May 31 2011

memorable weekend

oh, three-day weekends!  why don’t you come around more often?  combine three days of a two-to-one parent-to-child ratio and three days of seattle-style sunshine (as in, mostly sunny), and you’ve got the recipe for a really nice holiday weekend.  we found a very nice balance of fun and relaxation, much of which was with good friends and outside.

we took in a bit of the folklife festival with our back-in-seattle friends.  there were too many people, too much second-hand smoke (and not all of the legal type) and too little audible music.  note to self: thinking you can enjoy good music while hanging out with toddlers is just foolish.  there was free magic, though.  and it was at the space needle (“pace need-o!”) so it was all worth it.

sunday morning, we were all up early so we went out for breakfast where we discovered swedish pancakes (and got a little contemplative).

with full bellies, we headed to our favorite local beach for our favorite local four-year-old’s birthday party.

that afternoon, we spent some family time at another local favorite spot–the ballard locks.  we picked that destination mainly so we could listen to josephine remind us we were going to “see what the yocks yook yike” all the way there.   we also love watching the boats and the water and spotting salmon in the fish ladder.

to cap off the weekend, we made dessert to bring over to our friend’s house for dinner.  josephine’s learning how to bake.  the first lesson  appears to be keeping all ingredients in the bowl.  then we’ll move on to not planting your fist in the ready-for-the-oven pan of brownie batter.

May 27 2011

good mornings

josephine pops her head up in the morning and says the best things.  last weekend, ned plopped her down next to me, she nursed and then she said, “tickle mama’s belly! isn’t that funny?”  we were half-asleep but couldn’t help but giggle at that.  this morning she opened her eyes from a sound sleep and said, “let’s go get the matching game in the living room.”  i hope her little brain gets a rest for at least a fraction of the night.

from a couple mornings ago: josephine and her “friends.”  (friends is in quotation marks because that’s what she calls elsie, bear, and rose.  not because i think elsie, bear, and rose are mean, double-crossing toys, talking behind josephine’s back. they’re quite sweet.)  (ok, totally didn’t have to explain that to you.)

from this morning’s walk around the block.  josephine said, “should we walk around the block and see what’s next?”

1...2...3... JUMP!

(it is totally not the effect of the curved mirror--i really am a size zero.)

May 22 2011

hitting rewind

between prepping for hawaii, having a cold, going to hawaii and then recovering from the fact that we’re not on vacation anymore, i haven’t had a chance to share some photos from another big event in the last month.  my parents journeyed to the west coast, spending a few lovely days in seattle and then some time down on the oregon coast with my dad’s family.   we spent a night on the coast, too, and josephine began her love affair with beach sand.

May 21 2011

story time

josephine is in love with the book little bear’s visit, especially the chapter about the goblin story.  she delights in rehashing the goblin story whenever there’s a pause in the conversation.  we talk about the goblin a lot.  so we were happy to capture her version of it on video the other night.

the goblin story, so you can follow along, goes a little something like this: one day, a goblin was walking in the woods.  he walked by a cave and heard a bump.  he got so scared he jumped right out of his shoes.  he started to run and he could hear something running after him and it made the sound “pit pat pit pat pit pat.” he hid in a tree and the sound got closer, closer, closer and then it stopped. the goblin looked out and what do you think he saw? (spoiler alert!) his shoes! it was the goblin’s shoes!  they had followed him.  he picked them up and said “that old bump in the cave made me jump right out of my shoes, but they ran after me, didn’t they? and here they are!” and he gave them a hug and put them back on.  then he snapped his fingers and skipped away, just like that.

i think it is very obvious what josephine’s favorite part of the story is. (hint: it’s the part where the picture gets shaky as i try not to fall off my chair laughing and ned’s voice is all squeaky.)  enjoy.

May 20 2011

correcting an oversight

i just realized that the only pictures of josephine in an actual swimsuit on a beach in hawaii were on the other camera, that i’m only now uploading pictures from.  so so sorry you had to wait several extra days for these quintessential beach baby shots.

note the full-coverage “sand screen.”  spf 30.

May 17 2011


You know that totally annoying phenomenon where you get home from a vacation, even a really great vacation, and it very quickly feels like you never left?  I’m experiencing that this week.  I thought I’d be able to hang on to our beachy Hawaii vibe a little longer, but no such luck.  Worse, on multiple occasions I’ve thought of a little task or chore and said to myself, “I’d better get that done before we go to Hawaii.”  Doh!  Vacation’s over, you nut!

Sigh.  Anyone want to sponsor another family vacation to someplace warm with lots of sand?

Here’s a little random Josephine tidbit for you: the girl loves asparagus.  We had it for dinner last night and she kept asking for more and more.  And you know what’s grosser than a toilet full of asparagus pee?  A cloth diaper full of it.  Sorry.

As an apology for that lovely image (enjoy your lunch, folks), I’ll leave you with this one instead. This is Josephine one year ago today:

I can hardly handle it.  I’ve been making a little book of photos from her first year (when, really, I should be making a book of photos from the trip we took to Africa, oh, in 2007) and all the pictures of little baby Josephine are doing me in.  Makes up for diaper changing time the day after a dinner of asparagus.

May 15 2011

we almost didn’t come back

but then we needed some sunshine, so we had to come back to seattle.  seriously.  there was more sun here the day after we got back  than our whole week in hawaii.  but we aren’t going to complain too much.  we were in hawaii, after all.  (many many) more photos at the flickr page.

May 6 2011

how much i love you

our friend is coming to pick us up to bring us to the airport for our flight to honolulu in about 20 minutes.  and what i am doing?  writing a blog update.  that’s how much i love you.  there are just a few things left to throw in the bag, namely bear, elsie and rose — josephine’s favorite sleep companions.  can’t forget them.  we also have sunscreen, sunhats, sunglasses, swimsuits, swim diapers, shorts, dresses, tank tops, sandals and a few good books packed.  and that’s about all we need.  tomorrow, about this time, we’ll be doing this (but without about five of the layers):

see you when we’re back.