Mar 30 2012

it just keeps coming

josephine has a mega-cold. it appeared on sunday and continues, unabated, today. we’ve canceled plans all week both to avoid giving it to other kids and to honor josephine’s frequent announcements that she is sick and doesn’t feel well.  besides, nobody wants to see this much snot flowing out of one nose.  i’ve gone through half a box of kleenex (and this is an econo-box, not a short little wimpy box) and am so tired of wiping.  her nose is tired, too.  there’s red, sad skin under her nose where the kleenex and her oh-so-gooey hand have swiped countless times.  i’ve been pleading with her to blow when i wipe her nose and she just refuses to.  i finally asked her why she won’t blow and she said, “the reason i can’t blow my nose is that there’s too much snot in it.”

to add insult to injury (or, perhaps, injury to insult?), her cheek had a run-in with the footstool on wednesday and she now looks like quite the little champion fighter.  especially if you squint and mistake her chapped skin for more bruises.

despite all this, she’s been in relatively good spirits.  (between the hours of 8am and 9pm, that is.  nights have not been good.)  she vacillates between running around the apartment like a maniac, throwing balls around and whipping ribbons in the air, and crawling under blankets on the couch and moaning a bit.  i knew we weren’t going to go to our parent-tot class on thursday morning when, while i was showering, she curled up on the bathmat so she could “take a little rest.”  that was the day she watched her first official movie.  we watched “mary poppins” in several segments and she was quite entertained, although perhaps more with the novelty of watching a movie than with the movie itself.

today, to fend off the cabin fever crazies, i bundled her up in her stroller, popped headphones on her and turned on the caspar babypants.  we walked all the way around the lake without a peep of protest.  that might have been the highlight of my week.

(and for those of you who don’t live in seattle, yes, this is how much we have to bundle up to go for a mid-morning walk on a fairly mild day. i don’t want to hear about it.  or, rather, i will when it’s 90 where you are and 75 and blissful here.  it’ll happen.)

Mar 26 2012

brace yourself for a video deluge

i finally got around to uploading videos from our little camera to the computer.  and now i will share them with you.  slowly, so you don’t perish of cute overload.

first up, this gem: equal parts adorable and utterly obnoxious.


Mar 19 2012

celebrating clover day

as josephine is 1/4+ irish, it seemed only appropriate that we do a little celebrating of st. patrick’s day (known around here as clover day).  so we colored shamrocks with all the green coloring implements we could find and hung them in the window.  and then we put on green clothes and invited some friends over for brunch.

she drew this scribble and then pointed out that it looks like a G.

eli was very good-natured about letting josephine and sydney watch his diaper change.

josephine holding jesse. i told her to “hold his head,” meaning she should support it with her bottom arm. she did this instead.


post-brunch and post-nap, josephine tried out her new headphones.  we got them for her to use on an upcoming plane trip, but when she happily put them on and listened to (who else?) caspar babypants for 45 minutes while ned and i sat next to her and read our respective books and the house was silent…  well, it’s going to be hard not to pull them out every once in a while.

Mar 16 2012

exploring language

josephine’s been creating some rather interesting sentences as she digs a little deeper into her exploration of words, emotions and meaning. the other night at dinner ned was talking about something she didn’t understand and she said to me, “i feel sad! dada said something really difficult to me.”

last night she told us, “there’s a wild book that will take your feelings. so i won’t read it too loudly.” huh. after a little questioning, we figured out that she was talking about where the wild things are and that she gets worried when we read some of the lines loudly.

she’ll tell me that rose has “had an angry day” and then do a pretty good job of describing scenarios that had made her angry earlier.

beyond the attempts at more complex communication, there are also just the little things that make me smile.  she found a little sticker yesterday and was putting it on rose and calling it a “toota.”  i was stumped and then realized she was talking about a “tatoo.”  and the other day she woke up from her nap and told me, “i had a dream and it came true!”  i asked what her dream was about and she said, “everyone.”  so there you go: your dreams just came true.

Mar 14 2012


i’ve been trying to convince josephine to take a shower with me for months now.  it just seems so much easier to wash us at the same time rather than the first shower, then bath method we usually employ.  (more frequently we use the the mom showers and then dad bathes the kid much later in the day technique.)  yesterday morning, out of the blue, josephine announced that she’d like to take a shower.  i groaned (to myself) because ned just gave her a bath the night before.  however, not one to quash her motivation to try new things, i quickly washed myself and then, leaning out of the tub, stripped her down and pulled her in with me.

she is NOT a fan of the shower.  she’s only had to shower a few times in the not-so-distant past when we’ve gone swimming; it does not go over well.  one time, with ned, she screamed through the whole ordeal.  always a fun situation to be in:  naked, in the communal shower, with a screaming toddler.  yesterday was really no exception.  she tolerated being under the spray, but she was clinging to me and there was no way any soap was going to get close to her.  after a few minutes of me trying to lull her into thinking that the water was so relaxing, we called it a good attempt and climbed out.  she told me i should get dressed first and so i left her, wrapped in a towel, waiting in the warm bathroom.  when i came out of my bedroom moments later, i found her in the living room like this:

i think she recovered from the shower trauma.

Mar 13 2012

high kicks

we have a group of friends who occasionally send out links to outrageous youtube videos and suggest that the featured activity be a part of our next gathering.  this was the most recent video:

when ned and i watched this for the first time, we both laughed so hard we couldn’t breathe.  tonight, we showed it to josephine and she said the following:

“how do i get on it?”
“their legs look like noodles.  when they kick, their legs look like noodles.”
“i have to take my pants off.  they have their pants off.”

Mar 13 2012

and now for some cute kids at a cafe

we’re feeling better! we’re leaving the house and doing things! this weekend, we met up with allison, matt, eli and baby jesse and with ned’s friend from college, tracy, and her two kids, kaia and quinn.  tracy and co. were visiting from california.  a decade ago, we all lived in DC at the same time (well, allison, ned, tracy and i did; matt and the kids came along later) and it was great to catch up and watch the kids mingle.


Mar 7 2012

sick days

we’ve been home for two days now because i have a bad cold.  the kind that makes your head feel about 50 pounds and makes your body ache and having the heat on all day is never quite enough warmth.  today i told josephine that we should lie down on her floor in the sunshine (sunshine!) and those were the best 10 minutes of my day.  i’m feeling grateful for tylenol.  i’ve convinced josephine that lying on the couch under blankets is a great way to pass the time and today, when i was ready to rally for a walk down the block in the sunshine (seriously!), she said, “how about we just lie on the couch instead?”  well, ok.  don’t have to ask me twice.  josephine is fine, officially, although she talks an awful lot about how she doesn’t feel well.  and, looking at these pictures, is it any wonder that i’m inclined to believe her?  here she is lying on the couch (of course), checking email on her play keyboard and then deciding to make a “cold pillow” out of the keyboard.

Mar 5 2012

things i’m enjoying: right at this very moment

*the break while ned gives josephine a bath and puts her to bed.

*(the fact that ned gives her a bath and puts her to bed in general.)

*discovering today that josephine cut her first 2-year molar without any indication that such a momentous event was happening.

*anticipating seeing erika (finally!) in june.

*these photos, from an urban hike we took a few weeks ago:

*thinking about the two newest additions to our friend/family circle, one of whom lives five blocks away.

*how nice the tea i’m drinking makes my sore throat and stuffed-up head feel.

*making a very simple dinner that all three of us enjoyed enough to want seconds. (just potatoes, shallots, white beans and cabbage.)  the second recipe here.

*having a newly-minted two-and-a-half year old.