Oct 27 2014


ned went back to work after his paternity leave was over, i tried to swallow my panic at being alone with the girls for a day, then it was the weekend and then my mom arrived to take care of us/snuggle the baby/entertain josephine/install fairy houses/plant garlic/generally be awesome. because she was here, tilly enjoyed her first field trip, her first concert, her first meal at a restaurant and her first time watching josephine at gymnastics. and we all enjoyed grandma’s special brand of care. and her cookies. and pumpkin pie. and hugs… grandma, come back!

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Oct 27 2014

links, from me to you

i’ve been spending a fair amount of time sitting and nursing and reading articles on my phone and listening to podcasts. here’s what i’ve enjoyed lately…

an article by the author of waiting for birdy about kids growing up.

why cooking sucks.

breakfast around the world.

a blog with short essays about motherhood.

a new podcast from the folks at “this american life”. (start with episode 1.)

this SNL parody makes me laugh every time i watch it. thanks, mom.

what else should i watch/read/listen to?

Oct 23 2014

pumpkin patch

because she’s an ambitious baby, perhaps too much so, matilda has already chaperoned her first preschool field trip. last week, we went along as josephine’s school visited a pumpkin patch. i would not have attempted this had my mom not been in town (more on that soon) and willing to embark on this potentially foolish outing. on the drive there, we considered just stopping at the first pumpkin patch we saw and telling josephine that we weren’t sure where the rest of her class was, but we persevered and kept driving. we didn’t provide a bit of chaperone help to anyone but our own two small charges and we all arrived home exhausted. but we did it: a pumpkin patch field trip at three weeks old!

matilda got to dress up:

IMG_6532 (533x800)

josephine got a pumpkin:


IMG_6539 (533x800)

IMG_6550 (800x533)

IMG_6560 (800x524)

nobody got lost forever in the maze:

IMG_6561 (800x533)

matilda did not agree that lying in a pile of squash was a good idea:

IMG_6584 (800x533)

however, she got to practice her fantastic pout:

IMG_6587 (800x533)

and was much more content after lunch in the car:

IMG_6603 (800x533)

Oct 12 2014

to the beach

IMG_6435 (533x800)

IMG_6445 (800x533)

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IMG_6455 (533x800)

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Oct 12 2014


matilda had her two-week check-up on thursday and she’s back up to her birth weight, which is good news. and also quite gratifying for me personally, as i’ve been the one tanking her up day and night. while she’s been fueled by me, i’ve been fueled by the food made for us by lots of wonderful friends. we’ve enjoyed multiple delicious soups, lots of salads and breads, a smorgasbord of delicacies from the local coop, ratatouille, broccoli pasta, couscous paella, an indian feast, and my friend anne has been keeping me in spinach quiche. we had a dinner of random fridge leftovers the other night and counted nine different dishes on our plates.

i pointed out to ned the other day that we haven’t begun bakery tour 2014. ned invented bakery tour back when josephine was born as a motivator to get me out of the house (the man knows me well). but, as ned responded to me the other day, we haven’t needed to leave the house for a bakery tour because the bakery has come to us. in the past two weeks, we’ve plowed through four kinds of chocolate chip cookies, two boxes of local mini donuts, an apple cake, two loaves of zucchini bread, some zucchini muffins and a box of chocolates. there’s a pound cake waiting for later in the freezer. (we apparently have some limits to our gluttony.) needless to say, it’s been a very tasty two weeks. we are lucky, lucky people.

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IMG_6398 (800x533)

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Oct 5 2014

the fading cheeks

i took these photos a week ago when tilly was three days old. already those massively beautiful cheeks have thinned out. i wonder if they’ll come back as she regains weight. either way, i’m glad i captured them.

at the end of the post is a photo of one-day-old josephine. i think tilly is joey plus cheeks.

IMG_6228 (800x533)

IMG_6221 (800x533)

IMG_6185 (800x533)

IMG_6127 (800x533)

IMG_6191 (800x533)

josephine:josephine mae 9-5-09

Oct 2 2014

one week down

Matilda is one week old today. Already it’s hard to remember what it felt like to be heavily pregnant. Or what it was to spend my days doing things other than feeding a small creature or napping with her warm body on my chest.


Josephine is excelling as a big sister. She has informed me that she loves Tilly more than me now, but that she does still love me some. She wants to love on the baby whenever she can and sometimes, in my opinion, gets a little too into the baby’s space. But that might be because often the baby’s space is my space. She’s very gentle with her. I think Joey would be happy to snuggle her for hours.

IMG_6306 (800x533)

IMG_6302 (800x533)

IMG_6297 (533x800)

IMG_6295 (533x800)+++

Her downy little head is currently my favorite thing in the world.
IMG_6353 (800x533)


Our village has been taking such good care of us. Our fridge is packed with delicious food and we are feeling the love and oh so grateful.


Ned’s off for another week and then my mom arrives to take care of all of us. Ned’s going non-stop feeding us and tending to us and calming us and will need some respite by then.


I had sort of forgotten how much new babies sleep. And yet I have to sneak in trips to the bathroom. And I’m always tired. I got a three-hour stretch in last night and it was the longest I’d slept in a week. Josephine enjoys catching me when I mix up words and ask her to pack up her shoebox instead of her backpack.


Let’s just say we have good evidence that Tilly can sleep through Josephine screaming. At any hour of the day or night.


I can hear her hiccuping from across the house.


I was changing the baby’s diaper the other day and singing her name –Matilda Louise, Matilda Louiseto try to calm her down (she is not a fan of diaper changes). I turned to Ned and said, “we REALLY gave her an old lady name, didn’t we?” I hope she doesn’t resent us too much.