Feb 6 2017

went to snow, tilly greatly displeased

tilly is having a tough time with snow. it snowed in seattle a couple months ago, enough to delay school two hours (doesn’t take much), and i took the girls in the backyard to play. tilly was furious that we thought she’d enjoy being pulled around in the sled. she didn’t want to touch the snow, didn’t want to walk in it. she wanted to sit on the snowless steps with me and watch joey play. she also doesn’t want to be riding in the stroller when it is pushed over icy sidewalk. she doesn’t even want to step over a crack in the boardwalk at the pond that has a bit of frost in it. sigh.

fear of snow really isn’t the hardest thing to cope with in seattle. it is harder to avoid when you are planning a family trip to a very snowy place for half a week. then you start to wonder whether your child will spend the entire trip looking in fear out the window at the vast whiteness…

so we went to the mountains as a bit of snow therapy. it didn’t go horribly but it didn’t exactly go well. tilly’s normal mode is cheery, silly, goofy, happy-go-lucky. however, she did not crack a smile in the hour and a half we were in the snow. her happiest mode was something i would call “not crying.” poor kid. the rest of us had a great time. well, as great of a time you can have when someone in your party looks like this: