Nov 30 2011

made it

last day of the month. it’s satisfying to reach a goal, albeit a pretty inconsequential one, as far as goals go. but that little calendar icon there to the right is satisfyingly full for november.  and now i’m going to take a couple days off.*

*and figure out what has infected the blog. and hopefully not lose anything.  help me, charley!  you’re my only hope.

Nov 29 2011

several items

1. We have been listening/watching Tiny Desk Concerts on the NPR website.  We tell ourselves they’re educational and point out the different instruments to Josephine, but really I think we’re just desperate for some non-Caspar Babypants music. (No offense, Mr. Babypants.) I also really enjoying looking at all the stuff on the shelves in the office.

We have enjoyed:
Yo-Yo Ma, Edgar Meyer, Chris Thile and Stuart Duncan
Dave Rawlings and Gillian Welch

I look forward to watching:
Josh Ritter
Steve Earle
Iron and Wine

2. Speaking of music, it has begun again (and I don’t mean the snow).

3. Tomorrow is the last day of November. I’ll be celebrating the last day of daily posting and I’ll also be sending some love towards Arizona to Erika and Alex on their anniversary. So much love and missing that I’m reminiscing about your wedding.

4. Josephine has been a delightful, calm angel-toddler for the past two days. Having said that (and believe me, I’m knocking quite loudly on wood right now), she’ll probably tantrum all day long tomorrow.

5. Josephine has been compiling a list of what she refers to as “silly words.” She is happy to list out her silly words and the list includes: Q-bert, Freddy, traffic and Tinkerbell.

Nov 28 2011

throwing in the (cloth) towel

after two years and two+ months, we put out our dirty cloth diapers for the diaper service to pick up for the last time today.  no, our child is not potty-trained.  nothing close.  we’re just tired.  cloth diapers, overall, have been great for us.  but lately the ones we get (got!) from the diaper service just weren’t thick enough to handle josephine’s toddler-sized pees.  (the reason we can’t wash our own and use cloth diapers that actually work is because we have a coin-op washing machine that doesn’t have any of the fancy cycles you need to wash diapers properly).  THREE TIMES last week, i checked her diaper before we left for somewhere and it was dry.  when we got wherever we were going, 15-20 minutes later, she had peed and soaked through her pants.  c’mon, diapers!  that’s just pathetic.  when she didn’t pee through, she needed to be changed every two hours anyway.  the straw that broke the camel’s back was the laundry rates in our building going up from $2 to wash and dry a load of wash to $3 (that’s three dollars.  three.).  do you know how tall a stack of quarters is necessary to pay for $3 worth of laundry washing?  a really tall one.

(this reminds me of the time i went to the bank to get quarters.  we get a lot of quarters at once because, well, we do a lot of laundry, what with the kid and all.  i asked the teller for $200 in quarters and he did this fantastic slow-motion jaw-drop surprise-face.  once he was able to pick his jaw up off the floor, he said, “um, that’s a lot of quarters.” i wanted to ask if he’s allowed to display so much emotion about people’s financial requests, but i restrained myself and made a pathetic joke about laundry.  which made me feel like i was really hiding some secret gambling addiction or something. like i really needed the quarters because i was able to take my 2-year-old to the casino.  now i weep to think how many fewer loads of wash we can do with that $200 in quarters.)

anyway, with all the pee-soaked pants we have to wash, plus the diaper covers, plus the fact that we feel like we’re on vacation when she wears disposables, we’re ditching cloth and filling up the landfills.  maybe it will motivate us to work on potty training sooner.

although it wasn’t actually scheduled as a celebration of our ending cloth diapering, i did very much enjoy going to the zoo today with two dear friends and their kids and not having to change josephine’s entire outfit even once.

Nov 27 2011


we went to the bike store after josephine’s nap today.  we wanted to see how she liked sitting on a balance bike (and see if she’s big enough for one yet).  it’s a bit of an ironic endeavor as ned can’t ride his bike and i don’t have one, but i suppose it will be a while before we’re actually all riding together under our own steam anyway.

it took us probably 10 minutes to walk down the block because josephine’s really not into walking these days.  we encouraged the heck out of her and eventually we made it down to the fire station at the end of the block.  the fire fighters were hanging out outside and nearly trampled us in their haste to present josephine with gold badge stickers.  it’s a good thing, having such kind people down the block.  she immediately put the stickers on both of the monkeys she was carrying (one reason walking wasn’t so easy).

at the bike store, she went straight for the pink bike, explaining, “i love pink. pink is my favorite.”  we quickly realized that the store didn’t have any bikes short enough for her, so we tried a few trikes out, too.  josephine quickly realized that it was much more fun for her monkeys to ride on the bikes and trikes. so while ned talked bike mechanics to the…bike mechanics, josephine took bongo and george for several spins.

and, lest this become the tantrum-of-the-day blog, i’ll spare you the details of the manner in which we made our way home.  i’ll only say: oh. my. lord.

Nov 26 2011


i’m happy to report that josephine slept until 7:30 this morning and, despite some initial whining, had a good day.  phew.  i got to go to the fabric store by myself(!), our holiday cards arrived, i purchased our first christmas gift, and we had dinner at the neighborhood pizza place with friends we don’t see often enough.  our girls hugged and kissed each other and nobody took a picture (how is that possible, megan?).  ned’s reading josephine her bedtime books now and once she’s asleep we’ll have to make the hard decision of whether we’ll watch the first season of “modern family” or some “big love.”  i have a new book that i’ve been waiting for from the library.  it’s been a good day.  i hope yours has been the same.

