Aug 31 2010

you should see the other guy

poor little face.

the “other guy” in this case is actually two culprits.  one was a wood floor in a cabin in rural montana.  josephine decided to hurl herself off the couch and land, face-down, on said floor.  we’re not quite sure how she got rug burn (floor burn?) directly under her nose, but there it is.  (the floor, to be fair, didn’t really seem to suffer from josephine’s attack.)

the second culprit was a bee, formerly a resident of matthews beach park.  we were enjoying a sunny outing with friends yesterday.  josephine was playing with a cup, holding it up to her face, and the bee flew in, got trapped and took out his frustration on josephine’s cheek.  i think she hated the ice i insisted on applying to her swelling face more than the actual sting. her eye’s still swollen today but she’s pretty unconcerned.  the bee didn’t fare as well.

just before the bee

good times.  sigh.  more on glacier soon.

Aug 29 2010


we’re home and a bit sleepy after our wonderful trip.  more on glacier soon.

Aug 18 2010

beating the heat

it’s funny to write about, now that i’m sitting here with chilly feet and a sweatshirt on, but the last several days were really hot here.  record-breaking hot, in fact.  my sausagey fingers were too fat to do much photo-documenting, but i did manage to get these grins on film.  [she’s rocking the hot weather, shirtless, high-chair-straps-as-suspenders look.]

desperate to make staying in our not-as-sweltering-as-outside apartment more entertaining, i brought out the big yogurt container full of canning lids that usually lives in a high-up cupboard in the kitchen.  it’s been quite the exciting toy and josephine has figured out how to hold two lids in one hand and swish them back and forth against each other — the long awaited sequel to “edward scissor-hands,” “josephine canning lid-fingers.”

no matter how much fun she’s having with a toy, she is frequently compelled to crawl over to her beloved radio/boombox and hit the button to play a little tune.  she dances to a few beats then crawls back to whatever it was she was doing before the urge for music struck.  her dance moves are improving.

while she’s been occupied with canning lids and the radio (ned and i now get the songs stuck in our head), i’ve been scurrying around preparing us for our Epic Journey to montana.  we leave on saturday for a week in glacier national park with my family.  it’ll be quiet on the blog.  the cabin we’re staying in doesn’t have hot water or electricity; needless to say, i won’t be uploading photos or doing any computing.  but i can guarantee a glut of photos and stories when we return.

Aug 14 2010


when i was newly pregnant, ned hoped we would have twins.  i, just to be clear, did not.  i knew our chances of having twins were low but i was grateful when the first ultrasound showed just one little peanut in there. (of course, a few days later, i heard from a college classmate whose second fetus was hiding behind the first in an early ultrasound.  the story gave ned hope and made me a little nervous.)  i think ned now realizes how drastically different our lives would be if we had two josephines crawling around, cutting teeth, dropping food on the floor, needing a bath, nursing, filling their diapers with poop that looks disgustingly similar to the food they ate the day before, etc. etc.

i got a little taste of the joys of two babies at once when i watched desmond for a few hours the other morning.  we played on the floor, went for a walk and ate some snacks.  he and josephine were perfectly well-behaved but still, i was very happy to hand him over to anya when our three hours together were up.

desmond brought over some toys, including two toy cell phones. here, josephine's hoarding one.

and here, she's downright delighted with the other.

anya and i were both curious about how i would transport the two babies from the apartment to the stroller in the garage. here's what worked--desmond strapped on me in the ergo and josephine on my hip.

Aug 9 2010

7 and 8

we went to portland over the weekend (josephine’s eighth state–are you keeping track?).  what should have been a three hour drive there on friday evening turned into a six hour traffic-filled voyage, but we all survived and recovered in time to see old friends, meet a new sweet little one, eat good food, go out for brunch, and play on an enormous ball.

josephine met her great-grandparents — my grandma and granddad.  we don’t get to see them very often, so we feel very lucky that she got to spend an afternoon with them.

sunday afternoon, i left ned and josephine to fend for themselves and went to the theater.  (you have to say “tha thee-ah-tah” because i’m fancy like that.)  our friend allison’s sister is performing in “a chorus line” and, feeling a bit of giddiness at being baby-less for a few hours, i enjoyed a fantastic show.  if you’re in the portland area, you should go.

thank you to tashiana who let us stay in her lovely home. she was out of town and we were sad to not see her (and hope she does mind arriving home to a freezer with a bit less ice cream than when she left).  thanks to allison and matt and eli, for coming west.  to grandma and granddad for driving north.  to steve and katie for making time in the weekend to say hello.  and to josephine, for being a fairly calm traveler, despite cutting two (TWO!) new teeth, numbers six and seven.

Aug 5 2010

next thing you know, AARP will be calling

i can’t quite wrap my mind around the fact that my little baby is eleven months old.  where was i when she got so ancient?  i turn my back for one little minute and she goes and gets big.

[so that video in the last post was quite the thriller, huh?  bet you were on the edge of your seat, wondering if she was going to move slightly again.  sheesh.  i’ll try for a more exciting one next time.]

Aug 1 2010

watch out, nancy pearl

with her new-found mobility, josephine has revealed herself to be a bookworm.  her favorite place in the apartment is in front of the bookshelves in her room.  she is content to sit for a long time, pulling book after book off the shelf.  she looks at each book carefully, examines a few pages, then sets it aside and moves on to the next.  as far as mess-making goes, i’m going to count myself lucky that this is as big as it gets (for now).

she also is drawn, again and again, to the bookcases in the living room.  they are filled with our books, big heavy things with no pictures.  my baby-proofing method has been to pack the books onto the shelves really tightly so she can’t pull them out.  so far, it’s working.  it doesn’t stop her from trying to get them, though.

meal planning with dad