Jul 29 2011

sunshine and rain

here, now, a bit of a photo-dump as i scurry around during naptime getting ready for a date with a friend tonight and for a weekend camping in the shadow of rainier.  this week, we have been:

:: picnicking in the park with adailia and her family

:: enjoying a pool party followed by a summery dinner (that included a salad that made me love beets) with eli and his family

:: spending a rainy morning at the park making muffins (aka woodchips) with meera and feeding them to anne

:: attempting two-friends portraits with wiggly toddlers

:: taking pictures of loveliness on the way home

:: spending a lot of time in the new chair, at the new table, developing a bigger, more explosive coloring style

photos from the mountainside soon!

Jul 25 2011

joey take a picture of mama?

without any suggestions on my part, she crafted herself a camera.  she came around the corner and asked if she could take my picture, held her block-camera up to her face and said “cheeeeese!”  i feel like quite the role model.

Jul 23 2011

sunnier outlook

now that josephine is better and i’m not running for a towel every time she whimpers, it’s easier to remember some of the better bits of our trip instead of focusing on the low points.  some highlights:  josephine loved reading books with all of her grandparents; she found some new favorites that she’s still talking about.  she loved swimming (we all did) off the pontoon boat in georgia.  she loved watching my sister’s dog zuki and was thrilled to learn zuki’s nickname is “zuke,” something she delighted in shouting frequently.  on one of her better mornings, when we thought she really was better, she was so happy to go the park and swing.  personally, i was beyond thrilled to see my dear friend meg.  she drove 10 hours (10!) to come visit and i’m so grateful for her friendship, her company and her willingness to leave her family for a night and come meet josephine.  so the trip wasn’t all vomit-covered torture (and you’re welcome for that visual).

we’re starting to do things outside of the house again and josephine just dances with joy when she is released from the house and from her stroller.  she’s ready to be active and play again and we’re happy to see her ready to do so.

we took in a free concert a few evening ago with meera and emilee and their families.  while there, josephine enjoyed some summer fruit.  in her winter jacket.  summer hasn’t quite hit seattle yet.

the next night, we enjoyed a bbq at emilee’s house.  emilee is an excellent sharer.  she shared her doll with josephine for the evening.  she also shared her corn on the cob and her dad’s story telling abilities.

and here’s what we’re doing when we’re not out and about.  we’ve been doing lots of painting and lots of reading josephine’s current favorite book: a trio of vintage stories — the pokey little puppy, scuffy the tugboat and the saggy baggy elephant.  she can’t get enough.

Jul 20 2011

on the mend

although she still looks a bit zombie-like with her pale skin and dark circles under her eyes and ribs poking out, josephine is done vomiting.  [knocking on all wood surfaces in the house].  she threw up at least twice (and often three times) eight out of the past nine days.  that’s nearly two dozen vomitous episodes.  (but who’s counting?)  it’s probably nearly as many loads of laundry.  i feel like we left a trail of dirty towels all the way across the country.

we’re back in seattle now, spending some low-key days eating applesauce and taking walks in the stroller.  it’s so nice to be home, especially with the little one finally feeling better and acting more like herself.  i’m trying not to have too many regrets about the trip, but it’s hard to stop them from popping up throughout the day: i didn’t get to see anna, i didn’t get to see matt, i didn’t get to meet molly and maya.  we didn’t get to go on a boat ride with zuki.  i didn’t get to go shopping with my brother for stuff for his new home.  we only went to the park once.  the list goes on.  most notable to me, though, is that grandparents and aunt and uncles didn’t get to experience josephine at her absolute best.  but she was well taken care of and loved and doted upon regardless of her inability to fully reciprocate and despite her propensity to create piles of disgusting laundry.

back with some photos soon.  there are trip photos to upload and my camera’s fixed (!) so maybe some current photos of zombie girl are in order.

