Dec 30 2015


tilly is quite the energetic child. she’s full-on walking now. i keep hoping she’ll decide to drop down to her hands and knees for a day or two and SLOW DOWN for pete’s sake, but no such luck. she’s practicing running now, careening across the living room, narrowly avoiding head injuries and other calamities. she falls, these full-body pratfalls that would probably send me to the hospital, and she just jumps up and continues quickly on her toddler way.

and then sometimes, in the middle of a tear around the house, she’ll plop down by her book shelf, pick up a book, and then just sit there for a long time, flipping methodically through book after book. and i breath a sigh a relief for a moment of calm.

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Dec 29 2015

the holidays

i think it’ll be at the top of my new year resolutions list to be better about blogging. not for my two remaining readers, but for ME. and for my daughters. we have such fun going back as a family and reading posts about josephine from when she was tilly’s age. and it’s a really good thing we’re not having a third child because it would just point out all the more blatantly to tilly that her mom became a slacking blogger right about when she was born. i want to do better.

onward. christmas. i feel like i’m still recovering from the shopping and planning blitz that happened pre-christmas and the bug that i caught a few days before christmas and from the ongoing sleep deprivation that comes with a teething toddler, but, on balance, i think it was all worth it. it was a lovely holiday. quiet(ish), love-filled, and featuring grandparents and several fires in the fireplace. to be honest, it could have used more cookies, but that can be remedied retroactively. i mean, now. by making cookies now.

josephine asked for “sets… things that go with things.” but then she modified a couple requests and ended up with a stuffed leopard (not the stuffed cheetah with a “cheetah care kit” that she had originally asked for), a cat mask, some little stuffies, a playmobil animal care clinic (all the animals have casts! and bandages!), and a myriad of other fun gifts. tilly didn’t ask for anything specifically, bless her heart, and she got a play toaster (the kid loves toast), a lot of things with wheels, a water table that will be fantastic once it’s a touch warmer. despite her new riches, she still loves pulling the kitchen towel off the fridge door and finding bits of fuzz on the floor to nibble. toddlers.

ned’s parents were in town and were a huge help, especially when i was sick in bed for the first two days of their visit. we didn’t do much of anything other than sit around, play with the girls, cook food, and then eat it. but really? what more do you need?

my main regret is that i didn’t take a picture of the grandparents with their grandchildren. i’ll blame it on my weakened state, but really there’s no excuse.

i hope your days were merry and bright and that the year closes out on a very excellent note for you.

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Dec 14 2015

what she calls her

Josephine: Tilly, repeat after me. JO.

Tilly: JO.

Josephine: EE.

Tilly: EE.

Josephine: JOEY!

Tilly: DAJU!

They’ll both keep trying — Josephine to get Tilly to say her name right, and Tilly to convince her that Daju is a lovely name.


Nov 29 2015

Birthday card

Josephine made this card for her friend’s birthday. The girl on the right is saying, “I can’t remember a time when we were not friends.” And the girl on the left, wearing the same outfit, is saying (written backwards), “me, neither.” Both girls are sitting next to their favorite animals.

(Inside, her note disses me and the girl’s mom for being bad about setting up playdate for them, but let’s just focus on the front.)

This picture was totally her own creation and I am so bowled over by its sweetness and the love it exudes.


Nov 26 2015


we just celebrated two years in our home and i like that our house-iversary, as we call it, falls so close to thanksgiving. it reminds me, when i’m grousing about the dirty grout in the kitchen or the floors that have lost all their finish, that i’m so utterly thankful for our house. i’m grateful for these walls that hold our family, keep us warm, and provide windows to look out to see if it’s raining. i’m grateful we have a roof over our heads and warm beds to sleep in. i am grateful each and every moment for the three precious beings i share this space with and for the love they give me and each other. happy thanksgiving to you and to yours. may your list of things you are thankful for be long and rich and enduring.


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Nov 21 2015



Nov 13 2015

Zoo Boo with Sydney

In October, we got to spend the weekend at our friends’ house in Olympia. Sydney and Josephine have been friends for years and they were so happy to have a long expanse of time to play. Quinn, Sydney’s little sister, edged her way into the action, too. And Tilly did her best to destroy their house. Josephine and Sydney attempted a sleepover in Sydney’s room, but they decided to sleep in separate places after they couldn’t get to sleep because they were talking too much. The grownups were very impressed with this reasonable change of plans.

On Sunday, we went to the Point Defiance Zoo for Zoo Boo, where the animals get pumpkins to play with/destroy. The tigers were particularly entertaining to watch. The day ended with a double-trip on the carousel. We are so lucky to have such good friends to snarl and neigh with.











Nov 12 2015

off to the pumpkin patch

We missed our annual pumpkin patch visit last year. Tilly was too tiny and we were too inundated by newborn haze to get it together to go. But we were back on track this year and so happy to get out in the fall sunshine with Dylan, Jami, and Ann. The first time we went, Dylan and Josephine looked like this:


Now Tilly is the same age as Josephine was then. Dylan and Josephine take up a little more space in the wheelbarrow:

IMG_2830 - Copy (800x533)

IMG_3020 (800x533)

IMG_2983 (800x533)

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Nov 12 2015

Fall Festival in October, by Josephine

We went to the festival and my friend Rose really wanted to go to the bouncy house. First we had to do pony rides. My horse’s name was Applesauce. Applesauce was very gentle and I really wanted to have him as a pet but I couldn’t. Of course. I saw my friend Mahiya, too.

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Oct 31 2015


it’s been a while since i got a video up here. i make up for that with this sweet one of tilly showing off the animal sounds she can make. and then we say a nice minnesota goodbye at the end. she’s the best.

Tilly's menagerie