Sep 29 2014

bath night

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Sep 27 2014

fresh, new baby

she’s here! matilda louise arrived a few hours after her due date passed at 5:50am on september 25th. she tipped the scales at 8 pounds, 13 ounces and was 20 inches long.

needless to say, we are all in love.

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matilda (she likes it when we call her tilly) popped out four hours after labor began, graciously justifying my worries about a quick birth and making me very grateful that we had 4am highways to drive to the birth center instead of nearly-any-other-time-of-day highways. her birth felt like a replay of josephine’s birth, but in triple speed. i feel very lucky to have experienced the labors i had. and, as i said to ned between contractions, now we are done. our family is complete.

Sep 18 2014

a what?

i was sitting on josephine’s bed, rubbing her back as part of our nightly bedtime ritual, when she slid her hand underneath the sheet and quilt i was sitting on. she said, “my hand lives in a ramshackle butt house.”

i don’t know what else to say about that.

Sep 13 2014

on pregnancy

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my days with this belly are numbered. i’m due in 11 days. i’m so curious to meet the little person who’s in there. i know she likes kicking and pushing her butt against the wall of my uterus. and i know she doesn’t sleep through the night. she gets the hiccups at least once a day. but what does she look like? how much hair does she have? how big is she? is there any chance we’ve managed to thwart genetics and have a blue-eyed child? despite my curiousity, though, i’m also grateful for each day that i have before she arrives. days to cross things off the to-do list, to enjoy some semblance of autonomy, to sit with josephine on the couch and read a book, to make dinner for my family without interruption, to carry this baby around in a way that makes me sore and achy but is simple (and she’s so quiet).

ned and i went to a refresher birth class this morning for second-time parents and it was so nice to spend a few hours remembering josephine’s birth and focusing on our intentions for this new creature’s arrival. my thoughts about birth have thus far been focused on fears of delivering the baby on the side of the road in a horrible traffic jam. i’m starting to diversify my thoughts around labor and am feeling more optimistic that it might actually happen at the birth center where it’s supposed to.

i’ve had a few days when i felt all day like labor was imminent. and then the next day felt normal again. it’s such a crazy waiting game; i’m attuned to every creak and cramp of my stretched body. i trust that i will know when i’m actually in labor, but that doesn’t stop me from wondering about any sensation that feels slightly different from the norm.

so we wait and wonder. and get things crossed off the list. and wonder and wait some more, debating name options and planning out the multitude of hugs and kisses we’ll give this baby.

Sep 11 2014

celebrating five

a hot day at the park, good friends, lemon cake and butterflies. and some trips around the sun at pre-k.

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[a couple party photos were taken by ann. a birthday tradition.]

Sep 10 2014

a poem for sunny mornings

a poem in anticipation of many early mornings in my future, and in honor of the sun who has been putting on a good show in seattle this summer. (and, yes, i’m well aware of the fact that fall and winter mornings in seattle are generally neither sunny nor the least bit bright.)

Why I Wake Early
by Mary Oliver

Hello, sun in my face.
Hello, you who make the morning
and spread it over the fields
and into the faces of the tulips
and the nodding morning glories,
and into the windows of, even, the
miserable and crotchety–

best preacher that ever was,
dear star, that just happens
to be where you are in the universe
to keep us from ever-darkness,
to ease us with warm touching,
to hold us in the great hands of light–
good morning, good morning, good morning.

Watch, now, how I start the day
in happiness, in kindness.

Sep 5 2014

a big week

tonight’s dinner was the first one of the week that did not involve josephine weeping. it’s been quite a week. she started pre-k at a new school on wednesday, it was her FIFTH BIRTHDAY today and her party is on sunday. she realized early this week that her little sister could arrive at any moment and mess it all up. she wept at dinner one night about about the “horrid baby” and how if the baby comes during her birthday party it will be terrible because then she, josephine, would be in charge of everyone at the party. then she wept at dinner another night because it was ned’s and my anniversary and we had foolishly thought she’d enjoy seeing a video of our wedding. well, it turns out that celebrating our anniversary excludes her because it’s not her celebration. then she wept another night because i joked that she could tell me happy birthday on her birthday because i gave birth to her. she didn’t want to share the day.

i don’t suppose my (secret birthday) wish that whining and ridiculous logic will cease at the age of five will come true…

tonight, no tears. we went out for pho — vietnamese noodle soup — and she had a great time. and even though there were many whiny moments today and some disgruntled stories about her new school, she said at the end of the evening that she had a great birthday. and, unless something super-dramatic happens in the next 2.5 hours, it’s a birthday she won’t have to share with anyone else in the family.

first day of school:

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IMG_5545 (533x800)


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Sep 4 2014

and waaaay back in july…

i just discovered some photos i never posted. they’re too sweet not to.

josephine and lilly, halfway through a picnic dinner.

IMG_3957 (800x533)

our cali friends sophie and eli and josephine/jaguar:

IMG_4151 (800x533)

summer naps are the best:

IMG_4156 (800x533)

josephine was obsessed with winnie the pooh stories this summer. she listened to the audio books and could quote them with an english accent, which delighted me to no end. one day, she decided she wanted to make a piglet so she drew the shape on felt, cut it out, sewed it (with some help re-threading the needle) and then stuffed it and decorated it. i was impressed with what a good likeness she created.

IMG_4162 (533x800)


ned and i had a date night at our favorite pizza place:

IMG_4169 (800x533)

we baked with meera:

IMG_4252 (800x533)

while ned went backpacking for a weekend with jason, josephine and i spent the day on whidbey island with the rest of the jason-sara gang. it was delightful.

IMG_4671 (800x533)

IMG_4696 (533x800)

IMG_4715 (800x533)

IMG_4736 (800x533)

IMG_4740 (800x533)

Sep 3 2014

other august events

briefly: other things we’ve done this summer, in order to document them before blogging is made more difficult by the presence of a wee little one.

we went to see the horse show, for the fourth? maybe? year in a row. we took our friends along and they were brave enough to hose down a horse. josephine was happy to watch.

IMG_4760 (800x533)we visited josephine’s great-great-aunt marie-louise.

IMG_4765 (800x533)

josephine got a two-wheeler! she likes to ride it with her tail tucked in so it doesn’t get caught in the wheels. and she likes to ride it veeerrrry sloooowwwly. but she’s working on getting faster. and keeping it moving forward.

IMG_4981 (800x533)

we went blueberry picking and (accidentally) picked 28 pounds of berries.

IMG_4985 (533x800)

IMG_4991 (800x533)

and my dad came to visit! we were his first stop on a great northwest road trip. he and josephine had so much fun together. we went for a walk (that i quit half-way through), gorged on an indian lunch buffet, went to the science center for fun with our mirror friends and an IMAX movie about lemurs, got ice cream, and had a concert wherein cats played a drum and josephine strummed the ukelele so vigorously she got a blister on her thumb. she cried when grandpa said goodbye and drove away. we didn’t get to go to minnesota this year, which was quite sad for me. but i’m grateful that we’ll have seen or will get to see most of my family out here.

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