Jul 15 2011

dispatch from the infirmary

this trip, for multiple reasons, has not exactly gone according to plan.  the most pervasive reason, at the moment, is that josephine’s been sick for five-going-on-six days with an ailment that has the doctor my sister works with baffled.  it’s never good to baffle doctors.  especially when you’re 1,700 miles from home.  it appears to be nothing too serious – no fever, no intense abdominal pain – but she’s thrown up at least once each day this week.  and although each morning she seems like she’s on the mend, at some point in the day she devolves back into a head-lolling, pathetic, whimpering girl who wants only to be held (only by me, sadly) or to lay sadly on the floor moaning for her back to be rubbed.  yesterday, things were looking up.  she was happy and singing all day long but then threw up at 12:30am and 1am.  and tonight i put her down and less than an hour later she had thrown up.

i’ve spent a lot of time sitting next to the non-sick josephine while she’s in her high chair, trying to keep her happy with quiet activities such as play-doh, coloring and reading the same books over and over.  and i’ve spent almost as many hours rubbing the back of and holding an out-of-it girl.  each morning i hope it’ll be the first day without her throwing up, the day we can stop wondering what we’re missing.  i’m working on letting go of the trip we had planned and the activities i would much rather be doing and instead trying to focus on just my girl.  send good thoughts…

Jul 6 2011

grandparent tour 2011, prologue

O: Can I ask you some questions?
J: Yes.
O: Where are we going tomorrow?
J: On the airplane.
O: On the airplane?
J: Yes. That sounds like a good idea!
O: Where are we flying to?
J: Minnesota!  Atlanta!
O: Atlanta, that’s right. First Atlanta, then Minnesota.  What are we going to do in Atlanta?
J: The fire truck is stuck under the chair!  Help!  The fire truck!  [dissolves into whiny tears]

Well, you get the idea.  We’re going to Atlanta and Minnesota to see the grandparents.  And we’re going to go swimming and go on a few boat rides and bask in grandparental attention.  And we’re going to not mind too much that it’s in the 90s.  Until we’re back, happy summer days to you.

Jul 4 2011


oh, seattle.  finally!  you figured out that your citizens were nearing a breaking point.  you had pushed them to the limit with a few too many gray, rainy days.  and you apologized in fine fashion with day after day of sunshine and warm and blue. after this weekend, we all forgave you (as long as you keep it up).

josephine and i started the long weekend early with a friday lunch date downtown with my friend renee.  we took the bus and i am pretty sure josephine was the only rider anywhere in the metro area enjoying a snack of edamame, peas and corn.

josephine celebrated the warm weather by running like a wild child around city hall’s plaza yelling “hat off! jacket off!”

friday night, we met for pizza with sydney and colin and their parents at seward park.  as the night was winding down, the three little ones participated in some synchronized diaper changing.

on saturday, i pointed out to my friend in arizona that it was 40 degrees cooler here than there and yet it was still plenty warm to enjoy a wading pool.

sunday brought a picnic with friends from my grad programs.  great company, kids everywhere, good food and blinding sunlight.

today, in some of the best weather seattle has to offer, we went down to the center for wooden boats on lake union for the wooden boat festival.  it was pretty darn near perfect.  the park around the center is new and a beautiful place to enjoy views of the city skyline and lake union and, of course, lots of boats.  there’s a little pond for sailing model boats, which feels very quaint and old-timey to me, and a spray fountain for kiddos to run around in.  i made a mental note to add that to our warm-weather to-do list.  we toured a few boats, josephine and ned made a kite that actually flies and we sat in the grass and listened to music.  it was hard to leave.

(well, it's quaint if you ignore the "3-day beer garden" sign in the background...)

to enjoy the beautiful weather as long as possible, we took a post-nap walk today over to the wading pool at the north end of green lake.  we all waded around in the water for a bit, basking in the sun and the breeze from the lake.  but before i could take a picture, there was a suspicious bulge in the butt of josephine’s swim diaper and we quickly cleared out of the pool for a shore-side diaper change.  deeelightful.  and that, my friends, was our weekend.  i hope yours was a sun-filled and relaxing.

p.s. i miss my good camera!