too cool for school

it usually doesn’t get too hot here.  except when it does.  last year, the hottest seattle day on record ever occurred when i was almost nine months pregnant.  that was fun.  this week, we’ve had several days of record-breaking heat in the 90s and, because the heat is rare, it’s a big deal.  very few people have air conditioning so staying cool requires a little more creativity than just staying home.  for us, it’s involved water, shade, and moving even slower than usual.

on wednesday, anya and desmond hosted the pool party that was supposed to happen during the rainy, chilly fourth of july bbq.  the weather was much more amenable to babies in the pool.

that night, josephine enjoyed a topless dinner.  hands coated with carrots and sweat apparently make a great hair gel.

the pool was so refreshing that anya and i decided to try out one of the city’s wading pools on thursday.  we weren’t sold.  big kids splashed the babies, desmond wanted to be walked everywhere and josephine could only sit in about an inch of water while i hovered over here, baking in the sun.  anya and i decided we needed to be in more water ourselves.  the best part of the wading pool excursion was sitting in the shade afterward.

ready for a nap

in the mornings, before it got too hot in the apartment, we played in the sunlight on the floor.  and josephine announced her future political goals.

on thursday night, when it was 94 degrees, we picked up ned from work and sat by a breeze-less lake washington for a while.  then we took refuge at flying squirrel pizza and enjoyed delicious pizza in air conditioning.  josephine gnawed on her first pizza crust.

fortunately, the heatwave has ended and the weekend has been two days of sun-drenched, reasonably-temperatured loveliness.  hopefully it will stay warm enough for short sleeves, though.  i can’t get enough of those rolly arms of hers.

5 Responses to “too cool for school”

  • Jayme Says:

    i can’t get enough of her pudgy arm rolls, either. so delicious! I also love how desmond goes commando. …and stop complaining about the heat or I’ll make you come back to DC for a summer.

  • Meg Says:

    Arm rolls are great are just luscious! I love them … on babies. 🙂 It’s pretty hot here, too. We had our annual slumber party downstairs last night because it was too hot to sleep upstairs. We usually avoid the “big pool”, too. The big kids just splash the little kids and no one seems to have fun … and I HATE using their disgusting bathrooms. We usually swim indoors during family time at the Community Y. It looks like Josephine is adjusting to the heat pretty well, though. Little pool parties in the backyard are the absolute best!!! 🙂

  • Meg Says:

    On an unrelated sidenote, my zucchini have grown to fruition. I have been sneaking them into all kinds of dishes here — my family doesn’t even realize just how much zucchini they have consumed. 🙂 My zucchini are inappopriately huge … 🙂 I wish I could give you some!!!

  • oma Says:

    jayme, your threat made me laugh out loud. no way–i’m done with DC summers.

    meg–i wish you could give me some zucchini, too. now you’ve made me hungry for zucchini bread with chocolate chips.

  • Meg Says:

    Oooo! Zucchini bread with chocolate chips! Maybe I’ll make some and send it to you. 🙂