Apr 29 2012

where we’ve been

i’m behind on blogging, but with a good excuse. we went to kansas city to see ned’s family and celebrate some milestones and then my sister was in town for a visit.  and now i will bombard you with photos.  (part one now, part two in a few days.)

i don’t think it needs to be said, but i’ll say it anyway (in case you somehow miss it in the photos): josephine fell in love with her cousins.  total, complete puppy love. it was so sweet to see.  the three oldest girls, especially, were so very kind to her and listened to her while she told them ridiculous stories about the backward slug who lives in rose’s front yard.  josephine loved the attention and they seemed happy to give it and get worshiped a bit in return.

other than the fact that our neighbors at the hotel probably wanted to strangle us each evening due to the loud bedtime-related toddler screams coming from #620, we had a great trip and look forward to the next time the whole crew can be together again.

this is what happened when we were trying to be on time for church:

Apr 17 2012

up down back forth on off in out

oh, two-and-a-half.  you befuddle me.  you make me so happy and then so sad.  and then frustrated. and then in love.  you’re a conundrum and a riddle and just when i think i have you solved, you reveal a new plot twist, a new mysterious lock that i can’t quite find the key for.  case(s) in point:

:: josephine was sitting on my lap yesterday and we were giving each other kisses on the cheek.  she would give me one, i would give her one. it was so sweet.  she was giggling and i was, too.  and then she grabbed my hand and bit my wrist.  hard.  i plopped her on the floor and sent her to her room to calm down.  ned went with her and, through her wails, she told him that she bit me because she was “feeling very hungry.”

:: we’ve been doing a bit of potty training, which for right now consists of josephine wearing underwear while we’re home.  she’s getting better at not peeing in the underwear (and on the floor.  or couch.).  i feel like we’re making progress, and then i find myself scraping poop out of a pair of underwear.  the other night she was standing right next to me focused on something she was playing with and suddenly said, “i peed!”  i scurried her into the bathroom and when i pulled off her soaked underwear, i realized she hadn’t only peed.  it sort of takes the magic out of potty training for me.

:: we were at anne and meera’s and the girls were playing in the living room.  josephine ran into the kitchen and asked anne, “can you help cooperate us?” anne and i smiled at each other, both because of her great sentence construction but also because look! she was asking for help!  help cooperating!  how civilized.  two minutes later, however, both the girls were clinging to the same toy and shrieking about how they were the one who wanted to use it.

:: [ned submits the following] we offer her two very clear choices, one of which seems particularly desirable to her and yet she is unable to articulate which choice she prefers.  and yet she is able to tell us what she does want when it is an extremely inconvenient or unacceptable option.

:: she talk talk talks all the time, often too loudly, occasionally out of turn and sometimes says things that are humorously inappropriate.  this past weekend, josephine informed our friend that she really needed to brush her hair.  or get a haircut.  she also said to her, “don’t cock your head at me. that’s my job!”  we can only sigh and mutter a tired “josephine!”  but every so often, she’ll ask for something using “please” without us having to ask.  and last night, instead of saying “excuse me” when she wanted to add something to the conversation, she said “i can be excused.”  close enough.


Apr 9 2012

two quotes

josephine discovered a small measuring tape on the desk last week and has been measuring everything in sight.  but she hasn’t quite nailed down which units she’s measuring in.  case in point:

“how long are you, bear? [pulls out measuring tape and holds it vaguely in bear’s direction] oh! fifty pound bucks is the bear!”

tonight, she needed some floss to get some salmon out of her teeth (yes, my toddler loves her some salmon).  post-salmon extraction, she was playing with the floss and remarked, “floss is a good thing to tie with because it’s loopy and twisty.”



Apr 8 2012

yes yes yes

yes to a beautiful sunshine-filled weekend.  yes to spending time with friends. yes to all three of us being healthy and nobody ending up in the fetal position on the booth of a restaurant. the weekend was just what we needed.

(i wish i knew what was happening in that photo third from the bottom, too)

Apr 6 2012

a smoothie and a stroll

on wednesday: a pretty nice post-nap line-up, considering the week we’ve had.

Apr 3 2012

double trouble

turns out a week plus of having a really snotty cold and cutting three molars at the same time will get you not only a fair bit of misery but also a double ear infection!  how great is that?  i made an appointment with josephine’s pediatrician yesterday morning, after a(nother) hard night of sleep and continued major congestion.  and a lot of coughing.  and crankiness.  (on both our parts.)  i almost canceled the appointment because as soon as i hung up the phone, josephine’s nose stopped running and she seemed more lively, but it’s good we went because apparently there’s a big old party of nastiness going on in her ears.

she was so funny at the doctor’s office.  they asked her to put on a mask in the waiting room because she had a cough and she gladly slipped the straps over her ears and didn’t mind wearing it.  one of the other parents told her she looked like a doctor and she gave her a look and said, “but i don’t have a white coat.”  indeed.  in the exam room, she vacillated between contented curiosity and major trepidation.  when the nurse had left and the doctor came in, josephine scurried into my arms, announcing, “i don’t like the doctor’s office!”

but she does like her new medicine.  apparently it tastes sweet.  and it’s pink, so you can’t get much better than that.  ned and i both have chest colds now, thanks to her inescapable little germs.  and we’re all looking forward to feeling normal again and resuming normal life.  (although i fear i’ll be tempted to slip her some ibuprofen for a few more nights.  we actually all slept last night…)

Apr 1 2012

foolin’ a fooler

ask ned what is favorite holiday is and he’ll tell you, without a pause, that it’s april fool’s day.  he delights in coming up with little, nonsense jokes that trick people into believing something ridiculous is true.  his coworkers are probably quite happy the holiday fell on a weekend this year as they are usually the butts of his jokes.  each year, i have to psych myself up for a week beforehand, reminding myself not to believe a word ned says on this day (well, at least not believe anything that seems unbelievable).

this year, allison, a victim of ned’s fooling in the past, schemed an excellent prank.  i helped a bit, but it was mainly her brainchild.  her sister’s friend, whom none of us have met, did most of the hard work.  he called this morning and, working off a script allison wrote for him, convinced ned he should answer some questions about our new laptop as part of a survey the laptop company had commissioned.  ned went for it and started answering questions about the computer (while i stood around the corner trying not to snort with laughter).  all seemed totally normal until the guy started asking ned about his level of affection for the new computer and what the company could do to take that affection to the next level.  at this, ned literally fell over laughing on the couch.  he said, “this has to be an april fool’s joke,” and allison’s sister’s friend, an actor by training, assured ned that he was just doing his job and would appreciate an answer.  ned finished the call and felt fairly certain that he had been pranked but wasn’t quite sure and was starting to look forward to the $20 gift card he would get for participating in the survey.  a round of applause for allison.

we explained the day’s joys to josephine and she quickly caught on.  i love the dramatic flair she gives her jokes.  for some reason she heard “april fools!” as “april fields,” so that’s what she kept saying.  please enjoy her bruised cheek and her snot-filled hair.


(in case you can’t catch it, this joke involves telling ned there’s something on his head.)