Jun 26 2016


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Jun 26 2016

the last few days of kindergarten

well, it’s official. josephine is done with kindergarten. we made it through the year without one tardy slip (a major accomplishment for us usually-late folks), without a puking incident, and with no lice. (isn’t that the kindergarten trifecta? i have probably cursed us for next year…) the kindergarten year was so much better and easier and felt more natural than i ever would have dreamed. josephine made good, dear friends; her teacher was fantastic; the school community is strong; and tilly and i made wonderful drop-off friends with the other parents and kids in the school yard.

the last week of school was jam-packed with fun events. tilly and i tagged along on a field trip to the beach, cheered on the events at field day, attended a little ceremony the second-to-last day, and captured the joy of josephine’s last departure through the room 2 door. hopefully this is just the beginning of a long and glorious school career.

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Jun 21 2016

Today, in the car

Tilly: [crying hard… suddenly stops] Joey do sad.

Me: Joey was sad?

Tilly: Yeah.

Me: When was Joey sad?

Tilly: In living room.

Me: Why was Joey sad?

Tilly: Need booboo buddy.

Me: Oh, Joey got a bonk and was feeling sad?

Tilly: Yeah.

Me: And why are you sad?

Tilly: Sandals on!

Me: You wish you had your sandals on?

Tilly: Yeah.


Jun 6 2016

gold creek pond

we met friends for lunch at snoqualmie pass last weekend and then took their recommendation to do a short stroll around gold creek pond. it was paved, stroller-friendly, and beautiful. check, check, check.










Jun 4 2016


Josephine was so inspired by her cousins’ production of Fiddler on the Roof that she started listening obsessively to the soundtrack and memorizing lyrics. Then she taught her friends Rose and Nina the lyrics to her favorites songs. And then the three of them made up a dance to “Tradition.” And then they signed up for the kindergarten talent show. And so today Ned and I got to enjoy an amazing presentation of not only their amazing musical number but also the talents of their fellow kindergarteners. There were hula-hoopers, cartwheelers, joke-tellers, dancers, and a piano player. Josephine and her friends sang and danced and beamed and aced it. It was one of the best things I’ve ever seen. [Video at the end of the photos.]

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