how we celebrate 234th birthdays

start the day with some strawberry jam, made the night before from strawberries picked earlier that day.  (no jam for you if you’re under the age of one.)

dress the youngest member of the family in a ridiculous outfit.

go to the farmers market

and get excited about the arrival of summer produce.

see some birds that are much bigger and more colorful than the ones that hang out outside the living room windows.

make faces at each other in the car.

make some rhubarb crisp and go to a bbq at desmond’s house where the rain moves the party indoors and cancels the babies-in-a-wading-pool portion of the celebrations.  instead, pose on the couch with babies,

desmond, ellie, reilly and josephine

moms and babies,

and dads and babies.

go home early and sleep, for the most part, through the fireworks.  get ready to celebrate a 10 month birthday tomorrow.

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