow! josephine! a bike!  the bus was stopped at a light and josephine looked out the bus window at the pair just as they looked up at the bus.  the man said, “look at the baby!” and he and his daughter smiled and gave josephine a big wave.  she grinned and flopped her little arm back at them.  she waved at them.  she’s been waving at us for days, maybe weeks, but this?  waving out the bus window at friendly strangers on the sidewalk?  she’ll never cease to amaze.

Jun 20 2010

baby on a blanket

Jun 15 2010

the KC cousins

josephine has four cousins — annie, genna, elizabeth and peter.

she met them this past weekend when we traveled to kansas city to visit ned’s brother’s family.  ned, greg and our nieces took off for a camping trip with 90 other people.  really.  ninety.  christina, six-week-old peter, josephine and i stayed in the city and indulged in civilized comforts like air conditioning and soft beds. we went out to lunch, made a pre-rainstorm dash to the farmers market and enjoyed cute baby faces and a quiet house.

on either end of the camping trip, there was a bit of time for cousin bonding.  josephine was a bit overwhelmed with the attention but it is very clear that peter is going to a well-cared-for youngest sibling.  annie, genna and elizabeth are fantastic with babies.

thanks for the visit, guys!  now when are you coming to seattle?

Jun 12 2010

talking in his sleep

1:00 am

ned: where’s joey sleeping right now?

oma: in her crib.

ned: her crib?

oma: yes.

ned: and her crib is…?

oma: in her room.

ned: huh. i didn’t know we were allowed to put her in a crib now.

oma: where did you think we were supposed to put her?

ned: a kennel.

Jun 9 2010

an afternoon with some Os

Jun 6 2010

purple buddy

josephine found a friend in my parents’ tupperware drawer when we were visiting a few months ago — a tiny little purple container with a tiny little lid that’s just the right size for for, i don’t know, carrying three pieces of popcorn along to the movie theater.  josephine doesn’t really care that it doesn’t have a large carrying capacity; she grins when she sees it and playing with it can keep her happy for quite a long time.  (i try to ignore the fact that it’s probably laced with BPA.)  i’ve dubbed it “purple buddy,” a name quite lacking in originality.

as you can see, josephine thinks it’s quite hilarious when i put purple buddy on my head and then let it fall off.  over and over and over again. and as long as she laughs like that, i’ll keep on putting it on my head and letting it fall off. over and over and over again.

p.s. see the tooth?!  thar she blows!