social butterfly

josephine and i walked up to the mall a couple miles from our house today (to celebrate summer? we walked to target?) and then took the bus back home.  she had been such a patient errand runner but started to get a little feisty on the bus.  to distract her from the fit she was gearing up to throw, i started pointing to things out the window.  look, josephine, there are some cars!  look, josephine, a dog!  look, jo, a bird!

she wasn’t so into the scenery until i pointed out a man walking on the sidewalk with his bike and his daughter.  wow! josephine! a bike!  the bus was stopped at a light and josephine looked out the bus window at the pair just as they looked up at the bus.  the man said, “look at the baby!” and he and his daughter smiled and gave josephine a big wave.  she grinned and flopped her little arm back at them.  she waved at them.  she’s been waving at us for days, maybe weeks, but this?  waving out the bus window at friendly strangers on the sidewalk?  she’ll never cease to amaze.

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