Nov 25 2011

and now back to our regularly-scheduled grousing

Apparently Josephine got the memo about how to throw a great toddler temper tantrum.  (Stop laughing, mom.) Either that, or she saw me checking out a parenting book from the library that I wanted to look through as a totally preemptive measure and thought, “Hey, let’s shake some stuff up here. Put that parenting crap to the test.”

Last night, she went to bed an hour past her bedtime due to our Thanksgiving feasting. She was totally content and amenable last night but (spoiler alert!) that did not last. She woke up at 5am and decided it was the right time for a total meltdown.

The topics about which she chose to howl/scream/froth at the mouth:
— She wanted her “regular pillow.” I’m not sure what this is, as the pillow she sleeps with every time she sleeps in her bed was under her head. But she was frantically looking for the regular one. And couldn’t find it anywhere.
–It was time to get up.
— I was either not rubbing her back at all or not rubbing it long enough. RUUUUB MY BAAAAAAAACK NOWWWWW! Oh, there’s nothing I’d rather do, darling child.
–If I wasn’t going to rub her back, then I was going to have to sit next to her.
— She wanted her nose wiped about a million times. And then she wanted to hold the tissue once I was done wiping. But when she needed her nose wiped again, she wouldn’t let me use of of the dozen tissues she was already holding; I had to get a new one and then she had to hold that one. Etc.
–She wanted a sip of water.
–She wanted a sip of milk.
–(This is my favorite.) She changed her mind about the orange she didn’t eat at the coffeeshop yesterday morning and decided she did, after all, want to eat the orange.

Lest you think I just stood in her room and wiped her snot for the entire SEVENTY MINUTES this went on for, oh ho ho no. I went back to bed multiple times to warm up and think about raindrops on roses and whiskers on kitten while she kept right on howling. Eventually I would feel like, for the sake of the neighbors, I should go attempt to calm her again. And then I would wipe her nose again and not rub her back/rub it not long enough… I also took a break to assure Ned that he should leave on his morning walk — one of us should be sane — and I also went to the bathroom and drank some water. I should have eaten the rest of the apple tart but I didn’t think about that one until now.

A little after six something clicked (gave out?) and Josephine finally let me leave her room without screaming hysterically after me. I am proud to say that I stayed patient and calm through the entire ordeal. When she woke up again at 7:15 and proceeded to whine and cry for another hour, however? Not so much. Blessedly, the sun was out this morning and I forced our bleary selves into many layers and we went for a walk and swinging at the park. She ate a good lunch and is now napping peacefully. Hopefully for a long time. And I just finished that tart, so I’m doing ok, too. Now I can look forward to the day she takes this tantrum show on the road. (Mom, seriously. Stop laughing.)


A final Thanksgiving note: The one food item my vegetarian pescetarian daughter requested thirds of? Turkey.

Nov 24 2011

feeling thankful

Nov 23 2011

let the feasting begin

(and the mixing and the baking and the cooking and the basting and the rolling and the patting and the testing and the tasting and the thanking and the eat eat eating.)  we have much to be grateful for this year.

Nov 22 2011

a star is born (and then screams)

josephine has been extremely interested in watching the “baby joey” movie that i posted a few days back.  she giggles all the way through it and shouts out the words that baby joey can’t, like watermelon.  last night she announced that she wanted to make a baby joey movie.  so we put the same wooden food in the same green bag.  we grabbed the same shirt that, ahem, was in her drawer.  and we pulled a pair of similar pants over the pants she was already wearing (she’s not usually so bulky).  and then i called “action” and she did a pretty fantastic job of recreating baby joey.  as cute as it is, i think it was all motivated by her desire to get her grubby little paws on the phone and push some forbidden buttons.

and here’s what josephine is like when she’s not pretending to be a year younger.  she’s teaching bella to play the drums and her name is “miss holly” (her teacher at school).  and she provides a great example of one of her random pronouncements.

finally, on a more disgruntled note, we’re having a problem with that four-friend rule i instituted for nap and bedtimes.  josephine has a quartet of friends she sleeps with and, most of the time, she is perfectly content with them.  but at other times, like this very second, in fact, she is quite discontent and wants not only kitty-cat, cocoa and popcorn (the bunnies), and babydoll, but another friend, as well.  so what are we to do?  because she gets upset when she’s going down for a nap or for bed she’s too tired to be reasoned with.  she’s unimpressed with our counting and re-counting the four friends already in her crib and instead wails — wails — piteously for the fifth friend she wants wants wants.  so. do we give her the fifth friend, breaking the rule we’ve set?  does it teach her that screaming gets her what she wants?  let her cry her heart out even though she’s tired and the rule’s rather dumb in the first place?  drop the rule altogether and let her bring a dozen stuffed animals to bed and just deal with the risk of having to find one or two animals in the middle of the night?  a forth option i haven’t considered?  advice?

my solution tonight? i’m going to go to bed to read a parenting book while ned negotiates with her/soothes her/stuffs socks in her mouth. kidding! infant onesies work much better. (kidding again! just in case i needed to make that clear!)

Nov 21 2011

in case you were wondering

these are the names of the ducklings in make way for ducklings: