Jan 25 2014

ready for anything

ned is currently attempting to snake the bathtub drain in order to make it, you know, drain. josephine is fascinated. after watching for a while, she runs into her room, rustles around a bit, and then comes back out.

“ok,” she says, “i’m all ready! i’ve got my protection clothes on!”

IMG_1670 (800x533)

IMG_1672 (800x533)

IMG_1676 (533x800)

IMG_1678 (800x533)

if you would like your own protection clothes, here’s what you need:

a plastic donut attached to your forehead with an elastic strap (aka: headlamp)
a surgical hairnet
hand protector: a small purse usually used for carrying stuffed animals
hand protector: a small bucket
some necklaces to hang off the small purse, because fashion
a rainbow tie-dye shirt doesn’t hurt.

**breaking news: i think josephine might have just learned and used her first swear word!**

Jan 22 2014


although the title of this post suggests that it could be about the bottom of our garage door, it’s actually a post about kimchi.  ned and i love kimchi but the good stuff — without a lot of tiny shrimp or artificial whatevers — is a little bit of a pricey indulgence. so when i saw a recipe for kimchi ramen that linked to a recipe for homemade kimchi, i was game. we had to hunt down the specific kind of pepper flakes required as the largest asian grocery store in seattle was mysteriously out of stock of all sizes and brands of korean coarse red pepper. once the red pepper was located, we got to fermenting. while i’m usually a fan of proper refrigeration, i have to say that cabbage that’s grown funky on the counter for three days is delicious. and it’s fantastic in this soup.

(disclaimer: josephine’s soup, while clearly delicious, contained no kimchi as she’s quite spice averse.)

IMG_1520 (533x800)

IMG_1542 (800x533)

IMG_1540 (800x533)

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IMG_1537 (800x533)

Jan 20 2014

little helper

dust mopping (as cat) and decorating peanut butter bars. not the tasks at the top of those i’d like to hand off, but i’ll take whatever i can get.

IMG_1500 (533x800)

IMG_1495 (800x533)

IMG_1488 (533x800)

Jan 17 2014

our favorite kid of the week

josephine was kid of the week at her school this week. we made a poster together that had a few photos on it but the main features were josephine’s drawings of some of her favorite things like cats, reading laura books, playing with friends, eating pesto pasta and, apparently, polka dots.

ned and i attended her kid of the week circle, a special time where all the other kids had to sit quietly and listen to josephine go on and on and on about me me me. then they asked her questions about more of her favorite things. we all learned she doesn’t have a favorite dinosaur, a favorite tractor or a favorite sport, but she does like the letter J and pink.

(that funny expression is when she’s looking to me for some clarity on exactly how old she was in one of the pictures.)

i love seeing her grinning and glad at school, basking in her classmates’ attention and appreciations. it’s a good place for her.

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IMG_1533 (800x533)

IMG_1532 (800x533)

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Jan 17 2014

a walk at union bay with em

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IMG_1465 (800x533)

IMG_1470 (800x533)

IMG_1474 (800x533)

Jan 9 2014

report from the money pit

:: our washing machine broke. it wouldn’t spin the clothes dry. repair man said it would cost $1,000 to fix. we bought a new washer and eagerly anticipate its arrival.

:: the bathroom faucet was dripping. ned fixed it.

:: we came home from minnesota to a very cold house and spent a very chilly night under lots of blankets. happy new year!  apparently the furnace is having some issues that baffle even the 26-years-in-the-business furnace guy. he’s been here twice and it’s still acting up. it works and then it doesn’t and then we hit the reset button and then it works again. for a while. we’re hoping it magically fixes itself.

:: the garage door opener’s gear is stripped and the door no longer opens and closes at the touch of a button. parts are being located and, thanks to youtube, hopefully installed correctly.

:: there’s a new, ominous creak when we step on a certain part of the bathroom floor. ignoring it (but still imagining the bathtub falling through the floor).

:: the tub faucet is leaking. ned is in denial but i’ve seen evidence.

three cheers for homeownership?

Jan 7 2014

leftover holiday cheer

from the pre-christmas archives: a walk down our favorite lane — candy cane lane — and a waffle breakfast/cookie decorating party with friends.

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IMG_0903 (533x800)

IMG_0895 (800x533)

IMG_0847 (533x800)

IMG_0883 (800x533)

IMG_0875 (800x533)

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Jan 6 2014

chooka-chooky choo-choo

the other night we were listening to mermaid avenue, an album of woody guthrie songs sung by wilco and billy bragg. josephine started paying close attention to one particular song and said, “hey! elizabeth mitchell sings this, too!” we believed her because she has a crazy memory for lyrics and words in general, but we couldn’t match this song to one sung by elizabeth mitchell.  but, lo and behold, she was right. the versions have slightly different words and different tunes, but it’s the same song. and i now have a new favorite set of lyrics: “hot breeze, old cheese, slicky-slacky fish tail.”

the wilco version: Hoodoo Voodoo

the elizabeth mitchell version: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

and the lyrics of several versions are here.

Jan 5 2014

warm and happy, whatever the weather

it’s a doozy of a day for most of the country. for those who choose not to live in moderate, mild seattle, that is. we are grateful we escaped minnesota before the really frigid air hit (and we thought the day when the high was 3 degrees was cold!). ned and i had a great trip; i got to sleep in, he got to spend quality morning time with his daughter, we both ate lots of cookies and lots of good non-cookies food, and laughed with family and friends. if i had to guess, however, i would say josephine had a wonderfuller trip (as she’d say). she played in the snow, was doted on by many relatives, got to be the older cousin to adorable rowan, had a visit from santa, and ate a lot of turkey and chicken (our little vegetarian!).  and a lot of cookies. that was a highlight for her, too. a lot of christmas dreams came true on that trip. we’re grateful.

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(even) more photos on the flickr page.