Oct 8 2017

Mazama, just us

We were supposed to spend Labor Day weekend with Meera’s family in Mazama, but, sadly, they had to travel to a funeral at the last minute. They generously offered us their house for the weekend anyway and we couldn’t pass it up. It was a relaxed, hot weekend with some trail riding, feet cooling, pool swimming (that’s Ned and the girls walking to the community pool in the last photo), orange smoke moon viewing, and family time.

Oct 8 2017

Birthday party 2017

For the eighth year in a row, we had a park birthday party and for the eighth year in a row, we lucked out with the weather. Although this was our closest call yet — the day was windy and chilly despite some sun, and raindrops started to splatter as we were packing up party supplies.

The girls have been very excited about biking this summer. Josephine mastered biking without training wheels and got a new, bigger bike for her birthday. And Tilly figured out that she can ride Josephine’s old “pink, sparkly pedal bike.” She’s smitten. They decided they wanted to have a bike parade for their birthday so we gathered as many friends as we could, set out a bunch of decoration supplies, ate some cake, and did some pedaling. Tilly must have gone around the loop 20 times. Josephine fell off her bike and caught herself with her face right before we had cake (hence the face-hiding in our family photo attempts), but she recovered bravely and even got back on her bike for a bit. She’s got grit!

We are so lucky to have such an amazing community of friends here to celebrate with.

Oct 8 2017

First days

First days of preschool and 2nd grade …

Oct 8 2017


Tilly is three! It’s hard to believe time has flown so fast until you spend a day with her. She is undeniably three. She has energy that KNOWS NO BOUNDS. And the girl needs to do things all. by. her. self. Things she’s never even expressed an interest in before? Suddenly it is imperative that she is the one who does the necessary complicated maneuvering that really requires another foot or two of height to accomplish. She’s hysterically funny and can make me laugh out loud, whether she’s trying to or not. She remembers lines from books and puts them to use at the most appropriate times. (We were at Meera’s birthday party the other night, way past bedtime, and when we opened the door to leave, Tilly turned back to the rest of the guests and said, “It is risky to travel in the dark,” a line from a story we’d read a couple times the day before. Perfectly appropriate, if a little spooky.) Even when I’m exasperated with her, I cannot deny that she embodies joy 98% of the time. She was mad the other night and wailing and she literally galloped across the house. While sobbing. She just can’t hold back.

She loves listening to stories, especially ones about Laura Ingalls Wilder (sound like someone else we know?) and will sit silent and still, listening so carefully. And she is really getting in to imaginative play. Our friend Chris made her an amazing wooden donut shop and Josephine made some tiny oven-bake clay donuts. Tilly totes those little donuts around the house and feeds them, sometimes accompanied by elaborate plot lines, to all the little animals that reside in the house.

When Josephine was Tilly’s age, she was still saying her Ls as Ys (yogs, yisten, cyose). Tilly has worked hard on perfectly pronouncing almost anything. She is just this week starting to work on how she says cereal (one of her favorite things to eat). Until now it was always “see-lee-er.” And we’d eat that for “bres-fixt.” But bresfixt is now, carefully stated, breakfast. And cereal is cereal.

She’s not a super-affectionate kid. She leaves peoples’ offered high-fives hanging and squirms away from hugs unless she’s good and ready to give them. But she’s been running at me full speed after preschool and holding me tightly and saying, “I love you,” and I just can’t get enough of her.