Mar 27 2014

a sorry little excuse for a post

i’m behind, yet again. and it’s time to go get josephine from school and shuttle her to gymnastics class. more soon.

here in meadowbrook, we’re sticking our noses out of our hibernation cave, seeing that spring might be on its way, and getting ready to emerge and blink our eyes in the bright light. almost.

as we wait for the sun, here are a few things we’ve done.

attend a UW gymnastics meet:
IMG_2538 (800x600)

sort/cull toys:
IMG_2221 (800x533)

IMG_2222 (800x533)move the play kitchen to the real kitchen to see if it gets more play time (not so far):

IMG_2229 (800x533)

IMG_2234 (800x533)

take baths in the sink when the bath tub is plugged:

IMG_2241 (800x533)

Mar 14 2014

josephine’s dream

The costume party dream, as recounted by Josephine:

One upon a time there were two cats who were sitting on an alley eating pasta. They were talking together a lot. All of a sudden, they went clickety clackety bickety bangity and fell off the alley. [Editor’s note: possibly she is referring to a balcony?] And then, all of a sudden, do you know who came rushing over but Captain Tinker. Their names were Jenny and Elizabeth. Captain Tinker picked them up, put them into the stroller and ran to the vet. And then they got to the vet and had surgery. Elizabeth had surgery on her neck and Jenny had surgery on her nostril. And then they went home and went to sleep. It was night time. They woke up — it was morning. And do you know what Jenny said to Elizabeth? “Costume Party Day!” And then they went to the costume party. The girl Elizabeth had helped rescue the cats and she was dressed up like a doctor. Captain Tinker was dressed up like a nurse. Captain Tinker said, “Come here, Elizabeth.” And Captain Tinker handed her the cats and they decided to play doctor. And they played doctor.

The end.

Mar 13 2014

new things

one of the nicest things about moving into our house in november is that the yard is just now revealing what it contains. (these fun discoveries help mitigate the other surprises that have come with spring weather, like the fact that the crawl space fills up with water after days of heavy rain.  ahem.) we have grand plans to do a big mapping project of the yard and its contents with josephine but for now it’s fun to poke around in the greenery and see what’s blooming and budding.

IMG_2192 (800x533)

i hope this huge bush is a camellia:

IMG_2196 (800x533)

IMG_2199 (533x800)

and i hope the bushes all along one side of the yard turn out to be lilacs:

IMG_2202 (800x533)

IMG_2203 (800x533)

Mar 7 2014

our first house guest

a few weeks back, my brother became our first official house guest. although the honor of having his own room with a door that closes instead of having to stay on the couch in the living room was a bit of a ruse because the olympics were on and the TV was in “his” room. so we spent some time lying on “his” bed watching skiing. sorry, charley! i didn’t make you watch downton abbey!

i only took a few pictures while he was here because i knew that charley would be taking care of shooting beautiful photographs. i wasn’t wrong. here are mine:

IMG_2015 (533x800)

IMG_2007 (533x800)

IMG_2004 (800x533)

IMG_1987 (533x800)

IMG_1976 (800x533)

IMG_1974 (533x800)

and here are a few of his. (you can see more of his work here.)

_IGP0981 (800x530)

_IGP1097 (800x530)

_IGP1154 copy (800x530)

_IGP1406 copy (800x469)

_IGP1530 (800x530)

thanks for being our first visitor at the new house, charley! and thanks for letting us totally invade your space! come back soon, please.