Mar 31 2011

rain is falling to the ground

the title of this post is a line from a song we learned in music class.  we have been singing it a lot lately.  my friend jayme recently asked me to explain the rain in seattle and, as i haven’t emailed her back yet (hi jaymes!), i thought i’d just tell her about it here.  so. the rain in seattle.  in the winter, it rains nearly every day.  it is rarely a heavy rain and it rarely rains all day long.  often, the day starts out so dreary and gray and the clouds are so low that you think you’ll never see the sun again, but by the afternoon the sun peeps out and sometimes the majority of the clouds blow away.  (of course, these sunbreaks nearly always happen while josephine is “napping.”)  most days are partly to mostly gray and partly to mostly drizzly.  it’s easier to be out and about than in a deluge but if you’re the type of person who likes a good hit of sunshine every day, seattle’s not the place for you.  and that, my friends, is how this city stays reasonably-sized.  if people weren’t so afraid of the winter weather, i think the city would have to extend its boundaries to the edges of the state.  because summer here?  summer is 70s and blue skies and sunny every day.  and that dream of summer is what gets us through the winter.  and now it’s what gets us through the spring. that and the fact that the city is greener in the winter than in the summer.  green helps.

here are some things it’s nice to do on a drizzly/rainy day.

perfect your dipping skills using a cracker and hummus:

sit on your mom’s lap and play with play-dough:

become jealous of your small friend’s teething toy and dig your own out of the bottom of your toy box:

invite a friend over. feed her imaginary carrot soup and stare into space together:

and, my personal favorite, dream of your vacation that starts in five weeks:

that’s right — we’re heading to hawaii.  josephine is thrilled she’ll get to run around on nudie patoodie legs all day long (“wun awownd noodie-a-toodie yegs all day yong!”) and looks forward to playing the sand on the beach.  ned and i are looking forward to, well, we’re looking forward to just about anything a week in hawaii brings.

and i need your help, dear reader.  i need recommendations of books to read on the beach. or, more realistically, books to read in the soaking tub on the deck after the baby’s in bed for the night.  if you recommend a book i bring, you will win a fabulous prize.*  bonus points if the book’s available in paperback.  things i’ve enjoyed recently include the help, unbroken, and the widower’s tale.  i’m currently reading cutting for stone and i’m having to rip myself away in order to parent my child. that’s the kind of book i want on vacation.

*no you won’t.

Mar 28 2011

one year ago, yesterday

(aka: it’s been a while since the last post but i don’t have any new pictures and, unless you want to hear about snot, data entry, data analysis or our struggles with sleep, i don’t really have anything new to report.  all is well, though. and for that i’m grateful. more soon.)

Mar 24 2011

in the sun

mother nature flirted with us for a few more days (but don’t worry, you minnesotans and your snowstorms, it rained all afternoon today) and yesterday was amazing — clear and sunny and warm.  josephine and i took full advantage of having a self-determined schedule and spent the morning at the zoo and the afternoon at the beach.    at the zoo, we saw animals and, equally exciting, some drain covers in the sidewalk. 

as close as she got to the snow leopard statue

willawong station, where you're surrounded by small parrots in an "interactive" exhibit. read: they can poop on you. my sister would LOVE this place.

at the beach, josephine learned the joys of throwing rocks into the water and watching them splash.  (i had to do the throwing because, even with my pathetic arm, i can launch a rock a bit further than the two inches her tosses got her.) then we did this for about an hour.

maybe it was the sun, but i felt so glowy at the end of a nice day spent with such good company.

Mar 20 2011


to celebrate the first day of spring, ned and i left the baby kid with anne and meera and went out for brunch together.  just us! without josephine! we only had to feed ourselves!  it was really really nice.  and i took pictures of our food for you.  (i used to really like taking pictures of food.  now i take pictures of josephine.)

(that's not a crab. it's fried onions and roasted pears and brie. on toasted bread. with an herb-pistachio pesto. that's right.)

josephine welcomed spring with a nice swing session at the park.

happy spring to you!

Mar 19 2011

getting on toward spring

it was so lovely here today. really lovely. one of those mid-march days when you step outside and say, “yes, i can imagine that some day, maybe even some day soon, it will no longer be crappy, cold, wet, long, obnoxious, damp winter.”  you know enough, after seven years in seattle, not to fall completely for mother nature’s charms.  you know she’s a tricky son-of-a-gun and that the weather reports will be back to gloom and doom before the week is out (or before the weekend is over).  but on a day like today, you have to put that future rain aside and just bask in the sunshine.

so that is what we did today. but i didn’t take a single picture. josephine sure is cute, though, swinging on the swings and digging in the gravel and climbing up to the slide.  she’s especially cute in the sunshine.

you know when else she’s especially cute (and when i did have a camera around)?  when it’s pouring rain outside and we’re staying in, warm and dry, and she’s painting.  the rain was amazing this week — monsoon-style — the kind of rain they fake for an over-done rainy movie scene.  not what pitter-pattering, drizzly seattle is used to.  so the rain, combined with josephine’s cold, kept us in and subdued. which is not always a bad thing.

on another morning, when it was a bit sunnier, josephine re-discovered (oh, the boundless joys of multiple too-full toy boxes) these little curious george finger puppets.  she exclaimed,”two georges!” and took them with her everywhere that day. they even had breakfast together in her high chair.

