Nov 28 2012

services available

anyone needing to name a child or pet might consider asking josephine.  in the bath this morning, she named a raccoon in a story we were telling “avala bliss.”  isn’t that the best name ever? also, she told my sister she should name her baby “cup.” which, when you think about it, actually sounds really nice.

[full disclosure: avala bliss’s brother’s name was “blah.”  blah bliss.  they can’t all be winners.]

Nov 25 2012

just call her georgia

josephine’s friend dylan is a very talented artist and i’m beginning to think that hanging out with her and seeing her friends at school draw is starting to inspire some more complex drawing. here are a few pictures of her and dylan’s work together and then a few of my recent favorites.

here’s one from school featuring rose wearing sunglasses.  josephine and rose have been dancing lately and you can see rose’s little red arms reaching up for josephine’s long red arms (on the left) to swing her around.

this is santa.  he’s wearing a red hat and has a “whiskery beard.”  he’s saying “ho ho.”  his arms come out of his head.  joey’s signature is on the left side.

this one is from today and is, i think, my favorite yet.  it’s a picture of fella (her doll) saying “waaaah!”  she’s opening up her mouth and showing her teeth.  this one was drawn while josephine was wearing her halloween costume, so dorothy signed her name to the left.


Nov 23 2012

oh, thanks

we had such a nice, quiet thanksgiving. our new tradition, now two years old, is to walk to meet ann, jami and dylan at the park half-way between our homes. (oddly, josephine and dylan each showed up carrying identical stuffed tigers in baskets.) we started out at the coffeeshop for some warm drinks — kids’ table! — and then moved on to the park.   our family and theirs both have thanksgiving dinner with friends in the evening and getting together in the morning and playing for a bit is such a nice way to start the day and, well, feel thankful. for nearby friends, for playgrounds, for hot apple cider, for ann’s pumpkin muffins, for a husband who will take your kid to pee in the bushes, for friend who will help pick up the spilled contents of toto’s basket, for the view of mountains from the top of the hill.

we scurried home to eat lunch, get josephine down for her nap and then do our work in the kitchen.  we made this kale salad, this pumpkin pie and this cranberry tart and they were all delicious.  josephine most enjoyed the pumpkin pie, i really liked the cranberry tart. and that kale salad? i could eat it every day. we tossed in some chickpeas roasted in garlic, lemon juice, olive oil and a bit of cumin and oh dear. ned and i worked together in our little kitchen and managed not to chop each others’ fingers off (although i did nearly (unintentionally!) stab him in a knife incident).  we listened to christopher kimball talk about how to cook a turkey and folks who grow enormous pumpkins (did you know giant pumpkins can grow 30-40 pounds a day) and i was pretty much in cooking heaven.

once josephine was awake and the pies were out of the oven and the salad was tossed, we went over to our friends traci and george’s house. they recently moved from south seattle to just-down-the-road and it was a very pleasant treat to have a quick trip.  there were two preschoolers, three babies and just enough grownups to fit around the table. the food was all excellent — smoked turkey and lots of perfectly-cooked vegetables and not a jelly salad or green bean casserole in sight.  after two babies left and another went to sleep, josephine and rowan played peacefully together and the adults actually got to have a fairly uninterrupted conversation.  and that’s what i call a successful night.

when we suspected the kids might be getting tired…

…we rolled home, happy and grateful for our seattle community. the ultimate thanksgiving is, in our minds, spent with family, but good friends run a very close second.

what did you do? what did you eat? have you recovered yet?

Nov 19 2012

hand turkeys

at the dinner table: “we saw a lot of cartoon turkeys on the computer while we were getting ready to complimating our turkeys.”

Nov 17 2012

more minnesota visitors

my sister maeta and her husband tyler came to visit last weekend and, as is always the case when they’re here, we had a great time.  i like to tell myself that they came all the way here so that i could pet my sister’s pregnant belly, but something tells me that their visit had a little more to do with this small being:

but i’m ok with that. i kind of like that kid, too.

my sister, as predicted, is extremely cute when pregnant.

we took a day trip to deception pass, which is not too far away, but far enough that it feels like a good jaunt out of the city. the next day, the menfolk wanted to do a brewery tour, so the ladies had lunch while the boys drank beer. we kicked the soccer ball around discovery park and ate lunch in ballard. and, although nobody except maybe my mom will understand how noteworthy this was, maeta asked me if we could go to a fabric store together. um, yeah.

after a long weekend of fun and shenanigans, maeta and tyler left and now i am a little homesick and a little worried about how it’s going to feel when that lovely belly is a lovely baby and i’m reminded for the millionth time of just how many states stand between washington and minnesota.

Nov 14 2012


must write post about sister and brother-in-law’s visit. but for now, two recent exchanges with josephine that made me giggle.


i brought josephine in to use a state park bathroom last weekend and there was pee all over the seat (not ours!) so i held her over the toilet while she peed (and thankfully didn’t drop her).  as she pulled her pants up…

josephine: should we wipe that pee off the seat?
me: um… no. it was there when we got here, so we’ll just leave it.
josephine: maybe the old woman who lives in the woods can clean it up.
me: the who?
josephine: or the park strangers could do it.


josephine: i’m blowing you a kiss! catch it before it gets away!
me: [grabs invisible kiss from air and slaps it on my cheek.]
josephine: [also grabs kiss from air and slaps it on her cheek.]
me: hey! that was my kiss! i already got it.
josephine: that’s ok, mama. i was just getting the leftovers.

Nov 7 2012

getting the sun while we can

we here in this household are HAPPY about a certain president’s reelection. and we’re also HAPPY about the way certain races in our state are going.  to celebrate such feelings, today josephine and i took a bike ride/walk to collect pretty leaves, swing at the park, and enjoy the opportunity to be outside and not get rained on.  toto, too.


Nov 5 2012

pictures of josephine doing things we did with grandma

my mom came to visit the weekend before last and we did all sorts of fun things but i mainly have pictures of josephine out and about and not many of my mom. she’s probably just fine with that. on sunday, we went to the ballard market and munched on quesadillas. we shopped in ballard (while josephine patiently waited).  on monday, josephine showed off her bike riding skills and then we enjoyed chocolate samples at theo and lunch at pecado bueno. we stopped at the rose garden and found all but four of the bushes rose-less.

having grandma here was so wonderful. and ned and i got a special treat — our first night away together since josephine was born.  why did we wait so long?  josephine and grandma got along perfectly and ned and i did, too. i didn’t bring my camera on our getaway, but here’s what i would have taken pictures of: us in our fancy going-out clothes (such a rare event), our delicious sandwiches at homegrown, the costumed party-goers walking by on the street outside, the sparkling lights at the paramount theater where we went to see “wicked,” the view from our 17th floor hotel room (thank you, megan, for making that possible!), our impossibly delicious breakfast at macrina, and maybe one sappy shot of our hands folded up together as we walked down the quiet sunday-morning streets of downtown seattle. thanks, mom, for the visit and for the gift. you come back anytime.

Nov 2 2012

howling wolf and bear-cat raccoon