Sep 30 2011


i am feeling very grateful (especially on the mornings when josephine wakes up a half-hour early and i need (deserve?) some comedic relief) that she’s getting verbal enough to say hilarious things on a more regular basis.  two recent events:

last night i was giving josephine a bath.  she’s fairly skeptical of the whole lie-down-and-get-your-hair-wet process and it takes a well-balanced mix of distraction and intense praise to get her hair wet and then, once shampooed, rinsed.  as i was rinsing her hair, i said, “look at how still you’re being!  when you lie still, the water doesn’t go in your eyes!” and she replied, “it’s gonna go in the bathtub’s eyes.”


she’s gotten into drinking tea from a little cup i got years ago in south africa (that i told ned was a gift for a friend but really i was buying it for our future non-existent child).  at the breakfast table the other day she took a big drink of tea, put the cup down and said, “AHHH!  that’s what i say after drinking coffee!”

Sep 26 2011

camping, part 2

the second camping trip was great, if you don’t count the camping experienced between 11pm and 6am. that part pretty much…well, it was bad. the fact that our friends will still talk to us (josephine in particular) is an indication of their unconditional love for us, let’s just put it that way.

the time we were all awake together (the time we were all intentionally awake together, that is) was lovely.

and now we won’t have to go camping again until next year.

Sep 26 2011

jumping to conclusions

two recent incidents of josephine jumping to conclusions:

first: we were at the grocery store this afternoon.  josephine has a cold and her nose was mildly running.  she asked for a wipe but i didn’t hear her so she asked for another one, more insistently.  before i could pull a kleenex out and wipe the snot, she buried her face in her hands and wailed, “my face is ruined!”


we were on our way to meera’s house last week for meera’s birthday dinner.  josephine was quite intrigued by the idea of going to meera’s house in the evening.  on the way over, we had the following conversation.

josephine: it is night.
me: i know. it’s usually daytime when we go to meera’s. usually we eat lunch there but tonight we’re going to eat dinner with meera.
josephine: it’s her birthday.
me: yep. we’re going to have birthday dinner with her.
josephine: …and then i’ll sleep in her bed.

Sep 23 2011

camping, part 1

practicingferry, lightferrywater, grassi sat hereisland fence
our supper--pesto pastaprogress?beach bumssun risea good sunrise companioneven the seaweed was beautiful
our campsitewaiting for oatmealpracticing "angry"see the whales?covenot my bike
pizza dinnersharing the viewcrazy kid with catend of the day

san juans, a set on Flickr.

we went camping last weekend in the san juan islands. it was magic. we slept on shaw island, the quietest and least-known island of the four the ferry stops at. the next day, we went to san juan island to do some whale spotting (we spotted them!) before heading home. we spent four hours total on the ferry, one of my favorite parts of this trip. josephine, as usual, couldn’t get enough of the beach. and ned? he got a year older on monday and we celebrated by nibbling on chocolate while watching the sunrise over the beach.

tomorrow, we leave for another camping trip. this one is with three other families, three other children. it will likely be a wholly different experience than our quiet, sleepy island trip. but delightful in so many other ways.

Sep 14 2011

party perfect

we had:
:: perfect weather
:: a picnic table in the shade at a very crowded park
:: a picnic table in the shade right next to the playground
:: a much-anticipated bunny cake (made of carrot cake, of course)
:: a high-drama swing rescue
:: many beloved friends
:: a very happy two-year-old

(photo credit to ann for some of the above.  thanks, ann!  see you at next year’s party.)

before her birthday, josephine could tell you that her birthday was september fifth, that she was going to be two and that she was going to have a bunny cake with pink polka dots at her party. then, on her actual birthday, we told her that it was, finally, september fifth and that she was, finally, two. but then we had to explain that it wasn’t her birthday party yet. how confusing! then it was her birthday party and there was the bunny cake and all her friends. and now? now she’s just two; no other excitement. when people ask her how old she is, she proudly holds up two fingers and then often says “it’s my birthday today.” so i’m trying to help her understand that her birthday has passed, that next it’s dada’s birthday and that she’ll have a birthday again next time it’s september fifth. impossible concepts for a little mind to grasp, right?

today, before her nap, i was reading her a book that mentioned the months of the year.  i said, “josephine, your birthday is in a month. when is your birthday?” and she looked at me and said, “it’s done, mama.”


she’s named the cat “flossie.”

