her seventh state

four loads of laundry are done, the fridge is stocked (if multiple pounds of snap peas and not much else counts) and josephine is in bed.  nothing left to do but update the blog, i guess.

we ventured south down the coast to sunny (and, at times, foggy) california for a long weekend with old friends.  ned went to college with a whole heap of wonderful people; i feel very lucky that such friends come along with a relationship with ned.  josh and andrea and their son eli were our extremely gracious hosts and welcomed a large crowd into their home.  there were the three of us, deb and anthony and their two girls, and uncle peter.  josh and andrea gave us each a bed, provided all manner of baby gear, had shopped for enough food for nightly feasts (falafel! sushi! indian feast! pasta night! homemade ice cream! blackberry pie! breakfast burritos!) and calmly let us take over their world for six days.

and what a world!  josh and andrea have lemon, peach, plum and olive trees growing in their yard.  they have chickens.  and they live quite near the ocean.  we attained a nice balance of activity and leisure (or the closest thing to it with four children) and spent time both touring the area and lounging around the house, catching up.  we saw elephant seals flop their way into the surf, hiked along a bluff overlooking the ocean, squeezed fresh lemon onto our pasta, dipped josephine’s toes into her first ocean, stayed up far too late (and got up far too early), and picked chard leaves the size of a ten-month-old from the garden for dinner.

at the risk of sounding trite, it is so amazing to see our friends as parents.  and then to realize that we, too, are parents now.  eli and olivia — three and two-and-a-half, respectively — made me both anxious to meet a three-year-old josephine and preemptively nostalgic for her baby days that she is speeding way too quickly through.  i was strapping josephine into her car seat in eli’s car; he was watching me, trying to figure out how he felt about sharing his back seat territory.  i told him that josephine was probably going to fall asleep soon, so if he didn’t talk to her for a little bit it would help her sleep.  and then i added, “is it a deal?” and he looked at me seriously and said, “i can’t make a deal on that. i might just talk an awful lot.”  and he did.  and josephine fell asleep anyway.  olivia referred to josephine as “that baby.” as in, “why is that baby nudie patoodie?” when josephine was wearing just her diaper.  amelia, only five months old and flasher of the best gummy grin, is nearly as agile on the floor as josephine.  i worried she’d start crawling before josephine did.

josephine, it turns out, had a personal goal of attaining forward motion and she achieved it.  she crawls now; not for very long or very far, but she moves forward on wobbly newly-born-horse legs.  someone else’s toys were very motivating targets.

i had a personal goal of eating a burrito every day we were there and ended up eating four burritos over six days of vacation.  is that wrong?  if it is, i don’t want to be right.

thanks, josh, andrea, and eli, for the most comfortable and welcoming accommodations.  you may regret telling us to consider your house our beach home.

(many more photos are here.)

2 Responses to “her seventh state”

  • Allison Says:

    Beautiful pictures and beautiful people! I’m so glad such good people are reproducing. Can’t wait to see you guys in a couple weeks!

  • Tracy Muilenburg Says:

    Looks like a fun reunion. Next time you come to California you need to come see us! We’re around 2 more years. Love all the recent J photos.