how to tell

i’ve been trying to figure out for days now whether josephine has a cold or is teething.  i don’t know how to tell the difference; the symptoms are so similar. she’s had a runny nose, is more moody than usual and sometimes emits rivers of drool.  her sleep, which was getting better, has backslid a bit.  she’s also had a day or two where her little head feels warmer than usual.  so which is it? teething or a cold?  yesterday, i hit upon an ingenious method to figure it out.  i caught her cold.  yuck.

i do not look as cute with a cold:

newly-discovered fun food -- rice cakes

new ridiculous(ly cute) smile

5 Responses to “how to tell”

  • Grandma Susan Says:

    she is something else. her faces are just getting better and better. sorry about the cold, oma. xoxoxm.

  • auntie mae Says:

    oh my gosh, that smile!

  • auntie mae Says:

    tell jojo i love rice cakes too 🙂

  • erika Says:

    she’s so advanced! how cute! i feel like rice cakes are eons away for us. tho he did suck on a teething biscuit yesterday. sucked, not chewed…hmmm. and that smile of hers is exactly that: ridiculous!!

  • Meg Says:

    When I tell Luke I want to look at pictures of Oma’s baby, he replied, “Elmo’s baby? Where is she?”
    He thinks she’s very cute, even if she isn’t red and furry. 🙂