Feb 17 2016

baby at the beach

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Feb 15 2016

grandma in town

my mom came to town to marvel at the girls and do our dishes. we played and hiked in some rare february sun, read lots of books, laughed at tilly’s antics, and ate good food. she made our morning oatmeal and walked josephine to school. we made our usual trip to goodwill and scored a huge panda for josephine. grandma left behind some delightful memories, a few missing-grandma tears, and a jar of brewing kombucha (?!). come back soon, please, grandma!

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Feb 14 2016


there’s a new puppy in our lives and he doesn’t live at our house and we don’t have to pick up his poop. he’s the best kind of puppy! his name is whimsley and he just moved in with our dear friends ann, jami, and dylan. he’s visited us a couple times — he really likes to play in our yard — and tilly loves to watch him run and wiggle. she calls him “ee-ee.”