Apr 24 2014

a camera-less trip to atlanta

(or, more accurately, a lens-less trip to atlanta. the camera was dropped on our way through the airport (note the blameless phrasing of that sentence) and the lens broke. of course i hadn’t packed another lens. and of course i hadn’t packed the little camera. thank goodness for the grandparents’ phones!)

we had a great journey across the country. josephine loves to fly and was so excited to get on the airplane; she was looking forward to seeing her grandparents and the fun stuff in store for us in atlanta, but she also was genuinely excited to sit on the airplane. lucky us!

once there, josephine settled right in. ned’s parents moved a few months ago and we all enjoyed touring the new house. josephine especially enjoyed the fact that she could look down into the living room from the landing at the top of the stairs. she made use of this multiple times, barking orders to those of us below like a small dictator perched atop her dais.

we spent a day at the incredible aquarium (makes seattle’s look like a small dirty pond with goldfish in it by comparison) and went to a fantastic production of “charlotte’s web” by the local puppet theater. josephine enjoyed being the center of attention at two dinner parties.

the weather didn’t live up to our high spring-in-the-south expectations but we relaxed and were hosted wonderfully (and got to see josephine wearing ned’s old ski hat) so we can’t complain one little bit.

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Apr 11 2014


IMG_2601 (800x533)

IMG_2602 (800x533)

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IMG_2617 (800x533)

and now we have a garden.


more words soon. promise. we’re on our way to atlanta to visit gigi and papa. many stories about our fun there to follow. (josephine’s so excited for the trip. her gymnastics teacher reminded class that there’s no sessions next week due to spring break and josephine jumped up and yelled, “we’re going to atlanta to visit my gigi and papa!!”)

Apr 9 2014

views from windows this evening

IMG_2699 (533x800)

IMG_2700 (800x533)

Apr 2 2014

yard update


IMG_2513 (533x800)


IMG_2521 (800x533)

plus! bonus! trillium!

IMG_2511 (800x533)


IMG_2517 (533x800)

and two adorable girls chalking up the patio!

IMG_2507 (800x533)

i’m loving watching flowers emerge in the back yard and seeing surprises reveal themselves. i am struck again and again by the fact that this is what we get to look forward to each year now; this is what will herald spring for us now. first, the crocuses, then the grape hyacinths, then the first buds on the camellia. this year, it’s all new. next year it will feel more familiar and then it will become expected and welcome. we’ll get used to what is now novel: opening the back door and sitting on the back steps in the sunshine, listening to birds celebrate spring. it will be home.

Apr 1 2014

don’t worry: i packed her an actual lunch

a miniature lunch for my little fool on this first day of april.IMG_2526 (800x533)