Jan 31 2013

mazel tov

the three of us attended the wedding of our friends adam and melissa a few weekends back.  the ceremony was beautiful and fit them so perfectly. the sky was clear and there was a gorgeous sunset (in january! in seattle!) and we enjoyed an expansive view of lake washington and the cascade range.  josephine danced more enthusiastically than i’ve ever seen her dance and she had so much fun.  i haven’t been to a wedding in a long time where i came home with more shots of my child than the bride, and it was a very nice change of pace to actually get to pay attention to the words of the ceremony and not just the lighting and framing the best shots.  we had such a fantastic time that we decided we need to actively seek out some about-to-be-married jewish friends just for the klezmer music at their weddings.

(josephine picked one “pet” to bring to the wedding and it happened to be wilbur, a stuffed pig.  it wasn’t until half-way through the wedding that we realized it might not have been the most kosher choice…)

Jan 29 2013


josephine has what i have diagnosed as croup. it hasn’t been a particularly bad case, as far as croup goes.  no middle of the night steam sessions or trips to urgent care. but she’s sick and barking when she coughs and slightly miserable. but after three days, she’s on the mend.  today she assumed this rather strange position and began listening to her own heart, taking her own blood pressure and giving herself shots.  she was trying to figure out how to look in her own ears.  perhaps she would enjoy it if i implemented a more medical-based approached to her care?

Jan 23 2013

the josephine dictionary

“good morning, mama! i was talking about big words with wilbur this morning.”

beb: when you’re spinning a web and it has a hole in it

belf: when you’re feeling frustrated and you have to go in your room and hug a friend to cool off

balla: when you’re down in the dumps about something

Jan 19 2013

making believe

i am so enthused about any imaginative play that takes place these days that doesn’t involve the wizard, glinda, the wicked witch or dorothy.

here we have laura driving her wagon to find a place on the prairie to build a house. i helped hitch up the team but everything else was her creation.

laura, apparently, is a hoarder.

we watched charlotte’s web yesterday morning and that inspired a web-making session.  the word “humble” magically appeared.

a team of doctors tries to figure out what’s wrong with fella.

[reality check: i write this as josephine is screaming at ned about his book choices for pre-bedtime reading. and about how she doesn’t want to brush her teeth. or take her braids out. or not scream. or cooperate.]

Jan 17 2013

many random things

here we go…

sometimes, thinking of titles for blog posts and subjects for emails makes me think about when i was co-editor of my high school’s newspaper page in the local paper. farah and i would sit with mr. lorentzen and try to come up with headlines for each of that week’s articles. it was sometimes an easy task, but usually it was like pulling teeth.  we’d get punchy, then serious, then punchy again, trying to find the line between cheese, pun and hard-hitting high school reporting.  i think it is the reason i often send emails with the subject line “hey.” i’m just done.


while we were brushing our teeth this morning, josephine told me her ear felt funny and that it must be because she stuck a jewel sticker in it.  um, what?  she’s been playing for a few days with these little adhesive gems and they’re all over the house.  (one got stuck to the bottom of my slipper and i was giggling to myself about having a diamond on the sole of my shoe. yes, that’s what’s funny to me these days.) i couldn’t tell if she was kidding or not and she kept saying she’d stuck it in her ear. but when i’d ask, “joey, are you telling me the truth?” she’d say, “no.” and then she’d say, “it’s in my ear.”  i feel like she has enough verbal acumen to answer questions in a straight-forward way but she couldn’t. i got out the flashlight and looked inside and saw nothing.  i told her as much and she said, “well, then, it must have been a chunk of blood.”  WHAT must have been a chunk of blood!?  that still isn’t clear to me. i told her that if she had indeed stuck a gem in her ear, we’d have to go to the doctor’s office and that removing said gem probably wouldn’t be very comfortable, as if threats of pain will get her to confess. finally, she changed her story — there was no jewel sticker in her ear — and i had stopped caring if there was or wasn’t and just wanted the little twerp off to school.  remind me of this when i start making comments about how she doesn’t seem to be hearing well out of her right ear…


speaking of josephine’s verbosity, i was cleaning up my photo files and found this video from last january. it’s josephine telling a totally nonsensical story about ned taking a bath in oatmeal, drinking coffee, and then coming home to discover that she and i weren’t there. there’s a bit about a snowman and pretend snow inside the house…  it is ridiculous.

i watched it and was floored. i don’t think i got it then, just how much she could communicate.  (and how cutely!  do you see that little bit of wrist fat? that’s gone now.)  it shocks me to think that, next year, a video of three-and-a-quarter josephine telling a story will be as heart-achingly sweet.  she’s just josephine right now, not a young version of her future older self.


some recent grosser-than-gross and funny josephine quotes:

“snot tastes salty. it’s yummy. it’s protein.”

