the end of june-uary

until a few days ago, seattle has been living up to its cold, wet reputation.  the sun finally burst forth from behind a thick bank of clouds and all of seattle is rejoicing.  josephine and i have been celebrating the bright days both inside the apartment and out.

post-breakfast in the morning light:

teeth! and there are more on the way...

after an impromptu tea party at polly’s house, we went to the park with desmond, anya, brixton, polly and unity.  here are the three youngest of the group (des, brixton and jo).  and yes, that’s a (play) knife josephine’s gnawing on.  i guess we’ll need to work on kitchen safety at some point.

can you tell they’re teething?

the park was sunny and warm.

we stopped for cupcakes on the way to the playground and, as i had had a rotten night of sleep the night before and because i couldn’t decide between two flavors, i got two cupcakes (although they were mini ones).  i can find just about any reason to justify sweets these days.

hope you have a sweet, sunny weekend in store.

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