Jan 27 2016

holiday leftovers

a few shots from last month (last year! that joke never gets old!). our beautiful tree — my favorite one yet; new year’s morning breakfast with emilee, hattie mae and charlotte; and josephine and my accomplishment of the season: a from-scratch gingerbread house. it looked like it should be condemned, but it held up, defying the odds.









Jan 13 2016

baby’s first snow

There was hardly any snow to speak of last year in the mountains. We were trying to remember and I don’t even think Ned and Josephine got out to enjoy some snow play while tiny Tilly and I stayed home. This year, however, the Cascades have gotten dumped on and it finally warmed up enough for us to feel confident that we could all stay cozy enough to have fun for a few hours in the snow. Three of the four of us (hint: not Ned) were quite grumpy on Sunday morning before we left and I almost suggested we bag the trip. But we climbed into the car and climbed out of the city. And the snow made everything better. Tilly, as I think is obvious, loved it.

IMG_4166 (800x533)

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Jan 6 2016


tilly is OBSESSED with swinging. ned is much better at actually getting her to the park or to our own backyard to swing and ned was just home for a number of days in a row and tilly got to do a lot of swinging. and now she’s stuck with mean old mom who does dishes instead of taking her out to swing (and, in my defense, it’s been really cold and rainy out). she calls the swing the “oh-wing!” and she says it when we walk by the park on our way to and from josephine’s school (oh-wing! oh-wing! oh-wing!) and she says it as i pull the curtains at nap time and she sees her beloved blue swing in the yard (oh-wing! oh-wing! oh-wing!). the other night, as we were falling asleep, ned and i even heard her say it in her sleep. oh-wing!

i like swinging tilly best when i have a helper to do the pushing for me…

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