Jun 22 2015

bearing gifts

last month, my parents *drove* from minnesota to visit us. in a feat of car-packing genius, they brought us a china cabinet, a wooden bench for the yard, a full set of china, and a pair of stilts that were a wedding gift from my brother-in-law. all in a prius! they helped us rearrange a lot of the living room/dining room furniture, were very patient when it became clear that i hadn’t really figured out where things were going to go before we started moving furniture around, snuggled the girls, went swimming, went to the beach, helped us harvest our garlic scapes, ate and laughed with us, and then, too quickly, headed back home. it was hard to watch them drive away. i wish we could stay here but live near them, too. i always wish that, but feel it all the more intensely after we spend time together. hopefully we can convince them to make the drive again soon.

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Jun 16 2015

growing out

[i’m catching up on blog posts. here’s a photo from april. when this hat still fit her. sniff.]

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Jun 7 2015


[I’m catching up on blog posts. Here’s one from April.]

Our dear friends, whose departure from Seattle we mourned a few years back, were back in town for a visit. It was so satisfying to catch up and fun to watch the kids play and develop relationships and laugh together. We went swimming at an indoor pool that was a bit of sensory overload for most involved. For Josephine, the enormous tipping bucket was a major problem. We also had some beach time so that the kids could work on their collections. They left on April Fools Day, but not before there could be some pranks involving rubber cockroaches and gooey fake slugs and a lot of giggles.


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Jun 7 2015

The blossoms

[i’m catching up on a heap of blogging. here’s a post that should have been up in march (?!)]

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We can’t resist the cherry blossoms on the UW campus. They burst forth each year, ushering in spring. And though we tend to avoid events guaranteed to have huge crowds, this one is always worth it. Especially when proceeded by udon noodles. And featuring fat baby cheeks.

Jun 1 2015

Little Tilly

I wanted to take advantage of a few quiet moments the other morning and decided to get something crossed off the to-do list. so i started sorting through tiny baby clothes to make a pile for a dear friend who’s due soon. i was half-way through the bin when I really realized what I was doing: GIVING AWAY ALL THE TINY BABY THINGS. I had to stop and go back and reconsider a few items.

I’ve been looking through the archives of this here blog a lot lately, comparing where Tilly is now to what Josephine was doing at the same age. All this rereading and revisiting the past makes me so grateful for the time I spent writing posts and adding photos when Josephine was a baby and makes me so mad at myself for the posts I haven’t written in the past eight months. Poor second child. I neglect to blog about all the little moments in her day and then I almost give away all of her tiny baby things without shedding a few tears at the rapid passing of time. I promise you, future Tilly, I have been paying attention. I see you scooting across the floor with a mischievous gleam in your eye and I see your first razor-like tooth cutting through. I might not be blogging enough, but I’m here and we’re living it.

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