watch out, nancy pearl

with her new-found mobility, josephine has revealed herself to be a bookworm.  her favorite place in the apartment is in front of the bookshelves in her room.  she is content to sit for a long time, pulling book after book off the shelf.  she looks at each book carefully, examines a few pages, then sets it aside and moves on to the next.  as far as mess-making goes, i’m going to count myself lucky that this is as big as it gets (for now).

she also is drawn, again and again, to the bookcases in the living room.  they are filled with our books, big heavy things with no pictures.  my baby-proofing method has been to pack the books onto the shelves really tightly so she can’t pull them out.  so far, it’s working.  it doesn’t stop her from trying to get them, though.

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