May 29 2012

something sweet

have you seen this? perhaps you have, but in case you haven’t…  allison’s sister was part of this amazing proposal (she’s in a marching band uniform) and now the video has gone viral.  and for good reason.  it’s brought several people i know to tears.  🙂


May 28 2012

we just keep going back

we love portland.  it’s like a smaller, better version of seattle.  the houses are cuter, the weather is usually better, the people are quirkier, the air seems brighter, the food is tastier and the streets are flatter.  our visits are always lovely.  this weekend’s trip south was no exception.  thanks to allison’s sister’s connections, the three of us had our own house to stay in.  josephine actually slept well, which usually doesn’t happen away from home (or at home, come to think of it).  she seemed to really enjoy the adventure.  and we got to spend a few days playing with portland friends and some seattle ones, too.

nearly two years ago, when allison and matt lived across the country, we met up with them in portland and met eli for the first time.  that was then:

this is now.

please do not comment on how we ALL looked younger two years ago.  i know.



May 24 2012

making art

confession: i’m not very good at getting art/craft projects together for josephine to enjoy.  i know she would love to do a new project every day, but they actually happen way way less frequently.  this was a good one, though.  we mixed a cup of water, a cup of flour and a cup of salt and some tempera paint together and put the resulting goop into squeeze bottles.  and then she squeezed.  and later she discussed the results with rose.

speaking of squeezing things out, josephine pooped on the potty chair later that morning.  she referred to it, accurately, as a teeny-tiny little one.  but that’s all it takes to declare a success.  perhaps she was inspired by her art?

May 19 2012

story time with josephine

i am in the process of cleaning out our bedroom closet (inspired by wendy–thanks, wendy!  i think…).  while cleaning off a shelf of the bookcase that holds our collection of random paper products, i found a couple of things that i thought josephine might enjoy.  one was a unicorn coloring book (jen, i think this was from you, right?), another was a blank folder with a picture of a baby on it (it used to hold info about the birth center josephine was born at) and the third was a small blank spiral notebook.  josephine was thrilled.  it was like christmas.  immediately she began reading us stories from the blank notebook.  these are two of the stories, verbatim:

poppy and popcorn
once upon a time there were two little squirrels and their names were piece and oval. they were good little squirrels and they worked hard. and then the two little squirrels had fun and then they settled down for a nap.

one day a tiger was building his nest. he was looking for a place to build a tall nest.

(i am not sure how to account for the discrepancy in the title of the squirrels (which she pronounces “sqwo-wohs”) story and the names of the squirrels in the actual story. also, i think there’s more to this jungle story. where is that tiger going to build his tall nest? stay tuned…)

(finally, i am very aware thankyouverymuch that i do not need to keep, for years, a blank unicorn coloring book in my closet.  this is why i’m cleaning.)

May 17 2012

who’s the grownup here?*

this morning, at a never-ending breakfast:

josephine: mama, are you good?
me: actually, josephine, i’m feeling pretty frustrated about how long it’s taking you to eat your breakfast.
josephine: i can help you.
me: you can?
josephine: i can help you feel better. take a deep breath.
me: [deep breath]
josephine: do you feel calmer now?
me: thanks. i do.  now eat your breakfast.

*despite the conversation above, i am still the grownup.  at least, i’m not the one who pooped in my underwear this afternoon.

May 14 2012

golden hour and mother’s day

oh, dear me. what a lovely weekend we had. there was lots of sunshine and blue skies and friends and laughter and good stuff. there was some very sad news and some fun news and it was a good reminder that that’s just how life doles it out–the good and the bad together.  there was a picnic at the lake with eli and his aunt in the lovely late-evening light.  there were “special bagels” with breakfast on sunday and a trip to the beach. there was an attempt at bike riding on a borrowed bike that lasted about two enthusiasm-filled minutes. there was dinner at allison and matt’s. there was a snail-sighting in the bushes. and apparently there’s a new smile for the camera.

May 10 2012

analyze that

i had a dream the other night that i was hanging out with ellen degeneres.  i stopped by her office where she had been doing some pro-bono counseling work and she invited me to have lunch with her at the mexican buffet upstairs.  she had no trouble getting her food, but when it was my turn at the buffet, they were all out of plates. and tortillas.  it took forever to get more plates and tortillas and i was feeling so guilty about making ellen wait for me.  i was also feeling nervous and shy because we were new-ish friends and because she’s ellen. she was being really polite (and funny! she was so funny, you guys!) and had fans to chat with but i just felt more and more awkward as i waited for a plate. and tortillas.  the dream ended before i got my food.


josephine told me she had a dream that she was teaching a duck to swim. they were in the duck’s pond and she was showing it how to flap its wings and swim.  then when they were done they snuuuuuggled up together under a blanket and went to sleep.


i’m done with the book that made me neglect the baby — the third hunger games book — and adequately-attentive parenting is the restored norm.  i’m on the lookout for a new book, perhaps one without bloodshed or mutant killer animals.  any ideas?

May 9 2012

happening today: literary-related neglect

ok, sweetie. go play by yourself for a while. nope, i’m not ready to play with you yet.  just a little longer.  a few more minutes. mama needs to read a few more pages of her young adult novel about a post-apocalyptic world in which a teenager plots people’s deaths and tries to figure out which guy she wants to be her boyfriend.  this is important.  i just need another minute…  just one more page….


May 7 2012

weekend in review

recap: there was sunshine this weekend and all was right with the world.  it’s amazing what a good dose of vitamin d can do for your spirits.  keep it comin’, seattle.

we dined and played with eli, jesse, matt and allison on saturday.


they’re leaving seattle soon and we’re all getting a little emotional and clingy:

on sunday we explored a new-to-us park in renton with sydney and brandon. there were baby ducks.

not pictured: dinner with ned’s coworkers on friday night where i ate entirely too much guacamole.  the hosts had chihuahuas and i nearly drove across town to get our little video camera to capture the awesomeness that was josephine’s reaction to them.  we’ll have to plan another meeting and get it on film because words cannot do her enthusiasm justice.

also not pictured: my crafting time (sans-toddler!) with my friend renee in her sun-drenched apartment.  so good.

also not pictured: my movie date with allison.  we went to see “the hunger games,” which i just finished reading.  i’m now the second-to-last person in america to finish that book, ned being the sole remaining hold-out.  the movie was great, as was more kid-free time with a friend.  i’m a lucky girl.

also not pictured: an interaction that happened while allison and i were watching a movie on the loveliest sunday yet this year and the dads were at the park with the kids.  apparently when they arrived at the park, there was a kid in one of the swings and someone’s stuffed animal in the other.  ned suggested that josephine ask the mom standing nearby if they could move the animal.  he also suggested she could call the woman “ma’am” rather than josephine’s new “hey you!”  instead, josephine went up to the little girl and said to her, “excuse me, ma’am, can i use that swing?”

i guess we can cancel her charm school enrollment. she’s all good.


May 5 2012

hey. wait a minute.

when did she get so old?