Jun 28 2013

the hotland

josephine and i returned this week from a trip to minnesota.  i took over 500 pictures during our five days there and approximately 80% of them were of this mug:

IMG_5549 (533x800)

can you blame me?  this picture, by the way, was taken about two seconds after my sister walked in the door from work and he spotted her. that’s love.

i also took a few pictures of this little monkey:

IMG_5098 (800x533)

she wasn’t always so dour. in fact, she was grinning most of the trip. who wouldn’t be, with lots of people paying rapt attention to all of your rambling stories and nonsensical songs?

i was happy, too.  it was good to be home and to squeeze some fat baby thighs and kiss baby fuzz.  and to see all the rest of those lovely people i call family, of course.  we went on a boat ride (finally!) and had a picnic on a beach.  my parents threw a great party and burned their mortgage.  my mom pulled out all of her old dolls and doll clothes and josephine had just a little bit of fun with that.  she also enjoyed the enormous tub of stuffed animals that she selected new “buddies” from each day.  she waded in the pool and hung out by the river. we visited my aunt and uncle at their farm; josephine helped grandma pick garlic scapes, my aunt read to josephine and my cousin’s daughter, and my uncle gave me enough book recommendations to keep me reading well into 2015.

not pictured but still very much enjoyed: a kid-free dinner with my dear friend anna who regaled me with stories of parenting older kids and reminded me how lucky i am to have such good friends. also, a very brief but very nice visit with matt, while sipping malts.

it was hard to leave. but nice to be home. but hard to leave.

IMG_5120 (800x533)

IMG_5219 (800x533)

IMG_5242 (800x533)

IMG_5306 (533x800)

IMG_5347 (800x533)

IMG_5462 (800x533)

IMG_5492 (800x533)

IMG_5583 (800x533)

IMG_5593 (800x533)

more (adorable) photos (of rowan) on the flickr page.

Jun 18 2013

last day

josephine was extremely excited that today was her last! day! of! school!  i don’t know what thrilling things she thought were going to happen at school, but she popped out of bed at a way-too-early hour and was bouncing off the walls.  each year, my mom took my siblings and i out for breakfast on our last day of school, so that’s where josephine and i headed.  i think the photos speak volumes about her enthusiasm for the day.

i loved having the chance to tell her how proud i’ve been of her, going to school all by herself, and how brave i think she is.  we reminisced about her first day of school, when it was so hard to be away from me.  and laughed at how easy it is now.  i think i’m more nostalgic about the year of school ending than she is.  partly because, selfishly, i’m losing my two mornings a week of non-kid time.  and also because my baby! she’s growing up!

just for fun, here’s a look at her first day of school, way back in september, when she was just three.  not three-and-three-quarters.

hello, summer. looking forward to knowing you.

Jun 15 2013

a logical explanation

it’s late. we were fed a delicious dinner by gracious friends and josephine climbed in to bed an hour past her normal bedtime. ned and i are tending to various chores when suddenly josephine’s door opens and we hear:

“dada? i’m sorry i didn’t share my smore with you. mine had little bite marks on it already and i think you already had one and if you had eaten mine you would have had two and you might have gotten sick and then i would be really frustrated because then you couldn’t go on a date with me and mama for father’s day. i just wanted to tell you that.”

Jun 13 2013

in the kitty garden plot

it’s a kitty, watering his mint plants with the hose in one paw and digging in the dirt with a shovel, no, a hoe, in the other.

Jun 9 2013

uttered in the last 24 hours

“my parents are including me to stop!”


“you guys are magnifying glassing me!”


“you guys are really savoring that pie, huh?”


“my back is paining with fright.”


[note: the only comment that makes any sense to me at all is, not surprisingly, the third one. the others? i have NO idea.]

Jun 6 2013

this girl

i tell you. she is something. in fact, she’s everything.

:: from an evening walk to the library
:: dog collar fashioned by josephine.
:: that book is exactly her sense of humor right now.
:: looking at these pictures makes it clear i need to make that dress a bit shorter.
:: please note awesome forehead bruise.
:: ants!
:: that last photo? i can see her as a 16-year-old.

Jun 3 2013

for the love of fred

josephine doesn’t get to watch much tv or many movies but she, like any warm-blooded preschooler, is crazy for screen time.  so when we need her to sit still, putting her in front of a movie or show gets the job done. after her hernia surgery, we had a big pile of movies from the library but her favorite thing to watch was mr. roger’s neighborhood.*  tonight, her head had a run-in with a wall and she had an instant goose egg on her forehead. cue the mr. rogers and the ice packs.

watching episodes with her is like taking an express train back to my childhood. i remember the words to the songs and the (now admittedly rather strange) puppets.  when he swings open his front door and says, “come along,” and waves his arm towards the wide world, you know you’re in for a mellow, calm, peaceful adventure. i love the way he speaks to children, like they’re actual people, and i like how he trusts them with big feelings and sometimes complicated issues. i especially like it when josephine answers, aloud, the questions he earnestly asks.

there are more reasons to love fred rogers in this article. and, if anyone needs any more proof of his sheer wonderfulness, there’s this video of him breakdancing with a young friend.


*fellow parents and mr. rogers fans: although the PBS kids website only features animated series on its main page, there are dozens of mr. rogers episodes hiding at pbskids.org/rogers.