Feb 28 2015

drawing, tracing, shadow puppeting

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Feb 25 2015

five and five

today, tilly is five months old. josephine is five years old. for a month, they’ll be the same number. and then tilly will quickly move on to six and seven and on and on. and josephine will more slowly make the climb away from five. maybe we should celebrate with daily donuts for the next month?

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matilda louise is such a delight. she is mellow and calm, rarely flustered by the ups and downs of our household. she’s content to put up with lying on the floor for just a few more minutes while i attend to a chore or help josephine with something. she watches dinner prep from the moby wrap, quietly taking it all in. she growls at her toys in her bouncy seat or on her mat on the floor. she loves chewing on any of her cloth toys; she hasn’t really fallen for sophie the giraffe or her more traditional teethers. (no sign of teeth yet, just lots of drool and rosy cheeks.)

she’s starting to really engage with her world. she’ll watch one of us very carefully, waiting for us to look at her, at which point she rewards us for our attention with a huge grin. she goos and coos and babbles. she doesn’t laugh too often but when she does it’s the best sound in the world and we all gather around to try and coax another giggle out.

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tilly can roll from her back to her belly and her belly to her back, both tricks learned in the last month. she hasn’t combined them to make actual mobility possible. yet. she can give people a wave by flopping her right arm happily in the air which, if the internets are to be believed, is more of a milestone for a nine-month-old. we’ll take it as proof of her genius.

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her faces are priceless.

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josephine adores her sister and protests when we cut long baby-hugging sessions short so she can go to bed or eat a meal. “but i LOVE her!” she cries. we aren’t saying you don’t love her, we tell her, you just need to stop hugging her for a few moments. i know things will change when tilly morphs into a mobile, toy-grabbing imp, so i’m enjoying the unadulterated affection while i can.

we all love her. she’s our favorite thing.

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Feb 25 2015

getting grandma to come to us

we were going to make it to minnesota this month. we really were. and then we bought plane tickets for april instead. grandma couldn’t wait that long to see the girls. (i like to think i’m included in that “girls,” but let’s be honest here. it’s all about the kids.) so she came for a too-short visit. we always make a long list of things to do while she’s here and end up accomplishing next to nothing on the list. but manage to have a fun-packed visit nonetheless. and that’s all that matters. fun and grandma snuggles. (and a field trip to the zoo and tilly’s first time in a swing and hot chocolate and a date night for ned and i…)

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IMG_8247 (800x533)rock on, grandma. come visit anytime.

Feb 10 2015

last night’s dream

[as reported by josephine in whispers to me this morning while tilly was sleeping]

I had a dream last night about when I was at school and it was my birthday and I had brought cupcakes with cats on them and unicorn cookies. And Ellis was having a playdate with me that day. And Julianna said, “We’re not having cupcakes and unicorn cookies. We’re having steak.” And I was like, “Julianna, it’s not your birthday.” And Julianna said, “I want some steak for your birthday, and anyway we’re having it.” And I said, “No we aren’t.” “Yes we are.” “No we aren’t.” “Yes we are.” And then Ellis and me were going to ride in the strollers. And we had to go up in a dark tunnel and me and Ellis were afraid all the way home. We had to go through the tunnel and we hadn’t brought any blankets to hide under. So then we got home. And we went to my new school because Ellis wanted to see it. And then when I had a burrito in my mouth and I was walking back down the hall and I was like, “bleagch kolpleach groggle blaggle.” And I meant, “We should have told Julianna that I’m a vegetarian and that I don’t eat steak.”

Feb 7 2015

Strangely, I kind of understand

This evening, we went for an Art Walk event at the school where Josephine will go to kindergarten in the fall. She was a little overwhelmed by the number of people there, but liked looking at the student- produced art and was very impressed with the number of pieces that involved cats. It had been a very rainy day and on our walk home, I realized what we were walking through. I said, “Woah! There are a TON of worms on the sidewalk!” And Joey said, “Mama! Stop! You’re making my butt feel all weird.”

Her kindergarten teacher is in for a treat.

Feb 2 2015

josephine quotables

[Explaining a scary dream at 3am.] “This doesn’t sound scary, but it was a horrible creature: the googoo gaga beast. And it googoo gagaed in my face! And do you know where the computer was? Floating behind my knees.”


A new phrase, absemental prying: when you imagine something that isn’t really true.


“I’m a cat! I’m going to catch some mice and rats. But I only catch adult male mice and rats. And do you know how I do it? I turn my face invisible and snatch them by the tail.”