Jun 19 2012

…but keep the old

josephine and i will board a flight to minnesota on thursday morning. i’m feeling especially grateful for this trip, not just for the usual joy i find in visiting my family, but also because i’m hoping it will distract me from the fact that another set of people are winging away from seattle that morning, too. allison and matt are moving their family to chicago (or, as eli calls it, “ca-gooooo!”). i’ve managed to maintain a pretty thick layer of denial around their impending departure but it’s starting to flake away and my throat tightens when i think of what we’re losing; of how much having them here for the past year has meant to the three of us.

allison and i met when she moved into the group house i was living in in dc. that was over eleven years ago. we were living together when my relationship with ned took the leap from friendship to something more; she and our other roommate deb were the people i called to report that we had finally had a first kiss.

three years later, we found ourselves living across the street from each other in seattle. her proximity meant we hung out when she wasn’t burning the midnight campaign oil. it also meant she was the victim of one of ned’s favorite april fool’s jokes. she left seattle for grad school but came back to visit with her boyfriend matt. they got engaged on that trip and we were glad to share in that special day with them.

we traveled east for their wedding three years ago. i was very very pregnant; josephine was born a month later.

a little over a year ago, ned and i were packing for our trip to hawaii when we got a call from allison. her mom was sick and needed to come to seattle for treatment. they decided that they would pick up their life, a life that included a one-year-old, and move to seattle to support her mom. that’s just the kind of people they are. a month later, they were living five blocks away.

after a crazy year in seattle during which they faced down a lot of major life events, matt landed his dream job in chicago and, so, they go. i can’t help but think of this past year as a gift, a precious little blip in time when our lives intersected once again. josephine and eli spent a year playing side-by-side. we met jesse on his first day in the world and have marveled at the growth of his cheeks ever since. allison, matt, jesse and eli have been our sidekicks on numerous adventures, as anyone who reads this blog at all regularly has seen. we had history with allison and now we have history with allison, matt, eli and jesse.

eli hung out here for a few hours this morning while allison and matt did some packing and, as we walked him home, josephine complained that he didn’t visit for a long enough time. and i realized i couldn’t promise her that he would come to play again soon. she’s already looking forward to visiting him in his new house.

goodbye for now, friends. i look forward to the next time we find ourselves living down the street from each other again.

Jun 16 2012

crazy people

the past week has felt really hectic.  i mentioned this to ned mid-week (who, incidentally, did have an actual chaotic week at work) and he asked what i meant. and i realized that while our lives have been pretty peaceful and uneventful, the lives of those around us — hoo boy!  in the past week, one of josephine’s friends was hospitalized, our dear friends packed for their upcoming move and TWO friends had babies. the sick friend is better, don’t even talk to me about allison and matt moving, and babies! two babies! nothing better than that.

desi hung out with us while his mom was in labor and josephine helped him perfect his baby-wearing techniques:

his mom anya birthed this beauty of a baby. meet theo:

i have yet to get my hands on the second new baby. i am quite impressed with his mama drie: she birthed him at home.  and he weighed 10 pounds, 10 ounces.

in addition to those happenings, i think i’m just adjusting to summer.  even though josephine and i only had a total of three hours of regularly scheduled programming each week, those two mornings of planned events provided a nice rhythm to our days. now, we’re footloose and fancy-free every single day and it makes me feel a little anchorless.  but we had the aforementioned events to keep us on our toes and this week we head to minnesota for a visit with my family.  and then we’ll be back and it’ll almost be july.  where has the year gone?

to wrap up our hectic yet not-busy week, today we went to what josephine referred to as a “crazy parade with crazy people.”  come with us, won’t you, to the fremont solstice parade.  (and yes, those bicyclists are naked.)




Jun 15 2012


ok, readers. answer me this: how inappropriate is it to pull down a two-year-old’s pants and undies and let her pee on the grassy boulevard of a quiet residential street?

(this question only applies to pee.  no poop.  we’ll leave that to the dogs.)

Jun 10 2012

grasshopper and eye

more movie!

josephine is always asking us for stories.  “tell me a story, mama,” she’ll say with a little puppy dog look that is hard to resist.  or, “tell me about your day, dada.”  it’s cute until you’ve told her about ten stories and reviewed the day umpteen times and she still wants more.  (actually, if you pause, she demands, “REST!” as in, tell me the rest of your day or the rest of the story. delightful.)  so every once in a while i make her tell me a story.  here’s one from the other day about grasshopper and his friend eye.  i have to say, the plot sort of falls apart towards the end, but hey! she’s two!

be end!

(do you need a translation?)

Jun 7 2012

long arm jo

josephine hit a drawing milestone today.  enjoy:

Jun 3 2012


we went to HONK! fest west on saturday.  HONK! fest west.  is there a better event name?  HONK! fest west is a festival that celebrates street bands and it’s pretty fabulous.  the sun was shining and we sat at the park with friends and listened to wacky and fun music.  i didn’t take any pictures of the actual bands, but i did take a picture of this woman practicing her hula hooping.  that’s just the kind of thing that happens at HONK! fest west.

also, josephine wore huge headphones (because the music was “so youd!”) and they smooshed her cheeks and made it look like she had stashed away some grapes for later.  she, kindly, held rose’s ears for her.  jesse fell asleep.

today we had breakfast, cat-petting and a park date with sara, jason, colin, carrie, brandon and sydney.  it’s good to say everyone’s name when you discuss plans with josephine.  when i told her we were going to colin’s house, she got very concerned that sara and jason might not be there because i hadn’t mentioned them.


hope your weekend included some good food, good friends, and good music, too.  what did you do?