Aug 5 2015

blackberry girl

there are brambly blackberry bushes everywhere around here. they tangle their pokey, prickly way into yards and spaces between houses and along the edges of fields and parks. they are vicious and invasive and terrible. and covered, at the moment, in delicious berries. josephine is in love with picking blackberries and usually can’t resist picking just a couple at each bush we walk past. one morning, ned suggested that i use blackberries as bait to get josephine out on her bike. so we headed to the nearby bike path and walked/strolled/biked along, stopping every couple feet to gather berries.

IMG_0585 (533x800)

IMG_0593 (533x800)

IMG_0603 (800x533)

this is how tilly felt about the outing:

IMG_0588 (533x800)

then we made a tiny crisp:

IMG_0604 (800x533)

tiny, but big enough to provide a nice bedtime sugar rush:

IMG_0609 (533x800)

IMG_0612 (533x800)

IMG_0618 (800x533)

Aug 3 2015

you should really come here; seattle is so nice in the summer

that’s what we told ned’s parents: how about instead of us coming to hotlanta in august, you come to seattle. it’s SO nice here. the weather is always great. and what happened? we got the only rain that’s fallen in months. of course. they were great sports, though, and we did manage to get out between rain showers. we had family over for dinner in the backyard, watched the baby crawl around in the parched grass, and had a sing-along. josephine did a puppet show with the products of the puppet show she attended. we walked over to josephine’s elementary school playground (and got sprinkled on). we played games, posed for photos, visited great (great) aunts, and fed the baby a pickle. all around, a great visit, rain drops and all.

IMG_0701 (800x533)

IMG_0704 (800x533)

IMG_0711 (800x533)

IMG_0722 (533x800)

IMG_0723 (800x533)

IMG_0728 (800x533)

IMG_0733 (800x533)

IMG_0741 (800x533)

IMG_0747 (800x533)

IMG_0757 (533x800)

IMG_0767 (800x533)

IMG_0772 (800x533)

IMG_0779 (800x533)

IMG_0799 (800x533)

IMG_0802 (800x533)

IMG_0804 (800x533)

IMG_0815 (800x533)