Aug 14 2016

annual gathering

once again, we gathered with my old grad school friends (not that we’re old! we’re young!) and their families for a weekend of camping fun, this time at mount rainier. we missed robin and her family but know we’ll lure them back next year.

our family had a night of camping on our own before colin and julia’s family arrived. sydney and quinn and parents arrived the next day. so we camped three nights total. three nights camping with zany, energetic, exploring tilly. the good news is that she and josephine love camping and were happy almost the entire time. the other good news is that they both slept great. the bad news? there really isn’t any bad news, other than the fact that we failed to get a group shot or a photo of all the kids. we did a few small hikes and did the beginning of some longer hikes, just happy to be out in fresh air and sunshine and shadow. the weather was lovely until the last few hours of our weekend, the mountain is amazingly gorgeous, and we were reminded of how lucky we all are to have such wonderful friends.

the people in the site next to ours for the first two nights were stellar acoustic guitar players. they pulled out their instruments in the evenings and played gentle, quiet music that floated over to our site while i sat outside the tent after putting tilly down to bed. it was the perfect soundtrack.

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Aug 13 2016

Olive fingers

“They’re like mittens!” she announced.

Aug 4 2016


(gulp. i have a bit of catching up to do. two photo posts in all of july? i’ll dig myself out of this blog backlog one of these days…)

Atlanta! Last week we went to visit Ned’s parents — Gigi and Papa to the kids — in their lovely Atlanta home. In addition to our gracious hosts, we were all particularly fond of the air conditioning and the neighborhood pool. Everyone minus Tilly and I went to a puppet show (and saw Big Bird) and the whole lot of us went to the High Museum and enjoyed some art. We ate and napped and read books and played and caught up and laughed (mainly at Tilly’s antics). It was a great visit. And the 80 degree weather went we got home felt downright chilly.

More soon. We’re heading out to Mount Rainier tomorrow to camp! With Tilly! Who never stops moving!

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