Mar 13 2011

piss pass puddles

remember that kid we have? she likes to splash in puddles. and now she’s fully equipped.

(please note the fact that it’s actively raining. also, we were with sara and jason and they had a hungry and ready-to-be-changed infant and yet they were very patient with josephine’s splashing. those are good friends.)

Mar 12 2011

the soundtrack of our lives

on a brighter note…

josephine’s pretty nuts about music. we go to music class every monday and it’s taught by a teacher named hilary field who plays guitar and teaches us some wonderful, simple songs that we sing over and over again at home, at the park, in the car, in our sleep. in an effort to expand josephine’s musical library, i checked out some kid music from the library, including two albums by the laurie berkner band. josephine latched on to a song of hers called “the goldfish.” she prefers to call it “ocean! ocean! ocean!” and any time ned or i sit down at the computer, she runs over yelling “ocean! ocean! ocean!” until we turn it on. i probably hear this song a dozen times a day. i have nothing against laurie berkner or her band and think she plays some great, non-grating music. but if you’d like to see what it’s like to be me, listen to the following about 10 times in a row.

so. after several months of ocean ocean ocean, we decided it was time to introduce even more new music and expand her musical library just a little bit further. one night at dinner, josephine said “oh me oh my!” and ned started singing “look at miss ohio,” a gillian welch song. josephine loved it and we found this video and now this is what we listen to a million times in a row. a much more palatable option, if you ask me. (also, i enjoy it when josephine requests “oh me oh my-o! oh me oh my-o!”)

Mar 11 2011

on being prepared

I woke up this morning thinking about earthquakes.  This happens to me sometimes; I’ll be in a random place at a random time and suddenly I’ll realize that there could be an earthquake at that very moment.  What would I do? Where would I go? I never gave much thought to earthquakes before moving to Seattle, not surprisingly. And I still don’t let them occupy too much brain space.  But this morning, as I was laying in bed next to a just-waking Josephine, I thought about what I would do if an earthquake struck right then.  It was eerie to turn on the radio a few minutes later and hear about the devastation in Japan.

My thoughts are with the people of Japan today.  And I’m thinking about ways in which we can better be prepared here in Seattle for what, if experts are to be believed (and I tend to trust experts in general), is inevitable.  I’m motivated to check on our paltry stash of canned goods and supplement it with more.  I’ll add batteries for the CD player/radio in Josephine’s room to the shopping list so that we will have a radio if the power’s out.  And I’ll brush up on what, exactly, I should do if an earthquake shakes Seattle while I am laying in bed with my baby next to me.  If any good can come of Japan’s tragedy perhaps it’s that at least one household will be a little more prepared.  Does it inspire the same in your home?

Mar 6 2011

one point five (and a day)

how is she a year and a half old already?  how is she three-quarters of her way to TWO?  (i know she’s acting like she’s nearly two, i just don’t know how it’s happened.)  i keep looking at ned and saying “we have a kid.  not a baby.  a kid.” i’m not sure how that makes me feel.  old, for one.  and, if i’m not careful, a little bit weepy. but that might be the sleep deprivation talking, er, crying.  (maybe this is the month josephine learns to sleep.  dream big, oma.)

we spent a weekend having fun with friends.  we hung out yesterday with friends we hadn’t seen in way too long.  it felt so good to reconnect, get to know their two kids and make plans to see each other more often.  today we went to a great park — kelsey creek — in bellevue with dylan, ann and jami.  there’s a farm with a barn and animals and now josephine can’t stop talking about the pig’s nose, the peeping baby chick and the sleeping rabbit.  dylan brought her toy shopping cart and, although it caused a few tears for park-goers under the age of four, it also facilitated some good fun. dylan and josephine filled the bottom of the cart with pinecones and put their dolls on top for a ride.  (this evening, we were eating some pine nuts with our dinner and josephine kept requesting “pinecones.”)  on the way home, there was a stop at top pot to sugar up for the long drive back to seattle across the bridge.

in other news, i stumbled across some photos of a younger, chunkier josephine the other day and i can see how some people might possibly think that it is maybe a slightly ok idea to start considering the possibility of someday potentially thinking about maybe having a second child.   i’m NOT there yet.  but i could see how it could happen.