Aug 31 2011

not as sweet, but just as informative

today, when i went in to get josephine from her nap, she smiled up at me and said, “i peed and i pooped!  the pee and the poop are mixed together!”


Aug 31 2011

on the badio

we’ve lived in this apartment for well over a year but i only recently got fed up with the fact that we were making no use of the narrow, gets-only-an-hour-of-sun balcony off the living room.  so i got three chairs at goodwill, we re-purposed ned’s nightstand (that he’d found on the curb) and, voila!  we have a place to eat dinner on warm nights and play during the day.  (the water play certainly could have happened without the chairs, but then where would i have sat and sipped a mimosa and enjoyed bonbons while she splashed?)  josephine likes to refer to this as the “badio,” sometimes pronouncing it correctly as “patio.”

Aug 29 2011

we had guests in from out of town…

…and i took a heap of pictures.

peter and katie were in town and we went to discovery park to play at the beach; watched josephine dig every last drop out of a glass that had housed a strawberry shake; went to pete’s friend’s house for dinner and some chicken-watching; visited a rose garden; and made a peach birthday pie for pete.  then uncle greg (ned’s brother) came to town and we climbed the water tower at volunteer park; visited a dahlia garden; (some of us) ran a 10K; and hoisted josephine up into the air in her little pink chair for a picture with dada and uncle greg.

(you can click on each photo to see it bigger [i am feeling too lazy to place them all individually].)

Aug 26 2011


ned went in to get josephine after her nap the other day and she greeted him by saying, “i woke up with a smile on my face!”

Aug 23 2011

(lost?) in translation

in addition to some other folks, josephine and i have enjoyed having ned around for six days straight.  he took some time off work because we had friends in town and then, as they left, ned’s brother arrived. and then the friends came back for a day.  so we’ve been hosting and eating good food and playing around town and catching colds and recovering from colds and telling a bunch of stories and playing some more.  i always have high hopes for my own productivity when ned’s around, but, between the beloved company and the accursed cold, i of course didn’t get as much done as i wanted to.

one of the things i wanted to do was to get a few posts up here.  but, as you well know, that didn’t happen.  so, while i pull together some photos of our adventures with friends and uncle greg, here’s a video that gives a little peek into josephine’s brain.  it’s a nutty place.  this was taken the day she got her new little table and chairs.  she’s fresh from her nap, all rumpled and pants-less, and deliriously happy about having a new place to sit and color.  please notice that i do not say a thing; i wasn’t prompting anything or directing her stream of consciousness talking. and talking. and talking.  i’ve included a translation so you don’t miss a thing. (need i point out that her favorite book at the time was “the pokey little puppy?”)

“shut your eyes and say one, two, three! this cup is white, so we’re going to leave it in rose’s lap.  this cup… she’s lookin’ at the cup, though.  stay still in my chair.  cheeeese!  i…i… take a picture.  i’m coloring.  i think.  i can draw a picture for rose to play with.  one two three four.  i say, one two three four.  one little puppy wasn’t there.  now where in the world is that pokey the puppy, they wondered?  he certainly wasn’t on top of the hill. he wasn’t going down the other side. the only thing they could see… write the pokey the puppy. write the pokey the puppy.  i’m going to draw a picture for rose.  say one two three four.  one two three four.  one little puppy wasn’t there.  now where in the world is that pokey…  i’ll put mitchell in this… i’ll put rose… give mitchell the cup back?  let’s give mitchell the cup back.  the cup is going to stay in my lap.  i’ll   draw a picture from rose.  and say one two three four.  one. two. three. four.  one little puppy wasn’t there.  now where in the world is that… stuck stuck stuck.  paper.  paper.  one two three four. one two three four.  one little puppy wasn’t there.  now where in the world is that pokey little puppy?”

and… scene.

i know nothing can top the goblin video (shoes! shoes!) but this is pretty good, right?

more soon.

Aug 19 2011

in exchange

how’s this for a trade? in exchange for the previous brief post about poop, i offer you these three photos, taken today after a (poop-free) bath.  you’d never guess she’s fairly cranky with a cold, would you?

Aug 14 2011

because i know you want to know (aka: TMI)

today we had our first poop-in-the-bath experience.  that is all.