Sep 9 2011

sean + delcia

the wedding we went to last weekend was nothing short of fantastic.  our friends put together an amazing event in less than three months, a timeline similar to another couple i know.  there was great music, delicious food and a very personal and heartfelt ceremony.  our mutual friend adam married them and he talked so beautifully about sean and delcia’s relationship.  he also, on their behalf, made an extremely eloquent acknowledgement of the fact that marriage is a privilege for some and not a right for all, a sentiment i appreciated hearing as part of the ceremony.

josephine had a blast.  our friend allison was kind enough to hang out with josephine at a nearby park during the ceremony so that i could take pictures and ned could actually enjoy it (read: cry through it) without having to shush/remove a chatterbox toddler.  josephine had a great time playing and was none the wiser about missing the main event.  the dancing and music and running wild was all she needed to enjoy a wedding.

here are a few of the 900 (!) photos i took that day.

Sep 7 2011


first, despite the multiple outfits, all the photos in the last post were from one day: josephine’s birthday.  we had a lovely just-the-three-of-us day eating blueberry pancakes, playing at the beach, wading in the pool, eating a first ice cream cone, eating the requested pesto pasta for dinner and enjoying new gifts.  she had a great day, as did we.  we’ll celebrate with friends this weekend.

second, sometimes i use this blog as a notebook — jotting down little moments so i don’t forget them.  i keep wanting to report on things josephine says that reveal what an incredible memory she has.  maybe all toddlers are like this?  anyway, i don’t think she got the memory thing from me because i keep forgetting exactly what it was she said that proved her good memory…

but i have two little memory tales for you today.  the first is from my birthday party.  our friends sara and jason walked up and josephine looked up and said, “i saw you last camping yesterday.”  granted, it wasn’t the day before that we had been camping with them (josephine uses temporal words like “yesterday” and “last night” and “today” pretty liberally) but our camping trip to mount rainier a month earlier had been the last time we had seen sara and jason.

then yesterday we were at goodwill, hunting for books, and i found a copy of make way for ducklings.  i showed it to josephine and she grabbed it excitedly and started paging through it.  when she got to the picture of the kind policeman who feeds the ducks peanuts and helps them cross the street, she said, “look, it’s michael!”  and she was right — that’s his name.

people, the last time she had that book read to her was in mid-july.

Sep 5 2011

josephine, v. 2.0

hello, two.  it’s very nice to meet you.  we look forward to our year together.  welcome to the family.

Sep 2 2011

celebration season

it is upon us: the three weeks of the year that contain my birthday, josephine’s birthday, ned’s birthday and ned’s and my wedding anniversary.  we joke that we should just take the three weeks off each year and celebrate all four milestones in an exotic locale.  maybe when we’re retired…

ned kicked off our celebrations by organizing a lovely gathering of friends for my birthday last weekend at the park near our house.  he pulled together an amazing spread of some of my favorite things–cheeses, crackers, fun spreads, and a blueberry buckle.  (he very cleverly turned the cooler into a sort of giant bento box, keeping food both cool and protected from marauding children.)  the kids delighted in each other’s company.  and ned ordered up some perfect summery evening sunshine.

we’ll spend our anniversary tomorrow at the wedding of our friends.  and, as i’m the wedding photographer (gulp!), i probably won’t actually get to spend tons of time with ned and josephine.  but we’ll make up for it with a nice family day doing… something (yet to be determined) on josephine’s birthday on monday.  then we’ll have a bit of a breather before we round out the season with festivities for ned.