Aug 30 2012

oh, rainier, you old seductress, you

i’m behind in blogging.  we’ve been busy and when we’re busy — and there’s more to blog about — there’s less time to sit down and blog. so here’s a photo-heavy post (of a very photo-worthy trip) to fill some space here until things quiet down and i have a few more spare moments.

we spent last weekend at a cabin just south of mount rainier with three fantastic families. the four of us women all went to grad school together and we spent some time marveling at how much life has changed since then. the kids had a wonderful time playing together, the adults talked and talked and we explored some beautiful places. see for yourself:

Aug 20 2012

shows improvement

josephine didn’t ride her bike for a couple days and then, yesterday, hopped on and was a pro. she coasted a few times, didn’t have to get off and pick it up in order to re-orient herself, and even did a u-turn without any trouble at all.  this video is from last night.  we went out with the bike again today, along the paths through the park at the south end of lake union, and she was just so joyous while she rode. i’d like to approach at least a small percentage of my life with such unbridled enthusiasm.  “mama! i love my new bike! i am so proud of myself!”

music by andrew bird
dress tucked into pants by dad
chaperone services provided by ann

Aug 19 2012

summer stuff

i can never quite remember, in the summer, how we get through the rainy winters here. what do we do when we can’t be outside all day (without getting soaked)? what do we do when we can’t watch bike races on a sunny evening or pick raspberries or go to concerts at the zoo and eat brownies or go to the beach with friends?  we make it through, somehow, and without too much trouble, but summer is so so nice.

Aug 17 2012

smart aleck

me: joey, why are your fingers in your mouth?!

josephine: because they’re in my mouth.

Aug 12 2012

heck on two wheels

josephine got a new bike on saturday morning. she spent a large majority of her waking hours this weekend riding and/or talking about the bike. watch out, people of seattle: the sidewalks are no longer safe.


a few things she said while biking down the block:

“it’s really fascinating to ride a bike!”

“i’m learning how to ride a bike, dada!”

“i’m riding a bike!”

“i’m gonna zoom! 1, 2, 3, zooooom!”

“this is another way we take care of bikes if we’re going to crash into things.” (carries bike down the sidewalk)

“when you get littler, dada, i can put you in the bike trailer and pull you!”

think she’s getting any speed on that bike? think again. here’s a video of her first block of biking. it reveals her techniques: talk the entire time you’re biking and pick up the bike and move it any time you’re getting close to anything other than the middle of the sidewalk.  on second thought, people of seattle: carry on as usual.

Aug 11 2012

toddler-sized salmon

at the ballard locks

Aug 8 2012

things i’m enjoying: the domestic arts edition

:: fabric — after we moved into this apartment, i decided that i was tired of clearing off the dining room table whenever i wanted to use my sewing machine. so i bought a little table and a chair off craigslist and stuck them in the corner of our bedroom and now my sewing machine has a home and is always at the ready. this has not increased my ability to finish projects; quite the opposite, my pile of unfinished work is tall and my sewing table looks like a hurricane hit it (which doesn’t help with productivity — where IS that seam ripper? where’s the scissors? i swear i had a pen around here…).  but i love having a little space to dump all of those fabric and yarn ambitions and be able to come back to them again and again.

lately, i’ve made a bag for me, few things for josephine to wear and am currently trying to figure out how to make sleeves on a dorothy-esque dress. the internet is a treasure trove/rabbit hole of tutorials and helpful hints. it only makes me want to make more.

:: cooking — we’ve been loving our farm box and the explosion of gorgeous summer produce. meal planning becomes more simple: what do we have in the fridge and what will go bad first?  we’ve enjoyed this beet tart (and i don’t really like beets) (we liked it better with goat cheese), this zucchini fennel salad, this veggie salad, and this apricot tart. we also eat things that are not salad and aren’t served in a crust.

:: household choresthis post is beautiful and makes me feel a bit more fulfilled by the mundane minutia of daily life.

:: fabric-related getaways — i probably wouldn’t have cared so much about seeing the seattle modern quilt guild show last month except that it was being held at a fabric store on vashon island.  surprisingly, ned and josephine didn’t care to join me, so i had an afternoon to myself. i took the ferry to vashon and saw beautiful quilts and bought some fabric to make a quilt for the new family member arriving in january. i did have to share the island with about a million people attending the annual strawberry festival so my vision of a sleepy main street wasn’t fulfilled, but it was pretty perfect. i found a cafe on a quiet side-street and ate lunch (uninterrupted by toddler antics!) and read my (very very good) book. after immersing myself in fabric for a while, i made my way back to the ferry dock and headed home.



Aug 5 2012

oh baby!

have you heard the news? my sister and brother-in-law are going to have a baby! they’re going to be FANTASTIC parents.

and how cute will my sister be when she’s hugely pregnant?

i love you, maeta and tyler.