Feb 28 2011

new hings

josephine’s verbosity surprises and delights us daily.  here are a few recent snippets.


i went to a neighborhood “mama swap” where you bring in baby stuff you don’t want anymore and can take, for free, whatever you want of the stuff other people contributed.  i was very restrained.  i came home with a small bag of stuff and a little rolly toy from ikea that josephine can push around.  she LOVES it and, while running around the house with it, she says, excitedly, “new hing! new hing!” (translation: new thing.)


the kid can’t leave me alone while i’m peeing.  i was using the bathroom (or, as we call it, the potty chair) the other night and told her to run off and find her dad so i could pee in peace.  she obliged and, as she was leaving the bathroom, she turned and said “blow you a kiss” and did.


she picks up on admonishments.  when i’m changing her diaper she now says “don’t fall of the table.”  one day i didn’t catch what she said and asked, “what?” and she said, slowly, while shaking her head, “don’t. fall. off. the. table.”  today she got some stickers from the cashier at trader joe’s and all evening has said “don’t eat stickers.  don’t eat stickers, joey.”


she yells “here she comes!” or “there she is!” when she is running towards me.


when she’s undressed, we call her a nudie patoodie, a term we learned from our little friend olivia.  she came out of her room tonight with just a onesie on and said “nudie patoodie legs!”  the other day, she saw a picture of a kid in a book who was wearing only a diaper and she called him nudie patoodie. i got out of the shower this morning and she said “nudie patoodie mama.”


she’s got a litany of bedtime-related phrases that i sometimes regret having encouraged: “sing a song,” “tell story,” “rub back.  rub back. rub back.”


anne and meera loaned us a stack of books, all of which were hits with josephine. her favorite was to market to market, a funny book told in rhyme about a woman who goes to the store for various animals — a pig, a red hen, a stubborn goat, a milking cow — but when she gets home from each trip she finds her house in a greater state of animal-created disarray.  she becomes more and more frustrated and disheveled and finally brings all the animals to the store with her to buy the ingredients for vegetable soup.  josephine can rattle off the vegetables she buys and developed a deep fondness for the last line of the book: “hot soup for lunch.”  if you ask her what she wants for lunch she will tell you: “hot soup for lunch.”  if you ask what she wants for breakfast, she will tell you: “hot soup for lunch.”  only when she says it it sounds something like hotsoupfoyunch.


i was eating a cookie the other day while she was playing on her own.  she realized i was doing something she wasn’t involved in and came over to investigate.  she watched me take each bite and then said, “mama eat it.  mama like it?… joey try it?”


she encourages herself by saying “good job, joey” (which sounds like “good yob, doey”) and “you did it!” when she does something clever.  she also tells herself to “try again” when something doesn’t go right the first time.


what post is complete without pictures?  here, then, is my little nudie patoodie, some hotsoupforlunch we at the other day — fish chowder that josephine loved, and a “you did it!” moment with her new lacing beads.

Feb 25 2011

it’s friday

every friday morning, i wake up and say, “it’s friday!” and josephine answers with the same and a big grin.  i’m sure she doesn’t understand the lovely weekend anticipation that fridays bring, but she’s sweet to roll with it.  these photos are actually from last friday — a sunny day with time at the park with desmond and brixton and an evening out as a family — but this friday, one that included a playdate with josephine’s friend emilee, has been pretty nice, too.  it’s friday.

confidential to erika in arizona: remember when you sent those adorable dresses to josephine when she was an itty bitty thing? and we laughed about how huge they were and how they wouldn’t fit her until she was three or four?  um… recognize that dress in the photos?

Feb 21 2011

ending blog silence

we thought we had a dead computer. turns out it was only mostly dead, still slightly alive. (name that movie reference?)  thanks to my computer whiz brother and another whiz in our building, we’re back up and running.  our brief computer hiatus made me realize how much i rely on the internet (too much, i think) and also put me days behind with work in the middle of final report writing season.  so now i scramble to catch up on what’s been going on on the interwebs and also to run some data and do some writing.

i know you’ve been wondering, dear reader, what josephine’s been doing.  ned and i spent this weekend mainly wringing our hands about the computer situation (a first world problem, to be sure) and josephine spent it being very patient with her frustrated parents.  but last weekend we went snowshoeing!  but there wasn’t enough snow! so we just went walking in the snow!  it was all very exciting.

more soon…

Feb 14 2011

finished product

by popular demand (ok, one person asked), here are the results of josephine and meera’s painting endeavors.  it’s a crappy photo but i think it does an adequate job of showing their unique styles.  josephine’s is in the foreground.

also, after careful consideration, i’ve decided that it’s possible that josephine was painting “bears” and not “beards.” but it’s also possible that she was, in fact, saying beards.  i’m not surprised by anything she says these days.

Feb 14 2011

happy heart day

want to be her valentine?

Feb 12 2011

first brush with paint

(get it?  brushpaint?)

location: meera’s kitchen floor
number of paint-free limbs: 0
what josephine was painting: “beards” (don’t ask me)
ratio of set up/clean up to painting time: 1:1

Feb 7 2011

the park circuit

in the last week, we’ve hit four different parks. seattle is peppered with lovely little neighborhood parks (in addition to some huge, amazing parks that you can get lost in–literally–and forget you’re in the city) and, when the weather isn’t great, you can have the playground pretty much to yourself. our home park, at the lake a few blocks from our house, is the old standby, but as josephine is figuring out that there’s more to a playground than the swings it’s good to have fresh surroundings every once in a while. dylan, our frequent park companion, is doing an excellent job of modeling for josephine how to make the most of a playground.

at our a-few-blocks-away park at green lake:

(in defense of the snowsuit, the internet told me the temperature was a frosty 38 degrees that morning. the time/temp board at a nearby store said it was 44. regardless, it was chilly and josephine stayed warm.  i did feel like a bit of fool as i was the only parent with a kid in a snowsuit, for pete’s sake, at the playground. most of the kids weren’t even wearing hats.  bare heads!  i fought the urge to pull all their hoods up and tie them tight.  do i get my official mom certificate now?)

next up, a brand-new park a few blocks from ned’s work.  ned forgot his bag at home so we brought it down to him and then tested out the swings at the new park he’s been telling me about.  it’s a fantastic place and about to get even better — they’re putting in “playscape” with boulders and a spray park.  i can see some fun days there this summer (maybe with sydney?).  you can’t beat the view (can you see the snow-capped olympics in the distance?).

on saturday’s drizzly morning, we went to a little playground on queen anne hill with ann, jami and dylan.

we came home with chilly fingers and clothes covered in sand and josephine took a nice long nap.  thanks, park.

Feb 5 2011

pretty please

Dear Josephine,
Please sleep through the night.
Mama, Dada, the people who live upstairs and the next-door neighbors

Feb 2 2011

to the zoo

while the rest of the country is being slammed by snowstorms, we’ve been enjoying some cold but clear, sunny days here in seattle.  the irony is not lost on me, but is very much enjoyed.  we’ve been hitting the park (photos to follow soon) and, on a warmer and just-as-sunny day, we went to the zoo last week with meera and her mom anne.  and josephine’s shadow.