Aug 12 2011

good busy big day

apparently i needed to get out of the usual routine, so this morning i packed up our bags and josephine and i headed east to carnation, washington and the evergreen classic horse show.

josephine had her first encounter with a port-a-potty (don’t worry — i didn’t make her use it and i didn’t let her touch anything); we saw every horse trailer in the state of washington; we saw lots of horses being led around, jumping and waiting patiently; we saw horse hair-dos that put getting two pigtails onto a squirmy toddler into perspective; and i realized that we’ll probably have to move to a higher tax bracket before josephine can become a horse-riding bad ass.

then, because they were right next door, we picked some blueberries.  and a horse, and a sheep and a purple thing that looks like a garter but i swear is a headband that a stuffed rabbit likes to wear as a bow-tie.  josephine was thoroughly entertained by gathering fallen blueberries.  delicious.

and THEN, as if that wasn’t enough excitement for the day, we went to a caspar babypants concert this evening. he’s a local celebrity musician with the under-10 set (and a bunch of parents, as well) so we met up with a bunch of friends and the kids danced their (baby)pants off. we shared picnic blankets with (in order of appearance): emilee, eli, lilly, (a tired and spaced-out) anna, and meera.

with all the spectating and berry picking and dancing we did today, my fingers are crossed that josephine lets me sleep in at least half an hour later than usual tomorrow.

Aug 8 2011

good dog, brandi

Remember when Josephine loved Gillian Welch?  She loved that “Miss Ohio” song and its “oh me oh my-o” lyrics so much, she once referred to edamame as “oh me oh mama.”  Now she has a new love: Brandi Carlile.  It all started when I played her a song called “Josephine.”  She loved that her name was in a song.  Sadly, Brandi only says Josephine about five times in the song.  The rest of the lyrics are words other than Josephine. The nerve!  So when Josephine hears the song, she says “Say Josephine again?  Say Josephine again?” until Brandi does.  Josephine hasn’t quite become enamored of Brandi’s entire repertoire, but she knows what she likes.  And she likes “Caroline.”


(Meg, I think of you every time I hear this song.  Well, I used to think of you every time I heard the song; now I hear it too many times a day to have any coherent thoughts about it.)

Josephine likes Brandi Carlile so much she requests her the moment we get into the car: “Yisten to Brandi Caryiyo?  Yisten to Caroyine?”  She also likes a song called “Dying Day,” but she refers to it as the “I want to kiss you song.”  She knows the songs and sings along and sings them to herself while she’s playing.  Need more proof of her love?  She now refers to the character in Good Dog, Carl as “Brandi Carl.”

So it was with just a touch of guilt that I enjoyed a perfectly lovely evening with my friend Wendy seeing Brandi Carlile in concert a few weeks back.  Josephine would have loved hearing her, especially when she sang “Caroline,” but I loved even more having time with Wendy and not having to chase a toddler around when I could be sitting on my butt, eating a picnic dinner and brownie and listening to the music.

Dave Matthews was there, too!  Well, not there like on the picnic blanket next to us (although he could have been, because he lives in the neighborhood), but up on stage, singing a song with Brandi.  Delightful.

I just showed Josephine a (probably illegal) video I took at the concert of Brandi singing her favorite song and she was like a teenage girl watching a video of Justin Beiber.  She was literally biting her arm in excitement and I think her eyes actually welled up with tears of joy.

The other morning, Josephine was sitting on my lap as I scrolled through a few cooking blogs, trying to find a zucchini muffin recipe* for us to bake together.  “Caroline” started playing on our mix of Josephine’s favorite songs and Josephine started bopping around on my lap and finally asked, “Mama get off the chair and dance with me?”  How could I resist?  Muffin recipes could wait.

*We ended up making these.  They turned out great.  I used half brown, half white sugar and reduced the total amount of sugar by a couple tablespoons. Raisins were the only dried fruit we had, but I think the suggested dried pineapple would have been delicious. Oh, and we doubled the recipe.  What good are only six muffins?  That doesn’t even get Josephine and me to lunch.

Aug 7 2011

what’s cuter than cute?

josephine, pig tails, and newfoundland puppies.  i had hoped, of course, for a photo of tiny wriggly puppies on josephine’s lap, but these two-month-olds are already nearly her size.  my sister’s dog’s enthusiastic licking has made josephine a little skittish around dogs, no matter the size.   so she kept her distance for the most part, although she did get to pet one of them briefly on the back.  and tell us, about a million times, that the puppies were playing together.