nine years ago today, ned and i had our first date; our first we’re-not-just-friends-anymore date.  i was housesitting a lovely home in DC and ned came over for dinner and to make carmelita bars — something he referred to in an email exchange while planning our evening as “bars of life.” (i might still happen to have that email.  he might have also said that making the bars might be a “fun, random way to spice up an evening.”)  the evening wasn’t framed as a date but it was pretty clear to both of us that that’s what it was.  (see: “spice up an evening.”)

we went to the store and bought ingredients for a mega-salad and for the carmelitas.  we assembled the salad and ate it on the back porch during a huge thunderstorm.*  we watched “singin’ in the rain,” selected from the household’s movie collection, and ned fell asleep.  i tentatively reached out and rested my hand on his sleeping head.  the makings of a great relationship foundation, no?

every year since, we’ve made a pan of carmelitas on june 22nd to celebrate.  that is, until we realized that the store three blocks from our apartment sells single carmelita bars.  so now we don’t have to binge on an entire pan of sugary, buttery, caramely, chocolately bars…  hm. not sure why the single bar was such a good idea…

ned was home sick today and, while it is crappy he’s sick (and crappier still that i am starting to feel sick, too), it was a nice quiet family day.  we ate our carmelita and watched “singin’ in the rain” while josephine napped.  ned stayed awake for the whole thing.  a small miracle.

and here’s what happens to your arms if you eat a whole pan of carmelitas in one sitting:

no babies were fed carmelitas for purposes of this photo

*most of our major relationship events have happened on a rainy day.  it rained the day we met, on our first date, the day we got engaged, the day josephine was born and, most notoriously and torrentially, on our wedding day.

4 Responses to “carmelita”

  • Wendy Lendrum Says:

    I love this story! Thank you for sharing your love story with us. You are a solid couple- an inspiration and example of the meaning of the word ‘partnership’. I may just have to buy a baked good to celebrate.

  • Carrie Says:

    yummy~ this looks suspiciously like the monster bars they sell at the urban bakery. i used to buy one and eat it slowly over the course of 6 hours as i wrote papers in undergrad. 🙂

    where’s it from?

    and loved, loved, loved the love story. you guys are wonderful. we miss you!

  • Oma and Ned Says:

    carrie, it’s from whole foods. i drool on their bakery case on a regular basis.

    wendy, anytime! 🙂

  • Meg Says:

    Wonderful story! I loved it! I remember the torrential rains at your wedding. I remember navigating the parking area with a big pregnant belly, a two-year-old, and a husband who was worried about getting stuck in the mud. Even so, what a great day that was. 🙂