“i’m going to give it a little slime in my mouth; it’s like butter.”  — while eating a gummy bear

“is that sauce made from spicy rooster?” — eyeing our bottle of sriracha


this article about fear of vomit made me laugh.


more low-brow, this compilation of auto-corrected text messages made me laugh, too. actually, this made me laugh until i cried.  confession: i just read through them again after finding the link and i’m crying again. so many tears. (it doesn’t take much. see above: diamond on sole of slipper.)  warning: that link contains some non-PG language.


i’d like to eat this popcorn for dinner tonight. but i won’t.


ned and i are almost done watching seasons 1-4 of mad men.  i must get my hands on season 5.


finally, people i love are having birthdays this week.  my friend anna’s birthday was on tuesday and today is erika’s and great-aunt marie-louise’s.  happy new ages, all of you!

Jan 9 2013

dancing queen

josephine used to dance a lot, then she didn’t dance for a while. and then she started school and came home requesting that we all “free dance” together. i later realized they were “freeze” dancing at school. for the past few months, she’s been a dancing fool.  she prefers to dance in skirts or dresses that twirl, so i made her this ultra-twirly skirt for christmas (tutorial here, if you’ve got a dancer who needs some swirl). she throws it on over whatever she’s wearing. this evening, it was over the long underwear she’d napped in.  she topped it off with her elf hat that i’m probably going to have to hide come spring.  she requested some music from “wicked” and got to dancing. the look is fantastic, don’t you think?

oh, what the heck. you probably need to see a movie of this dancing action:

she’s her father’s child.

Jan 6 2013

that new baby smell

hey! i’ve got a new nephew! he’s perfect and adorable and i love him and i haven’t even met him yet. but i think you’ll agree that my sister and her husband did a really nice job and made a good little baby.  his name is rowan dane and he was born on friday in about ten minutes (well, maybe a little longer, but not much).  we skyped with him yesterday and he’s already really good at skyping.  what a smart boy.  welcome to our nutty, wonderful family, rowan. we’re so so glad you’re here!

(i think you’ll also agree that my brother is an excellent photographer. thanks for the photos, charley!)

Jan 6 2013

happy downton abbey day!

are you celebrating? we are!  i made scones this morning and then we needed to do something between eating the scones and 9pm, so we went to the mountains and played in the snow. josephine had a blast, in direct contrast to last year when she hardly wanted to have her boots touch the snow.


Jan 3 2013

winter walk

it looked like winter here this morning. the air was cold, the sun was bright and there was a thick frost covering anything that hadn’t yet been hit by the light.  josephine and i walked to our favorite nearby park and admired the frost, our breath in the air, and helped defrost a few statues.  however, as a reality check and in an attempt at honesty in blogging, i must tell you that josephine and i were butting heads and a lot of the morning looked like this:

(refusing to get dressed)

and this:

(wanting to ride in the stroller instead of walk)

but it does me good to remember that there was also this:

and so much beauty.

Jan 1 2013

a new year tune

here are a few photos of our holiday in kansas city. we all had a lovely time catching up and hanging out, but i suspect that josephine had the best time reconnecting with her cousins and being surrounded by loving family.  she sort of glows a bit in the photos, doesn’t she? our hosts, ned’s brother greg and his wife christina, did an amazing job of creating a visit that involved a perfect blend of down time, excited christmas celebrations, delicious food and adventures around the city. hosting well is a gift and, when you consider the fact that they also parent five delightful children, it’s clear they’ve got the gift. we’re grateful we had time with them and with ned’s parents.

lots more photos on the flickr page.

i caught some bug on our way back from kansas city and have been mainly horizontal for the last four days.  as a result, i’ve rung in the new year with a lot more reading of books and listening to music than with any partying or socializing.  and ned’s been spending a lot more time caretaking his fellow family members than was intended for this second half of our holiday week. he’s a good man. i keep coming back to this song on the latest sara watkins cd and it seems to me a perfect song for the start of something new. give thanks, acknowledge the past, stretch into the new day, pick up your tools and get to work:

Take Up Your Spade

i’m sending this one out to my dear sister, who is waiting for her time to get to work having a baby.  soon soon.