Jun 28 2011

in the meantime

i sent my baby to the repair shop today.  no, not josephine. she’s just fine.  my other baby: the camera.  suddenly, it just stopped turning on.  and, what do you know, it’s kinda nice when your camera turns on.  not so nice when it doesn’t.  so it’s on its way to california to see if the canon folks know how to fix it.  wishes for a safe (and reasonably-priced) recovery would be appreciated.

so for now i’ll try to enjoy the portability of our little camera and not mourn too loudly the missed photo opportunities that would really benefit from the nicer camera (like tonight, when we had a picnic with friends at a park overlooking lake union and downtown and we watched sailboats race silently around the lake and then the sun peeked through the clouds and the light was really pretty…).

here are a few random shots (taken with the good camera… sniff!) from the last few weeks that i keep managing to not post.

from an almost-summer bbq at sara and jason’s:

waiting for the pool (?) with polar bear one morning. polar bear is wearing two swim diapers:

i made gak (is that what corn starch/water combo is called?) one raining morning in an attempt to keep a bouncy child calmer. that stuff is genius:

ned and josephine made a menagerie one night on the couch — a line of all of the animal and animal-like critters they could find in the apartment.  josephine loved it and keeps requesting we make another “badgery.”  note the elmos:

Jun 25 2011

adventures in self-feeding

WARNING: if you do not like pictures of kids with food all over their face, you might want to just skip this post and wait for the next one.

josephine usually eats with her fingers and makes a bit of a mess but nothing too awful.  the other night we were eating lentil dal and ned was feeding it to her with a spoon.  she quickly became uninterested and it was only when i suggested we let her feed herself the dal and some yogurt that she dug in.  and, as you can see, made a total, joyous mess.

at this point, she looked down, threw her hands up, and started exclaiming, “what a mess!  what a mess!”

(thanks for the kind comments about the dress.  it’s so nice to have a little creative outlet now and then.  more crafting to come, i hope.)

Jun 21 2011

first-day-of-summer dress

Ned came home with a hangdog expression on his face a few weeks ago.  I asked what was wrong and he showed me the sleeve of his work shirt.  He had pulled it up or stretched out his bony elbow or something and the shirt’s fabric had just given way.  The shirt wasn’t anything special, just beige and black stripes on white.  But it was the shirt he wore at the rehearsal dinner for our wedding, almost five years ago, so it had a little more sentimental value than most of his work shirts.  “Great!” I said.  “Great?” he said.  “Yes, great.  I can make Josephine a dress out of it.”  And so I did.  And then, today, on this first day of summer, it was warm enough for her to wear it (albeit with stunningly fashionable black leggings).  It went well with a walk in the ravine, some swing time, and a welcome summer picnic at the lake with our back-in-Seattle friends Allison, Matt and Eli.

Jun 17 2011


i gotta tell you: there are days when josephine drives me absolutely crazy.  she can’t move faster than the slowest of slow snails and anything that doesn’t go exactly her way merits an (admittedly brief) screaming fit.  and these are also the days when my patience is at zero and i find myself saying things like, “look at me when i’m talking to you!  and listen!”  nice.  these are the days i count the minutes until ned is home and i can hand josephine over and let him deal with the shrieking for a while.

most days, though, she’s a fantastic little person and i feel so lucky i get to spend my days with her.  (and, by some strange twist of fate, these are also the days where i have an endless supply of patience. funny how that works.)  today was a good day.  the sun was shining brightly and we went to the arboretum (josephine: “har-burrito”) to explore.  it’s a lovely place and i don’t know why we don’t go there more often.

we watched a bee crawling around on some pink flowers for a while and talked about how bees say buzz.  we saw a turtle in the pond and, after it slipped off the sunny rock it was resting on, we practiced sitting very quietly and patiently to see if it would come back.  (it wouldn’t.)  and, after watching a big millipede in her adorable little infant squat, josephine stood up, promptly forgot the millipede existed, and stepped right on it.  i gasped.  we talked a little about being careful around small animals because we’re so much bigger than they are.  and then we walked on, leaving death and destruction in our wake.

Jun 15 2011

a few of our favorite things

while i am fully aware that the rest of the country has been dealing with some extremely hot weather, i still find it a little hard to wrap my mind around.  ned still puts on a fleece when he leaves for work in the morning.  and when josephine and i leave the house a few hours later, we usually don’t go without at least a sweatshirt on and i usually have an extra layer along, just in case.  sometimes, when i’m daring enough to leave the house in sandals, i wish i’d just worn shoes and socks instead. josephine’s still wearing her winter pjs and in the evenings we often close the windows so they’re just cracked a bit.  you get the picture; the pacific northwest has forgotten that it’s supposed to be summer. this lack of hot weather doesn’t bother me a bit, and, to be fair, there have been a few days i’d call downright warm.

when the sun pops out from behind the clouds, we hit the beach.  here are two of our other favorite beaches (in addition to recently-featured carkeek).

first, there’s the beach at discovery park.  when seattle was at its loveliest a few weekends back, we headed to discovery park and walked a mile or so to the beach.  the highlights of this beach are threefold.  first, because you have to hike to the beach there was plenty of parking on a day when i suspect you’d be hard-pressed to find parking at any other park in the city.  second, you can see mount rainier from the beach (see 2nd picture). third, ned and i once saw a (rarely-sighted around here) humpback whale from this beach and i can’t help but look for them ever since.

a few mornings later, josephine and i introduced meera, her mom and her grandma to golden gardens.  this beach holds a special place in our hearts because ned’s great aunt and uncle introduced us to this beach shortly after we moved here.  i think of them every time we’re there.  the perks of this beach: it’s big, it’s easy to get to and it’s the closest beach to our house.  the cons: it’s a busy party beach on the weekends so the sand is full of bits of charred wood– the remains of beach bonfires — and it’s not uncommon to find broken glass.  have fun digging, girls!

somewhat related: in a recent highly scientific survey, josephine rated her top three favorite things as 1) digging in the sand, 2) kitty cats and 3) nursing.

Jun 11 2011

out for brunch

Ned: So how about we go out for brunch on Saturday?
Oma: What for? …I mean, sure!
Ned: Well, because we never really did anything for Mother’s Day.
Oma: We were in Hawaii. That’s all I needed.
Ned: Still. I thought brunch would be nice.
Oma: It would be. I love brunch. I thought that when we went out for breakfast a few weekends ago, that that was for Mother’s Day.
Ned: …
Oma: Um, I mean, I’d love to go out for brunch!

So we did.  And then we found a nearby playground for some swinging.  Some super-high swinging, by request.

Jun 8 2011

first thing

Jun 2 2011

jon bon joey

i know. i know.

but it could be worse.  right?